Benefits of Vertical Monitors

As a new product in the market, vertical monitors are becoming more and more popular in the market, and their market share is gradually increasing. So what advantages do vertical monitors have that can be accepted and widely used by the market and users?

From the perspective of viewing experience, compared with horizontal screens, vertical screens can use the visual focus characteristics of small scenes such as close-ups and close-ups to show the main body of the story more quickly and intuitively, and the characters are more three-dimensional. The vertical screen expands the vertical space and compresses the horizontal ratio, which is more suitable for displaying character characteristics and static pictures, and the uniqueness of the vertical screen in space allows the audience to see more deeply.

In fact, not only for work needs, vertical monitors can be used in many aspects of life. In addition to work needs, they can also be used in various aspects such as reading, editing videos, and live interaction.

Vertical Monitors for Reading

If you usually need to browse many documents or articles and read many work documents or e-books, then compared with the horizontal monitor that squeezes the text, the vertical monitor is more suitable for people's reading needs. Just like reading a book, more content is displayed on a portrait display, and the eyes need to move less. The same PDF file can be displayed in 18 lines on a horizontal screen and 30 lines on a vertical screen, which is more convenient for reading.

The vertical monitor not only reduces the degree of eye use, so that the eyes are not easy to fatigue but also does not need to scroll the screen continuously, which greatly improves the efficiency. Similarly, when we are working, we can view news or other relevant information on the vertical monitor to improve work efficiency.

Vertical Monitors for Coding

There is no doubt that vertical monitor has unique advantages for programming. Generally, when faced with thousands of lines of code, it is really uncomfortable to scroll through. And the vertical monitor allows you to see more code than the horizontal screen, which is undoubtedly exciting.

  • Reduce scrolling to see more related code
  • The dual-screen operation can improve coding efficiency
  • Ideal for engineers working on large projects
  • You can collaborate with others at the same time, and complete your own work while viewing other people's progress
  • Can better and faster find errors and code organization structure in the code

Vertical Monitors for Design Editing

As a creator, you usually need to edit pictures or audio, and video. The advantage of dual screens is that they can greatly improve work efficiency. At the same time, vertical screens can save time and space, and better develop your creative capabilities.

  • Ability to allocate more space for image or text editing
  • Able to have enough space to do more editing on the image
  • Especially useful when editing images or content for portrait display or smartphone display
  • Simplifies work by being able to view control maps or guide files while editing images

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