Turn your Steam Deck into a Productivity Machine review by STEAM DECK REVIEW AND TIPS


This is the item that I've been looking at for a long time so it's pretty neat. When UPERFECT reached out and said that they were going to send me a review copy to review and this is the UPERFECT expert Lapdock 15.6”, 4K, but this is not the 4K model, they sent me the 1080p display 12 reviews, but this device can do with all this device helps, you be really productive on the steam deck with a biggest Screen. This device makes game in the steam deck more immersive playing games like cyberpunk 2077 of run an emulator and just device or even cloud gaming. This definitely makes gaming on distinct more immersive. But then also, if you want to be productive, if you want to use console on the desktop more than steam deck, or if you want to use Windows on this device, this device lets you really be productive and steam. That last but not least, multimedia, watching movies, and he steam deck with a 15.6 inch the P displayed. This is a beauty. So, with all that being said, let's get into the review of this.


So, something you notice of the bat is that this is a pretty big device, but not only, that is a very premium device system. Eligibility reminding me of the Microsoft Surface Pro. Like you see in this video comes with an attachable keyboard, that lets you be productive. But the difference between this and original laptop is that the keyboard actually detaches from the screen. So, if you just want to use the screen, it has a key. Kickstand where you can just plop it up and use the screen. But if you want to be productive or do work or browse the internet, with the steam deck, you can just attach the keyboard. This is a great tune, one device to play and also to get work done. So, when it comes to the display is the srg, be IPS HD, our screen is a 15.6” screen is the 60 hertz screen. It does white beauty of 178 degrees. This device also has a detachable magnetic Keyboard and multiple connections has USB a mini-HDMI to ensure wide-ranging. Use whether you want to sit up and be productive, but use it also says, second screen. This also has a built-in 10,000 mAh battery and the go and UPERFECT says you get up to 8 hours of quality video playback, and 4 to 6 hours, if you using it to be productive, honestly speaking, I can say the battery life on this device. Especially when I have my steam deck plugged into it, it's not the greatest so that's the designer, some of the specs of this device.

AAA Steam Game

Now, let's talk about how this actually works when it comes to game it. So, if you playing the game on the steam deck and you just plug in your USB-C port on one of the USB-C port. And this device I have to say looks pretty good. When you game in descend the resolution is 720p if you leave it at that just seemed like does a good job projecting that 720p and this displays so you'll see in this video with cyberpunk the gameplay actually looks pretty good and the good thing about this Is that it maintains the same FPS like you would get if you playing indistinct bag. So, I would say, if you looking for the best FPS on this device, with the steam deck, just leave everything, the way it is just attached to step back and let this steam deck project that 720p. And this is why it looks good. You get your FPS but if you want the bad experiencing might get less FPS but you are getting 1080p is go to the settings and mess around with the resolution, as you can see here inside. You punk when I switched it to 1080p the graphics definitely looks better but you do get a drop of framerate. I was able to get 27, 28 to 30 FPS here which is not bad. Again, it's up to you to decide and don't forget to cyber-Punk. We're talking about one of the most graphically intense game her so to see this run at 30 FPS at 1080p, it's not too bad.


So next let's talk about emulation and this device crushes it. So, something you see in here is me, run inseam you, steam that and you see Mario Kart just runs really smooth, something. I think this device is great at this if you have multiple controls and multiple people wanting to play with you again, plot this up, get two controllers and game on this, and I feel like that's where it Malaysian comes in touch, but you remember carrion this device looks beautiful and brings great. And I would highly recommend using this device.

Cloud Gaming

So, when it comes to gaming, I think where this device shine is with Paul gaming. And again, will cloud gaming, you not depend on the steam deck for the GPU, it's all in the cloud, right? As you seen this video using G-Force, now to play a game like this into, I have the graphical Seda, mostly maxed out and you see here 1080p this is gorgeous. Run at 60fps hardly any latency would highly recommend this device if you guys want to claw game.

Steam Deck Desktop Mode

So, one of the reasons I was looking forward to this device is to be productive and run in desktop mode and I think that is something that everyone with this device should try. It's a treat, So with this device, I can do that easily. But then something else that stands out is browsing the internet here or using multimedia. So if you have video Stony steam deck that you want to watch. Again, if it's 1080p, IT projects it to this. But if you want to browse As the internet, you stuff like YouTube. This is an awesome device to use for multimedia.

Steam Deck Windows Mode

So, let's switch over to windows again. I have dual boot here and I have to say this does work, but do boot, but our recommend in the beginning, when distinct is booting up to unplug it. Because if you have this plugged in and do boot into Windows, it messes up the resolution and you have to, in a way to reinstall Windows. So again, disclaimer if you trying to dual boot using Windows, make sure It's unplugged when to start. But as you seen here, just like this mode Windows on this device runs really smooth, it detects the keyboard and trackpad. So again, you can be productive here. If you have documents that you want, right? If you want to browse the internet, if you want to use multimedia, all that stuff work just like, it does with this Steam Deck Desktop.


So I know I've said a lot of great things about this device, but I do want to talk about some of the things that I dislike about this device and the biggest one Has to be the way that keyboard attaches to this. I have a Surface Pro here and you guys see me. Attach the keyboard here is very seamless but something you experience with this devices, not a seamless, you have to actually fight with this keyboard, attaching it to the monitor, they can get annoying. I still haven't found a great way to do this, but that's something to take into consideration. The touching, the keyboard is now the seamless as you'll find in something like the Surface Pro and then my other But this is that, this is a big device, but this also really heavy so traveling with this device can be headache because this big but not only that, it's also heavy. And last but not least, my biggest gripe with, this is the price point. Now UPERFECT has a cell in this device to where it is $360, but the original is, this device is $500 and mean at the price of 15 deck to do this device. Be talking about close to a thousand dollars at that point, you have to ask the question. If you really want to be productive, she'd you Consider that point getting a gaming laptop because at the price point that this and steamed, I got sup it's getting close to gaming laptop territory so that's pretty much all I have to say for this device. I think it runs great with the steam deck and again it's a good way for you to be productive to me. The thing that stood out for me is multimedia and also cloud gaming be productive. Is something that you can definitely use this device for. So let me know in the comments below. Are you guys thinking about getting this device? You guys are really Advice. How has your experience been? Thanks to read this review.


Check the blog video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvF47e9Igcc

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