How to Connect a Smartphone to a Portable Monitor

Smartphones are becoming part of our daily activities. Virtually everyone owns a smartphone for different purposes. Regardless of your reasons for having one, it would be best to have a portable smartphone monitor. This comes in handy when you want to capture more details with little or no stress.

How to Connect a Smartphone to a Portable Monitor

An instance includes displaying the year’s financial details in a Google Sheet document. Using a portable monitor for a smartphone enables you to capture more information and conduct your analysis efficiently. So, why do you need a portable monitor, and how can you connect a smartphone to a portable monitor?

How to Connect a Smartphone to a Portable Monitor

What is a Portable Monitor?

First, you need to understand that there is no absolute definition of a portable monitor. Some regard them as the second screen, and others claim that they are alternatives to bigger screen monitors. Regardless of the meaning of the portable monitor you are subscribing to, they are ultimately used to increase the screen space you can work with.

What is a Portable Monitor?

Portable monitors are alternative screen sizes for tech-savvy individuals looking for ways to enlarge the display size of their mobile devices. This doesn’t only help you have more screen size to work with. It also gives you an enlarged screen to study as a student or allows you have enough screen size for your business presentation.

portable external monitor

Portable monitors are designed to be available for use on the go. They are built to bring convenience regardless of the purpose of using it, be it general, business, or personal use. They work smoothly with smartphones and tablets. Likewise, they work both for android systems and iOS systems.

What Can a Portable Monitor Do for You?

The usefulness of a portable monitor does exactly what a desktop monitor will help execute. It has no singular use or a specific use attached to it. Meanwhile, there are some cases wherein portable monitors are the best in such situations.

Below are five (5) things a portable monitor can do for you.

5 Things Portable Monitor Can Do for You

1. Screen preview for creators

AS a content creator, there are some eye stresses you subject your eyes to when viewing some of your arts on your smartphone or mobile devices. For instance, a digital artist may have difficulty recognizing his artworks' details on a small screen. But a portable monitor connected to your smartphone will allow you to view such pieces on a larger screen with a high-quality display to record every detail.

4k portable monitor HDR

2. Second screen for a global walk

Today, we live in an era that sees the power of business scalability through the remote work industry. But you may not have the absolute freedom to view different windows on your single device. However, a portable monitor connected to your smartphone will avail you of the opportunity to share your screen with your team members at a video conference. At the same time, you can conduct research from the second screen.

Uperfect HDR FHD Portable Computer Monitor

3. Client-pitching

As a business owner or a freelancer, you may receive a prompt to prepare or present an impromptu pitch for your clients. Whereas you may be out of the office or your home workstation. But with your potable monitor very close to you, you can connect it to your phone, prepare the pitch and present it to your clients for a successful business partnership. That way, your clients have no idea if you are using your phone or your PC.

portable monitor for laptop

4. Increased productivity

Research revealed that you become more focused when you have a second screen you can work from. For instance, you can use your smartphone for communication and use your portable monitor to conduct research or analyze your data to gather key insights. With that, you are saving yourself enough time to work more in a short time. That is, you are saving both energy and time.

5. Increased entertainment

Are you a game lover or a Netflix addict? Do you want to excuse yourself from the boring shows on a long flight?

You must have a portable monitor. You do not only enjoy your favorite mobile games. It also gives you an increased screen size to watch your favorite movie or show. As a result, you don’t have to stick to your device, causing eye strain or seeing the boring show from your flight TV.

How to Connect a Smartphone to a Portable Monitor

portable HDMI monitor

Connecting your smartphone to a portable monitor is very easy. All you need is the USB cable type compatible with both your phone and the portable monitor. For instance, portable monitors in our 4K Portable Monitor category either have an HDMI connection port or a USB-Type C connection port.

Thus, you must ensure you use either cable type compatible with both your smartphone and the portable monitor. There will be no monitor display without that cable type because your portable monitor will not translate that transmission.

The first step involves plugging your USB cable into the portable monitor. Then, plug it into your smartphone (which may be Samsung, LG, Huawei, or Vivo) cable port. After some seconds, your portable monitor will display and synchronize with your smartphone.

However, you must note that if your gaming device or phone doesn’t have a full Type-C USB function, you will not have the touch-screen feature available to you.

What is the Best Portable Monitor?

If you are looking for the best portable monitor to connect with your smartphone, UPERFECT 4K Portable Monitors are your best bet. Apart from the ease of carrying them around, they are touch screen monitors with high-quality display resolution. Likewise, they have inbuilt speakers that function as monitors at your workplace.

UPerfect 4K Portable Monitors work perfectly with android OS for phones like Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Vivo. Likewise, it works perfectly with iOS. That is, you can connect either your smartphone or iPhone with portable monitors.

Likewise, there are other portable monitors from UPERFECT that may suit your other needs. Their designs compensate for your demand while increasing your efficiency and making the recreation experience awesome. Aside from different size variants available, some of UPERFECT's portable monitors have more incredible functions than standard PC monitors.

Where Can You Get the Best Portable Monitor?

You may have difficulty making the right decision to purchase a portable monitor because of the shining promises accompanying some marketing campaigns. The best you may do yourself is reach out to our experts, discuss your needs with them and let them provide you with the right solution by suggesting the best portable monitors for you.

Thus, do not look further for your best portable monitor plug. We at UPerfect provide you with the best customer support and suggest the best that suits your needs.

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    How do I connect the monitor to function as 2nd monitor?

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