Dual Screen Monitor

Creating an all-inclusive portable workstation, increases productivity and work efficiency.


 Dual Screen Monitor for Laptop

The dual screen monitor is completely customized for the laptop, unlimited expansion of the laptop screen, and tri-screen collaboration improves portable work efficiency.


UStation Delta

A dual-stacked dual monitor adopts two foldable screens, which perfectly expands the desktop space of laptops and computers and is convenient for customizing the workstation, bringing more efficient and diverse processing to the work way.

UStation Delta Max

UPERFECT Delta Max adopts advanced ergonomic design, allowing users to complete their work in the most comfortable state, increasing productivity. The two 18.5-inch screens completely expand the laptop space, giving users a completely free work base to express their creativity and creation at will.


UStation Z Pro

Set up your triple-screen laptop workstation with 14-inch dual monitors, a new laptop monitor extender with a dual monitor, and 14" 1080P IPS screen. The dual monitor can be disassembled, and the two screens can be used independently or together. One investment can get two returns, doubling the value.

Dual Screen Monitor Penetrated into All Areas of Life

 Dual screen monitor can be applied to every scenario you can imagine whether you are at work, creation or gaming.

Are You Seeking For Efficiency & Mobility?

You may be currently suffering from lower productivity, too much additional gear, limited workspace with a single-screen laptop while on the go. Study shows that with the utilization of dual screen monitor can boost productivity.


What Makes UPERFECT Better?

UPERFECT will never stop here, and will always pursue dual screen monitor to bring more efficiency, continuously optimize product performance, and provide every user with an endlessly better screen experience. This also gives the user the possibility of multiple choices.


Related Accessories

Combining the following accessories can better carry out tri-screen collaboration and make work easier.

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