How to Connect a Smartphone to a Portable Monitor

How to Connect a Smartphone to a Portable Monitor

Smartphones are now more powerful than ever, and a portable monitor can help you unleash the phone's additional capability. With the assistance of a portable monitor, you can quickly turn your smartphone into a primary computer to perform productive works on a bigger screen. 

This guide will discuss how to connect your phone to a portable monitor in various ways. We will break down the steps you need to follow to easily and quickly prepare the setup.

Method 1: Connect A Phone to A Monitor with One Cable

One USB-C cable is the most convenient way to connect a phone to a monitor. This method is straightforward, requires fewer cables, and is cost-effective. However, there are some requirements for your smartphone to meet.

Make Sure You Have a Compatible Phone

Using a single USB C cable to connect your smartphone with a portable monitor, both devices need to feature a USB C port enabled by DisplayPort Alt Mode (DP Alt Mode). Moreover, the USB C cable also needs to arrive with the Alt Mode capability to transfer the video signals. 

Some smartphones that include the DisplayPort capability have the Samsung Galaxy Note Series, Samsung Galaxy S series, flagship HTC U series, Huawei Mate, and Huawei P series. In addition, some of the smartphones from the LG G & V series and the Razer and ROGH phone also include this functionality. You can also go through this compatible list to find out the other DP Alt Mode Compatible Devices. 

Choose The Right Portable Monitor

The portable monitors come in different sizes, resolutions, color gamuts, and even their portability varies from model to model. If you want a genuinely portable monitor, you should go for the one that arrives with a built-in battery. The battery monitor should be around 5000 mAH or more to let you work efficiently for a couple of hours. In addition, it would be better if the battery is lithium-ion as they are smaller while being robust and efficient. 

Battery monitors with keyboard and trackpad, as known as LapDock, will significantly help you in daily use. They are behaving almost like a laptop with a decent touch screen. Popular models are UPERFECT X and NexDock, and both work perfectly with Samsung Dex and other Android 10 desktop modes.

Here is a video as an example when connecting with UPERFECT X Pro:

The next thing you need to be aware of is compatibility. The portable monitor must arrive with the DP ALT mode compatible USB C port. Moreover, they should include enough ports for connecting the keyboard, mouse, or docking stations. Especially if your setup purpose is to work on documents, these I/O connectivity options should be a must.

If you use the portable monitor on a desk near a power outlet, you might consider going for the one that doesn't arrive with a battery. You should be able to use the monitor by connecting to the electricity. 

How to Connect:

After confirming that both devices are compatible, it's time to set up our cell phone with the monitor:

  1. At first, turn on the portable monitor. If it is not battery powered, connect it to an electric outlet.
  2. Now connect the one end of the DP ALT mode capable USB C with the phone and another end to the port of the portable monitor. 
  3. If your Android device is running on OS 10 or later, turn on the Desktop Mode from the settings. You should find it under the Developers Option. 
  4. Turn on the mirror screen if you are using the older Android versions or your phone doesn't include a Desktop Mode.

That's it; now you should see the phone's interface on the portable monitor. The interface may vary depending on the smartphone you are using.

Method 2: Connect with IOS/Android HDMI Adapter

Don't worry if your phone or portable desktop is DP Alt Mode enabled. Even if the phone doesn't include the Desktop Mode, you can still cast the phone screen on the portable monitor. All you need is an IOS/Android HDMI adapter. Let's see how to connect your smartphone to a portable monitor using the adapter.

How to Connect:

  1. Connect the monitor to the electric outlet if it is not battery powered.
  2. Connect your iPhone or Android phone to the monitor through the IOS/Android 3 IN 1 adapter.
  3. Power the adapter with a USB port.
  4. Scan the QR Code for device matching.
  5. Now you should see the phone's display on the monitor's screen.

Note that you can only mirror the phone's screen to the portable monitor following this way, and you cannot enjoy the touch function. Put the phone in landscape mode to get a full-screen view on the portable monitor. Here is a video to help you understand better when connecting.

Method 3: Connect by Wireless Dongle

If you don't want to go through the hassle of wires, a Wireless Dongle can be your solution. It enables you to connect your smartphone to the portable monitor without any physical wire connection. Here is how to use the wireless dongle connection:

  • Connect through Miracast on Android
    1. Setup the wireless dongle and turn it on after connecting to electricity (if needed).
    2. Now connect the dongle to the portable monitor. Make sure the display is turned on or attached to the power.
    3. The dongle will prepare a wireless network. You will find the network name and Pin on the portable monitor.
    4. Now turn on your android phone and go to "Projection Screen" for Huawei or "ALL Share Cast" for Samsung; this might differ from device to device.
    5. There you should find the portable device name. Press on it, connect, and start enjoying. 
  • Connect Through Screen Mirroring in iPhone
    1. Follow the first three steps to set up the dongle on the portable monitor.
    2. Find the Screen Mirroring option in your iPhone's control bar and search for available devices.
    3. Find the device and press on it to connect. That's it; your iPhone now is miracast on the portable monitor. 


As you see above, there are several ways to connect a smartphone to a portable monitor. Amongst the three options we have discussed above, you can consider using USB-C to USB-C Cable for it is most convenient and straightforward. If your device is not DP-alt Mode enabled, you can use an android/ios adapter for the connection. Or, if you want a completely wireless experience, you can consider using the wireless dongle for the setup. 


  • Joel

    Hola estoy interesada en un monitor uperfect como escoger uno que sea compatible con mi celular que sea monitor universal

  • Patricia

    My u perfect monitor doesn’t recognize my iPhone 12. I’m not sure if I need a special cable for this.


  • mark

    Can you change the output from iPad to monitor to display vertically?
    UPERFECT replied:
    Thanks for asking. If you are using the iPad in vertical, and the monitor should display vertical. But if you want to use the iPad in horizontal and monitor display vertical, you might need to make sure that 1) new iPad with USB-C port, 2) monitor with auto-rotate function

    Sales | UPERFECT Monitor, yoUr Perfect Portable Monitor.

  • Shane Burke

    I have just bought uperfect monitor, what adapter do I need to use a mouse, and what adapter do I need for a phone? Also when phone is in use with the monitor, does it cover the whole screen with phone pictures?
    UPERFECT replied:
    Hello, here are our answers:
    If you want to connect a mouse directly with uperfect monitors, a USB-A female to USB-C male adapter is needed. Plug it into the monitor’s USB-C OTG port. If it’s a micro USB OTG port, use a USB-A female to micro USB male adapter instead. However, we suggest using a BlueTooth mouse to connect with your phone.
    If you want to connect your phone with uperfect monitors, check the updated blog above for the three connection methods.
    When using your phone in landscape mode, the screen will surely cover the whole screen. If you are using your phone in portrait mode, it depends on if the monitor has a 90-degree auto rotation function. If yes, you can auto-rotate the monitor to get full screen, same as your phone.

    Sales | UPERFECT Monitor, yoUr Perfect Portable Monitor.

  • Yeo Joo Keang


    Could you kindly advise which 4K portable monitor should I purchase?

    I have 2 old notebooks with the following ports.

    1) VGA + USB-A + NO type C
    2) HDMI + USB-A + NO type C

    How do I connect the monitor to function as 2nd monitor?

    Thank you.

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