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First, make sure what ports your monitor has. The most commonly seen interfaces are mini HDMI and USB Type-C port due to their slim port size. You might also find standard HDMI, mini DP, VGA or DVI in certain models.

1) HDMI connection. No matter mini HDMI or standard one, the connection step is the same:

First, connect the USB-C cable with the original charger. then connect USB-C port to the monitor's charging port. Last, power it up by plug in the wall charger.

  1. If you got a USB-A charger adapter, use the USB-C to USB-A cable
  2. If your monitor comes with a PD charger, then use the USB-C to USB-C Cable.

After connecting the power, connect the HDMI cable.

  1. If your monitor has a mini HDMI cable, you will find a mini HDMI to standard HDMI cable in the package. Mini HDMI plug in the monitor, standard HDMI plug in your device.
  2. If your monitor has a HDMI cable, you will surely have a standard HDMI to HDMI cable. Same plug it in the both devices.

If the display has a touch function, you need to connect an additional USB-A to USB-C cable, which you can also find in the accessories. 

  1. Use the USB-C port to plug into the monitor's USB-C port, please don't mix it with the power input port.
  2. Connect the USB-A to your device.

2) One cable USB-C connection. This is the most convenient way to connect the monitor when your device has a full-function Type-C port.

When we say a full-function or full-feature Type-C port, we mean Thunderbolt 3 or later, or a Type-C port meets USB 3.1 protocol with both DisplayPort Alt Mode and PD power transfer, otherwise signal transmission is not possible. Normally, you will get a Thunderbolt 3 or later same as full-function Type-C port. But a USB 3.1 Type-C port might not support DisplayPort Alt Mode or PD power transfer. You can always check this with your service provider.

Due to the limited output power of some devices, like HP laptops, when using one cable Type-C connection, the monitor must supply with external power, or the monitor might not display normally, or keep restarting because of low power input.

3) Mini DP connection. You will find earlier Macbook and Surface laptops using mini DP ports. In this case, a monitor with mini DP port make you easier to connecting with a mini DP to mini DP cable. However, this cable is not include in the monitor accessories which need to purchase seperately. Instead, you can also use a male mini DP to female HDMI adapter to sort this out. For the connecting steps, please refer to HDMI connection.

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Yes, if your device has only VGA or DVI port, you need to use a male VGA or DVI to female HDMI adapter. In this way, your device will have an External HDMI port, connection steps refer to HDMI connection. For the adapter, kindly note that:

  • male VGA, DVI to female HDMI interface needs to have an audio function, otherwise there will be only image after connection, no sound.
  • Make sure the adapter is VGA or DVI output to HDMI, not HDMI output to VGA or DVI. Some adapter has only one-way transfer, means you can not have the transmission reverse.

There are several models have VGA and DVI ports which you can directly connect your device to the monitor via VGA to VGA or DVI to DVI cable. Check these models here.

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No, you need to use the screen mirroring adapter or cable when connecting with an iPhone or iPad. However, the new iPads with USB-C port do support one cable USB-C connection with the monitor.

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When connecting Nintendo Switch to the monitor directly via Type-C cable, you need to use the original power adapter of Switch game console to charge the monitor, NOT the one comes with the monitor.

We recommend using HDMI connection to avoid USB-C cable disconnect when Switch moves around. Simply use the HDMI to HDMI cable connect the HDMI port of the Switch Base and the HDMI port of the monitor, then power up the monitor with the monitor charger.

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Sure, when your computer has two signal transmission interfaces (Full-feature Type-C or HDMI), two monitors can be connected at the same time, a total of three displays including the main monitor. You can change the display modes in computer display setting to have same or different contents shows up on each monitor. And also you can change the position to make all screens line up and shows in horizontal or vertical.

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If you are talking about two devices using one monitor by turns, not at the same time, the answer is yes. Normally the monitor will equiped with a full-featured Type-C and a HDMI port, simply connect each port to your two devices. The signal source is usually switched by pressing the power-on key for a short time.

If you need two devices display at the same time with a split screen on one monitor, the answer is no. 

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Yes you can, here are some suggestions regarding different monitos. 

  • When connecting a 1080P monitor to a computer, a 5V 2A output power bank is enough.
  • When connecting a 1080P monitor to a smartphone via one USB-C cable connection, a PD 30W power bank is required.
  • For 4K monitors, no matter connected to smartphones or computers, need to use a PD 30W protocol power bank. The larger the capacity of the power bank, the longer the use time.
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The monitor is not connected to the power supply or the power charger is broken. Try to power it up first or use another power charger with same output voltage.

When connect the monitor via one Type-C to Type-C cable, make sure your device supports Full-feature USB-C function. Means a Type-C port meets USB 3.1 protocol with both DisplayPort Alt Mode and PD power transfer, You can always check this with your service provider.

If still no respond after confirming above, the reason might be HDMI or Type-C cable no working properly. Kindly change a new HDMI cable or USB-C to USB-C cable you have in hand to test it out.

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This often seen when connecting by one USB-C To USB-C Cable.

  • Insufficient power supply, means the power output from your device is lower than the rated power of the monitor. Try to power up the monitor and double check.
  • The cable using are not original, try to use the accessories comes with the monitor first.
  • If your monitor has a built-in battery, try to turn off the reverse charging function.
Sometimes the video signal might be interfered by other devices like speakers. Try to keep a distance with other external devices.

Refresh rate might be another reason, try to set the refresh rate to 60Hz in  computer display setting.

If still no respond after confirming above, the reason might be HDMI or Type-C cable no working properly. Kindly change a new HDMI cable or USB-C to USB-C cable you have in hand to test it out.

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When the monitor is turning on, it needs a large current above 1.5A. However, some devices limit the output current for safety reason which can't meet the require. Therefore, for these limited devices, external power supply is needed to drive the monitor, especially for a 4K monitor.

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  • For Windows, change display mode in display setting, or easily activate quick menu with WIN + P key. Here is the guiding video.
  • For Mac OS, change the display mode by check or uncheck Mirror Display option. Video Here.
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Normally, the game console will auto detect the game's best performance refresh rate. To avoid PS or Xbox lower down the game refresh rate, you can turn off the auto detect function manually in game console setting, and fix it at 120Hz or 144Hz. However, this only work for games support 120Hz or 144Hz. For 60Hz games, you will only get 60Hz no matter how you change the setting, because this is limit by the game itself.

To achieve 1440P resolution after connecting a 2K resolution monitor to Xbox or PS, please setup the game console through the following steps: Settings >> General >> TV and Display Options >> Video Fidelity And Overscan >> Uncheck Automatic Detection >> return to resolution and you will see 1440P.

Note: Xbox and PlayStation game console can only connect the monitor with HDMI to HDMI cable.

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The 4K resolution needs to meet ALL the following requirements. 

  • First, your device should support up to 4K, like game console PS5 or Xbox Series X, or computer graphic card support 4K. 
  • Second, the cables need to meet 4K requirements, such as HDMI cable (2.0) and Type-C cable (USB 3.1). When we ship you a 4K monitor, the above cables are surely included.
  • Finally, the content source output from yor device, like games or videos, should support 4K resolution. And make sure the monitor IS a 4K monitor.

For computers support 1080P 60Hz, lower down the refresh rate to 30Hz can display 3840*2160 in 30Hz.

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  1. Remember to save the setting after adjusting the brightness. Normally the button enter the menu is the save button.
  2. The monitor needs to be connected to the power supply when adjusting the brightness. If the monitor has a battery and the power is sufficient, you can adjust it directly then save it.
  3. Turn off the power saved mode in the menu if it's turning on, usaually it is name with ECO.
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All monitors have a menu for color adjusting, including RGB, brightness, contrast ratio etc. Please try to use these setting option to adjust the color first.

Screens from one production batch are similar in color gamut, color temperature, brightness and contrast. However, when it comes to different batch, or even different manufacturer, the above specification will vary from screen to screen. Most of the time you can get similar color result after adjusting.

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There are several standard for color gamut, such as sRGB, NTSC, Adobe sRGB, DCI-P3 etc. Please confirm whether the color gamut standard stated is consistent with the one in the actual test.

If you are running color calibrate by software only, the result might be inaccurate. Instead, you need to use a monitor calibrate tool, like SpyderX from Datacolor, to get a higher accuracy. Normally, the test result value will have a 3% deviation with the stated value.

Before runing the calibrate, reset the monitor to default setting and keep the monitor working for more than 1 hour. When testing, remember to adjust the brightness to the highest level. We suggest to run the test indoor to avoid sunlight inteferes the result.

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To use HDR function, you need to turn it on for both the monitor and the computer. If HDR function activate only on one device, the monitor or the computer, the color of the monitor will be distorted and become gray.

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When connecting a 16:10 monitor with a device only support 16:9, like Nentendo Switch, monitors with Auto Aspect Ratio Detect function will automatically recognize the input source and display the image in 16:9 without covering the full screen, leaving black space at the upper and bottom to avoid image distortion. In case you don't want to leave black space, manually adjust the aspect ratio to 16:10 then you will get the it full screen but a bit vertically stretched (from 16:9 to 16:10). For monitors without auto detect function, the image will always cover the full screen.
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  1. Try twisting or unplug and plug again the earphone plug several times. 
  2. Try with another earphone or external speaker to test it out.
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  • If you are talking about the slight electrical sound when the speaker is working, that might be a normal case.
  • If this happens when playing a video or audio, try to play a lossless audio or a high quality one. The buzzing sound might comes from the audio.
  • Sometimes insufficient power supply can cause buzzing. Please connect the monitor with an external power supply and check again.
  • The cable connecting the device and the monitor might working well. Try to change another HDMI or USB-C cable for connection.
  • The speaker itself is damaged.
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Your computer might not auto adjust the refresh rate to 144Hz, kindly change it manually in the display setting. However, if you find no 144Hz option, this means neither your device nor the discrete graphics card of your computer does not support 144Hz.

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This might caused by the reverse charging function after both the computer and the monitor are powered. Try to disconnect the power input of the laptop.

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If your laptop has a full-featured Type-C port, simply use one USB-C to USB-C cable to connect from the laptop's USB-C port to the monitor's USB-C port. Remember not to use the power port with PD symbol.

If your laptop has only HDMI connection, there are 2 cables needed. First is the HDMI cable, connect from your laptop to the monitor. Then you need to use USB-A to USB-C cable to connect the computer's USB-A port to the monitor's USB port. If the monitor has no battery, external power supply will be needed. Please follow steps by steps when connecting.

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Some devices does not support touch control on extend mode second screen. In this case, we need change the display setting into mirror mode, or set up the touch monitor as the main screen.

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Due to the agreement protection of the Apple Mac OS system, not all touch monitors support Macbook touch function. Check this catalog for monitors support Mac touch.

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We only have one pressure sensitive touch screen support drawing but out of production. For other touch screen supports multi-points touch, such as drag-and-drop, multi-finger sliding, zoom in and out (MacBook only supports single-point touch), etc, no matter using fingers or stylus pen, it does not support writing and drawing. 

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When comes to touchscreen, the display panel and touch panel are two different panels. Once you change the display vertically on your computer setting, the touch function still remain horizontal, which result in touch misalignment or no touching. For monitos with auto-rotate function, the gravity sensor will keep the touch function same with the display. If you need touch function for vertical use, choose one of these auto-rotate monitor with auto-rotate function, so it can display vertical view automatically instead of setting in your computer.

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Not supported when connecting the monitor through a HDMI port. For Nintendo Switch, it does not support touch function because it has no Full-Feature Type-C port. However, new Steam Deck console support both touch and keyboard. 

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When using one USB-C to USB-C connection, you can use the OTG port of the monitor for external devices connecting, such as mouse, keyboard, U disk, etc.

When connecting the computer to the monitor via HDMI, need to connect another USB-A to USB-C cable from the computer's USB-A port to the monitor's USB-C port.

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For Bluetooth, you can directly connect it to your smartphone or computer through Bluetooth pairing, no need to go through the monitor.

For 2.4G wireless and wired one, please refer to the guiding of How To Use OTG port.

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Generally, when the brightness is set to around 50% and volume around 80%, the working time is about 5-7 hours with Reverse Charging Function off. In case Reverse Charging Function on, the working time is around 3-4 hours.

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Usually not. The laptop will not charge the monitor because the full-featured Type-C port of the battery monitor can not be charged no matter it's' connect with a the power supply or other devices. This is to prevent battery overload while the reverse charing is on. 

The monitor can only charge the laptop when turn on the monitor's Reverse Charging Function. However, it depends on whether the laptop supports 5V power in, as most laptops require more than 5V power supply. Therefore, few laptops can be charged by a battery monitor.

A few battery models can be charged by laptops through USB-A to USB-C cable, by connecting from laptops's USB-A port to monitor's USB-C power in port, like how a laptop charging a smartphone.

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Reverse charging cannot be activated in the following situations:

  • If the main device require original power supply from the device itself, like Nintendo Switch, reverse charging will not work.
  • For monitors equiped with 5V 3A power supply while the the main device required 9V / 15V / 20V PD protocol power delivery, the monitor will not charge reversely.
  • A few models with PD 30W power supply cannot charged reversely, check with our team if you care.

For the battery monitors, the reverse charging power is limited to lower than 5V / 1.5A, 7.5W to prevent battery overload. 

For other monitors without batteries, theoretically, the reverse charging power ≈ input power * 80% - rated power of the display, for example:

original power supply PD30W, rated power 15W, reverse charging power ≈ 30W*80% - 15W ≈ 9W. If PD45W is used instead, rated power 15W, reverse charging power ≈ 45W * 80% - 15W ≈ 21W. However, when the monitor is actually used, the power comsumption will increase due to the exact using, resulting in a decrease in the reverse output power, so the above is only a theoretical value.

For no battery monitors, the PD protocol is essential to activate fast charging, while different devices have different voltage requirements. For example, the PD 3.0 30W power supply equiped with the monitor supports four groups of protocols: 5V 3A / 9V 3A / 15V 2A / 20V 1.5A. When the monitor use 20V 1.5A, and your main device is using the same 20V power, fast charging will be activated. Otherwise, the charging speed will be lower. Feel free to contact us if you want to know the exact PD power voltage of the monitor.

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The monitor can be connected and used with most devices equipped with HDMI interface. Some devices has default low refresh rate might not work properly when connecting with the monitor. In this case, you might need to adjust the refresh rate of devices to above 30Hz and try first.

Sometimes there are incompatibilities when the monitor is connected to the device with full-featured Type-C port. If you have encountered such a situation, please feel free to consult us.

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