Handheld gaming just keeps getting cooler and cooler - UPERFECT Uplays C2 Portable Monitor

Hello everyone and welcome back to another video I'm the gamers digester and I can't be the only one who's excited to see how far gaming and technology have come just not even for handheld gaming right I'm really excited to show you guys today something that I didn't necessarily know could exist at this capacity maybe that's news to some of you guys as well but I'd love to show off not just this. But this so essentially what this is from Uperfect I'll have it linked down below with a code if you guys want to check this out but this is a portable gaming monitor it's 2K resolution.

It's 16 by 10 which you might find kind of interesting I know I did I honestly after getting my hands on this I much prefer the 16x10 than 16x9 it feels a lot more kind of Premium if you will now.One thing that's really interesting about this if you guys are familiar with laptops or our iPads I guess. iPad laptop combos where they can kind of do a little bit of both you're probably familiar with something like this doubles as a cover but not only that it is fully removable on the back and it attaches with magnets now.

Here's something that I found really cool not only can you prop it up like this I know this is a horrible viewing angle you guys but if this looks fantastic I'll take this off to you a little bit of behind the scenes this looks absolutely fantastic at this.

At this kind of look at that is a full almost monitor there and then you fold that in like so Magnus stamps in and this is a very sturdy and stable 1440 120 hertz monitor display now.

I'd love to show you guys some footage of one of my favorite FPS games to show off and one that runs really well here on the Asus ROG Ally I'll show you guys, this game as well as Forza and I'd love to hear you guys thoughts and opinions on this in the in the description below
,but so far I've honestly been blown away you do have some sound options now honestly don't expect a lot when it comes to the sound I've got it bumped up before to 100 to 60.

I will just kind of keep it at 60 for now honestly with something like this, this would be where a Bluetooth speaker would do wonders because if you think about it right they're really trying to
keep that is without the actual thing on the back it is smaller than the thickness of my finger and this is this has a portable battery inside speakers.

All the HDMI plugs it goes from I'm actually using this at the moment but it goes from HDMI the normal HDMI to Mini HDMI here and just uses USB-C the portability of it the battery I honestly compare it to the Asus if it's kind of something like if you want to save as much battery as possible one. I would probably honestly just suggest using like 60 hertz refresh rate I wouldn't suggest bumping it up a ton but it's honestly been fairly good I'm gonna be playing this over here to show you guys kind of some gameplay here we'll hop into a quick play and I'll
try and Center that for you maybe scoot this down a bit.

But no it's really been exciting for me as well as my friends just to see that stuff like this exists right my main monitor that I use for my PC setup is 1440 by once uh or it's a 165 Hertz and for me I feel like that's incredible to have that at a certain price range,and this is is extremely similar to that you are losing a little bit of frame right there but I think that 120 hertz mode like range anywhere from there to like 160 you're really having to look for the differences there's not a ton.

I'd love to hear if you guys care about this at all I thought the bundles was fantastic they've got some bundles in here for that not sponsored I just I thought the bundles was awesome I'm
honestly really excited for the next season, but let's hop in here and I'll show this off to you guys I believe that this is.

Max brightness here now it has a kind of like a half wheel that's got a knob sticking out and you can push it up or down sorry for the squeaky chair only I'd have the flash on for my from my right there but um unfortunately you wouldn't be able to see the screen, in that case
I've been playing a lot of Wolfenstein to New Colossus on my Asus so I'm kind of used to that

Right now I might keep the talking down so you guys can just kind of enjoy the sound the gameplay if this is something that you're interested in and even if you're not necessarily interested in the product itself that's not the point of this video I'm not I'm not trying to sell you guys on anything I'm just trying to show off what I feel to be really cool Tech and this is a I feel like this is up there not only for like handheld gaming potentially right you could have a very portable setup with an Xbox series s and something like this like an extremely
lightweight and portable Xbox with a super lightweight and portable monitor for all around four or five hundred dollars.

That is incredible I know a lot of guys travel a lot a lot of you truckers you know what I'm talking about I definitely hear you guys in the comments and stuff like this is really cool I can already imagine right just kind of pulling off to the side propping this up on the dash and having a console-like experience with your handheld. It really does depend on the game as well so the Asus ROG Ally I wouldn't necessarily it's a really good fit for this screen for the resolution and I'll give a few reasons why but if you kind of prefer 1080 that's definitely like a super valid point for me 2K resolution is good when I played Guilty Gear strive.

I was able to hit a very solid 60 FPS and use 1440p resolution on here which I wasn't honestly sure if I could do but it worked really well a lot of the lower-end kind of more pixelated games if you know, like retro games, those games run really well at the higher resolution and can hit decent frame rates so this monitor. At first glance might seem overkill for something like this, but it really just depends on what you're going to be playing,but so far I've been really excited with this.

Surround's about to finish out here, and I'll hop into fours and show you guys a few minutes of gameplay of that I hope this is coming through okay, this looks fantastic on my end, and the Xbox app uninstalled all the games I had installed I'm not entirely sure why.

But I'm going to show you guys a little bit of Wolfenstein here which runs fantastically on the Asus ROG Ally. Honestly I've played through this game on the Nintendo switch on the steam deck and now I'm doing a playthrough on this.

This is such a fun game it's always fun to have a game that are so well optimized that you can always rely on that being Wolfenstein and doom eternal yeah Doom 2016 as well I'd honestly say that like visually I think Doom 2016 is one of my favorite looking games.

It's just a little bit harder but yeah always having those fun games to come back to is very nice and refreshing, but yeah if you guys enjoyed today's video I'd appreciate a like subscribe if
you guys want to stick around see more videos like this.

I think for the next little while it's going to tone down a bit while I just kind of test out products that I've been purchasing and receiving and get some videos out to you guys on what I've been kind of messing with the hype from the Asus ROG Ally kind of died down most questions have been answered so for right now just expect kind of maybe two-three a week
we'll just kind of have to gauge it and see how things go for now but really excited about the Nintendo Switch too hopefully they can release something so we can get actual content out for that unfortunately they are zip but you know it is what it is we'll we'll take what we can but I appreciate every single one of you guys have a fantastic rest of your day.

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