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Here with the digital digest. And today, I'm reviewing the UPERFECT Delta Max 18.5 inch dual stacked portable monitor system. It retails for roughly $550. I'll include a link in the description and in full disclosure, this was furnished to me by the manufacturer for review purposes, but this is not a sponsored review.

Main Device Comparison

As you already noticed, I've got the Lenovo Yoga book nine I on the right, arguably really the best device of its kind ever made. Great audio quality, great battery life, but two displays in a form factor that traditionally is relegated to one. Both are touchscreen support, pen input. You've got, you know, an included mouse and keyboard which I am using for the demonstration here. But the focus is on this, right?

Monitor Features and Specifications

We've got a monitor finally to match, and again at $550, roughly £5, we get 2 18.5 inch full HD displays, 60 Hertz refresh rate. So not ideal for gaming. This is really all about productivity, 100% sRGB. If you need 100% DCI-P3, there is a Max Pro version that's 1600P. I believe it's also higher refresh than 60 Hertz. Hopefully, I'll have that for you to review sooner than later.

Display Quality and Portability

From a productivity standpoint, this really does check all the boxes, matte finish on both displays, 300 nits of brightness, which is perfectly fine for indoor use. Outside, a little bit more of a challenge. And yes, it's portable, but I have to say in my mind, it's great that it's portable, but more likely something I would use in a static or stationary setup like you're looking at now because how much more easily, inexpensively, and efficiently could you get a four-display setup than what you're looking at here right now? Especially one that's actually practical, usable.

Touchscreen and Inputs

Now, keep in mind these are not touchscreen. I wish that they were and hopefully that's another revision we'll get out of UPERFECT over time. But this is a really good starting point. I found that the three hinges there are firm, they are stiff. No question about it. There are only three inputs on the back which I'll be showing you after the demonstration: two Type-C, one HDMI. It is a mini HDMI or micro.

DisplayPort Driver and Connectivity

And again, the beauty here is also that once you install the DisplayPort driver that you'll need to literally drive this the way I'm doing it now, which will take you a minute. One USB-C cable is driving these two displays. So only one cable is needed. Now, from a power standpoint, I did have to hardwire this in the second Type-C port. Some machines may be able to power it. But in my experience, at least specifically with the Yoga book nine I, we do need to use a separate source for power. And you can use this with a smartphone, a tablet, anything you want, just make sure you provide it the necessary power.

Audio Performance

So let's take a look and a listen to the audio performance from this because it does have built-in speakers. Of course, the Yoga book nine I has some of the best audio you'll get out of any ultrabook on the market, any laptop on the market other than the other Yoga books. But again, this portable dual stack display does have speakers. So here we go. Now, keep in mind I am using a condenser microphone. It is pointed away from this. Let me try to reposition.

Speaker Quality

So I'm gonna stop it there. The other thing you have to keep in mind is that the speakers are rear firing. So between the fact that I'm using a condenser mic and, you know, they're rear firing and they're pretty low power, they're not ideal. They are literally a better than nothing situation. But again, the real beauty of this entire setup is just how easily I can multitask.


You can see if I want to move back over to the Yoga book. Very simple. Come back to the actual dual stack display, also really simple.

UPERFECT's Portable Monitors

In terms of specifications, I'm right on UPERFECT website. So this is going to be as perfect as it could possibly be. Let's jump into their portable monitors. And I do have another display, their 18.5 inch 4K portable monitor that does support 100% DCI-P3. I believe it also has touchscreen. That's going to be another really cool one that I'll be covering shortly. That's been out though, unlike this one, which is again the first of its kind to hit the market.

Product Line

So if I go to working and then their Ustation line, you can see the Delta, which is $500. Again, these are 15.5 inch panels, and this is something that UPERFECT started marketing probably about, I wanna say 4-5 months ago. So you've probably seen videos of this machine, but what you haven't seen, or the light, what you haven't seen are the Max or the Max Pro.

Kickstand Design

So we jump into the Max, this is the unit you're looking at now. The kickstand, by the way, is good. I do think that UPERFECT needs to put some more rubber feet on it, particularly if you can see my mouse in this area instead of one position. Because while the kickstand is great and will allow you to set this up however you want, it's missing the rubber feet basically on the other sides, which I'll show at the end of the video, to really give it the grip it needs to hold positions. So right now it's fine.

Clamshell Design and Usability

It's a clamshell design. You could put this in tent mode, you could do pretty much anything you want with it.

Specifications Overview

Let's get to the specifications. And also just, you know, they're showing how they would think you'd be using it. If you wanted to video edit as you're seeing here, have your video up top, your timeline, you know, linear editing software on the bottom, easy. But again, you just have to remember this is not a color-proofing display. So I think for a quick edit on the move, perfectly fine. At home, I really look at this as a portable monitor for productivity, like they're showing there. I think that makes perfect sense. And again, at $550, I love that you can pick this up, move it easily. When you compare it to, well, what it would potentially be replacing, which is a traditional monitor, you're gonna see all the different poses they're showing it can go into. And then of course, the different applications.

Gaming Recommendation

Now, would I recommend this for gaming? With console, more so than with PC. Absolutely. But again, as a productivity display, an extension of what you're gonna be able to get done, it's really quite amazing.

Connectivity Ports

Now, these are the three ports at the back. And they are literally located as you can see right above where the kickstand is housed, or I should say where it lays or rests. And I will say this to me is one design area I'm not in love with, but I'm sort of nitpicking because I do feel like once you get this set up, you're gonna know exactly how you want it. But because the connections are at the back, which I think looks good for the aesthetic, after all, we don't see wires on either side, plugging it in a little bit complicated when it's open clearly because this is on the bottom panel's backside, which means that when it's open, nearly impossible to get to. So, of course, you're gonna close it up and then you'll have easy access to these three ports.

On-Screen Display and Driver Installation

Now, inside the software again, I think this is a pre-production unit. There's not much on-screen display stuff to show, which I will in a moment. But again, everything works as it should and that's the most important thing. But if, when you get this, you try to just connect it and you're waiting for it to drive both monitors, I will tell you now, if you do not install that driver, you know, the DisplayPort driver, you will not have a display on both. You will only have whatever you connect appear on the bottom display, which is exactly what I went through when I first received this and started to try to use it.

Kickstand and Rubber Feet

But the kickstand is solid metal, has, I think, really good tension. We just need rubber feet in more than one position, which again, I will be showing you. You don't need to see the difference between 720P and 1080P. We all learned that about 20 years ago. But there is a difference, no doubt, it absolutely works well. One of the things I really like about this is you can VESA mount it, and you'll see that at the end of the video. When I break this down and we just do a tour of the body of the unit itself.

Rear-Firing Speakers

There are those rear firing speakers. And again, for me personally, I really believe this is the way to go. If you're going to buy one of these, you know, nothing wrong with the 15.5 inch models. But I personally much prefer these larger form factor displays because if you're gonna enhance productivity or game, I just see a lot more to utilize with these larger panels.

Display Quality and Cost

Also keep in mind that the 15.5 inch model I believe is the same brightness, but it does not have the same contrast ratio. So, as you step up, at least from what I've seen, things do get better and it's only a $50 bump. So, it's really a matter of whether or not it's just way too much for you. The Delta Max Pro 18 inches, not 18.5 like this. So, it's actually smaller. But as I mentioned, it does have a higher resolution as well as a higher refresh rate.

Aspect Ratio

And there are the specs: 60 Hertz, you can see 16 millisecond response time, 25 on the 15.5 inch, which is another reason I prefer this build. The nice thing about the pro 16 by 10 aspect ratio instead of 16 by 9. So, here you're getting a 21:9 experience when you combine this with a traditional 16 by 9 display. So, no worries there. I think, you know, nothing but potential for adding this to your desktop experience or your mobile experience, depending on your budget and needs.

Hinge and Flexibility

Now, you can see that hinge is not, it's not rotating and it's not going to. It is solid. And this is another thing, I do wish that they actually provided the ability to rotate the displays. I know that might be asking too much but just having a little bit more flexibility. But otherwise, it does, again, exactly what you would want. Now, you can see it's not perfect in terms of seams but it's also a pre-production model.

Kickstand Rubber Feet

Let's jump to the bottom because I wanna show the rubber feet that I was talking about. And here we go. So, you see these two rubber feet on the right and left side of the kickstand? They do a great job of making sure that if you've got this in landscape mode, you're not going anywhere. But if you decide to go portrait mode, you are. And that's where you would like to have some more rubber feet. And that's something I believe UPERFECT will add to their next revision.


Otherwise, we're getting close to the end of this review. So, let's just take a look at the rear of the unit so you get a better idea of how this is set up. So again, one connection powering this whole thing, two monitors. The fact that UPERFECT was able to do this is just amazing. And I think they deserve all the credit for bringing a new product to market, first of its kind that literally does exactly what it sets out to do. And that's be a great portable companion to your productivity device like the Yoga book.

Thanks to read this blog. Ask me if you have any questions, visit to Delta Monitor:

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