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Bluetooth Keyboard!

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Bluetooth + Wireless keyboard, can connect four devices at the same time, switch freely.


UPERFECT mini Bluetooth -näppäimistö maksimoi käyttökokemuksen ja laiteyhteensopivuuden. Asiakirjoja tai muuta tekstinsyöttöä vaativaa työtä käsiteltäessä näppäimistö ratkaisee kirjoitusongelman ja parantaa työn tehokkuutta. Mukana kolme Bluetooth-signaalia ja 2.4G langaton vastaanotin, joka voi yhdistää neljä laitetta samanaikaisesti. Yhteensopiva useiden eri järjestelmien kanssa (Windows/Android/Mac/IOS/Chrome OS...), joka kattaa useat yleiset laitejärjestelmät useisiin suuntiin, mikä tuo asiakkaiden mukavuutta.

Huomautus: Oletustoimituksena musta näppäimistö.


SKU: S221-D1

Series: UKey

Color: Black

Wireless transmission: 2.4G/Bluetooth

Bluetooth range: 5-10 meters transmission speed

Bluetooth: 3.0

Receiver: Nano USB

Device support: 4

Support system: Windows/Android/Mac/IOS/Chrome OS

Keyboard: 103 keys

Battery: 1*AA alkaline battery

Standby time: 12 months

Sustainable working time: 650 hours

Working voltage: 1.5V

Alkaline battery life: 5 years

Working current: <3.0mA

Standby current: <0.3mA

Button force: 60±10g

Sleep current: <40μA

Alkaline battery battery specification: 35 × 10 mm (1.38 × 0.39 inch)

Button life: 3 million clicks

Working temperature: -10-+55 degrees

Effective operating range: within 10 meters of unobstructed range.

Keyboard size: 396 × 145 mm (15.59 × 5.71 inches)

Device slot size: 67 × 17 × 12 mm (2.64 × 0.67 × 0.47 inch)

Weight: 0.45 kg (0.98 lbs)

What's in the box?

  • 1 × Bluetooth Keyboard

  • 1 × Manual
  • 1 × Receiver
  • 1 × Extension Cable
  • 2 × Device slot
  • 1 × Warranty Card
  • 1 × Battery

Multifunctional Bluetooth keyboard

UPERFECT 103 keys full-size mini Bluetooth keyboard combines the keyboard layout to maximize the use of Bluetooth technology and can connect four devices at the same time. Not only can you freely switch among the four devices, but you can also customize the keyboard layout, compatible with Windows/Android/Mac/IOS/Chrome OS and other systems, which comprehensively improves the scope of use of the Bluetooth keyboard and brings great benefits to the work. convenience.

Four Connection Methods
The mini Bluetooth keyboard has four connection methods, with three Bluetooth and one 2.4G receivers, allowing users to connect to four devices at the same time. The 2.4G receiver is placed in the battery compartment behind the keyboard. When using it, please take out the receiver and plug it into your device to use it. If the keyboard does not respond, please turn on the power switch on the back of the keyboard. The yellow indicator light is on for 10 seconds and then turn off, which means the connection is successful.
uperfect-18-inch-monitor-hdmi-185e01 (2)
uperfect-18-inch-monitor-hdmi-185e01 (2)
Easily Switch Between Four Devices
After connecting four devices through three Bluetooth and one 2.4G wireless receiver, the Bluetooth keyboard can switch between the four devices arbitrarily, by short pressing Fn+7/8/9/0 to switch one of the devices arbitrarily, quickly device switching can bring convenience to the work, and at the same time maximize the role of the Bluetooth keyboard, doubling the investment value.
Customize Keyboard Layout
After the small Bluetooth keyboard is connected for the first time, the default keyboard layout is Windows and Android. You can switch between IOS/Mac/Windows & Android keyboard layouts by pressing and holding Fn+I/O/P for three seconds. When the indicator lights up and then goes out, it means the switching is successful.
Note: Each paired device will memorize the last keyboard layout. If you need to switch the keyboard layout of the current device, please follow the above steps.
uperfect-18-inch-monitor-hdmi-185e01 (2)

Ingenious Exterior Design

The full-size Bluetooth keyboard is smaller than ordinary keyboards, only 396 × 145 mm (15.59 × 5.71 inches), even so, there is still room for a device slot, allowing users to place mobile phones and other small devices, bringing greater convenience to users. At the same time, the weight of 0.45 kg (0.98 lbs) is also very convenient to carry.

uperfect-18-inch-monitor-hdmi-185e01 (2)

Thoughtful Device Slot

A device slot is thoughtfully designed above the keyboard. The length of the device is 67mm (2.64 inches), and the width is 17mm (0.67 inches). Normally, it can be placed in small devices such as mobile phones to increase storage space, save desk space, and make the desktop look more beautiful. At the same time, the device slot also facilitates the use of multiple devices, allowing users to better look at mobile phones and computer screens and improving efficiency.

Quick Mood Change

In addition to the gray device slot that comes with the keyboard, there will also be a blue and an orange device slot. Users can customize the keyboard. When taking out the device slot, press the device slot firmly and push the device slot from the inside out to take it out. To install the device slot, you only need to place the device slot and push it from the inside to the outside to install it. You can switch the device slot in 3 seconds, and quickly change your work mood.
uperfect-18-inch-monitor-hdmi-185e01 (2)
uperfect-18-inch-monitor-hdmi-185e01 (2)

How to Connect Via Bluetooth?

Connect to Bluetooth device 1 for the first time, short press Fn+7, the blue indicator light stays on for 5 seconds, then enter Bluetooth device 1, and then long press Fn+7 for 3 seconds, the blue light flashes slowly, entering Bluetooth pairing mode, on the device terminal, turn on the Bluetooth, select A4 FBK25 to pair, after the pairing is successful, the indicator light will show blue light for 10 seconds and then turn off. Bluetooth device 2 and Bluetooth device 3 are also connected according to the above steps, and the indicator lights are green and purple respectively.

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Can bluetooth keyboard be charged?
Hello, the Bluetooth keyboard does not need to be charged, and the battery can be replaced directly after the battery is exhausted.

Is it compatible with IOS system?

Yes, compatible with Windows/Android/Mac/IOS/Chrome OSd and other systems.
How to switch devices?
Press and hold Fn+7/8/9/0 to switch between four devices
How to change the keyboard layout?
Press and hold Fn+I/O/P to change the keyboard layout.
What's the battery life?
Hello, sustainable working time is about 650 hours, standby time is about 12 months, alkaline battery life is about 5 years.