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The Lap dock is one innovation bound to be around for a long time, turn smartphones to android laptops. Given that smartphones cannot go too overboard in terms of screen size, a Samsung Dex laptop is your next best bet for enjoying your smartphone with a screen size of up to 15.6 inches. Samsung Dex laptop is the perfect terminal accessory for Android phones.

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What Makes Lapdock Different?

Compared with portable monitors, lapdock has unique advantages in the use of mobile phones. It can completely turn the mobile phone into a laptop, give full play to the performance of the mobile phone, and completely transplant the work on the mobile phone to the laptop without transferring files. location to prevent file loss.

Make Typing More Efficient

Compared to a mobile phone, larger keyboard makes you can freely edit text through your hands, which improves work efficiency and doubles productivity. It is especially suitable for users who need to edit text, data, etc. on a daily basis.

Responsive Touch Controls

10-point touchscreen makes it easier for users to process certain graphics, browse the web, social media, etc. They can slide on the screen and drag task boxes between uses, making work more efficient.

Worry-free Outdoor Use

With its superior appearance, lapdock is lightweight and portable, and has a built-in 10800mAh battery, which solves the problem of outdoor power supply and makes outdoor use more convenient. It is a must-have for travelers, business people, and vloggers.   

Lapdock for Smartphones

15.6-inch · Wireless · Charging · Touchscreen

UDock X 15.6 Pro

X 15.6 Pro lapdock goes real wireless. It has not only a wireless connection but also a built-in wireless charging function for smartphones. It realizes wireless working anytime and anywhere, substantially improving work efficiency.

14-inch · Wireless · Touchscreen · Battery

UDock X 14 Pro

UPERFECT X 14 Pro not only expands the screen size but also retains Bluetooth and wireless connection technology. Users can experience touch and keyboard on 14 inch screen wirelessly. Expand the performance of smartphones and make work more convenient.

13.3-inch · Keyboard · Touchscreen · Battery

UDock X

Activating Samsung Dex, Huawei EMUI Easy Projection, LG Screen+, Motorola Ready Go, Oneplus, and other smartphones with Desktop Mode by One USB-C to USB-C cable, easy plug & play. UPERFECT X has A 10 Points Multi-Touch Capacitive screen that lets you interact directly with what is displayed and provides accurate content interaction. 

14-inch · Keyboard · Touchscreen · Battery

UDock X 14

Compared with UDock X, this X 14 has been upgraded in screen size, allowing users to get a larger visual experience. Activating Samsung Dex, Huawei EMUI Easy Projection, LG Screen+, Motorola Ready Go, Oneplus, and other smartphones with Desktop Mode by one USB-C to USB-C cable, easy plug & play. 

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