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120Hz Gaming Monitor!

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16-inch 120hz gaming monitor enhances gaming experience in an all-round way.


Après des efforts continus, UPERFECT a conçu ce moniteur, qui a non seulement un taux de rafraîchissement d'écran de 120 Hz, mais aussi une résolution allant jusqu'à 2560*1600 (QHD), restaurant chaque détail d'écran du jeu. La taille de l'écran de 16 pouces n'est pas petite mais pas non plus grande, parfaite pour les jeux amovibles, légère et très portable, vous pouvez jouer à des jeux n'importe où, n'importe quand. Surtout pour PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox, Switch et autres appareils de jeu.

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    Refresh Rate
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    100% sRGB

Hear What Experts Say

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A New Definition of 2K Monitor

16-inch 2K gaming monitor provides more details and clarity to the game's graphics, making the gameplay more immersive and enjoyable. The 120hz 120 hz monitor ensures that the screen updates quickly and smoothly, reducing motion blur, and bringing a smoother and more comfortable viewing experience, it's an excellent investment for avid gamers looking to take their gaming experience to the next level.

Shocking 120Hz Gaming Monitor

With a 120hz higher refresh rate, 16-inch IPS gaming monitor makes games appear more lifelike, and animations are more fluid and natural. 120 hertz monitor allows gamers to better track movement and react quickly to changing situations, improving the visual quality and performance of games, and providing gamers with a more immersive and enjoyable experience. 

uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)

Next Gaming Monitor

With 120Hz refresh rate, when running the game, the picture of 120 hz monitor runs smoothly without ghosting. No longer have to worry about the scree120 hertz monitor freezing when playing games. 120hz gaming monitor effectively solve the screen tearing crack problem.

9ms Respond Time

Quick response time of 9ms, the signal transmission speed is fast, and the screen will not be torn, prepare to win, 120hz monitor is good news for gamers. 120hz gaming monitor effectively solves the problem of smearing and tailing.
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)

Shocking Visual with HDR

HDR technology can make blacks deeper without losing details in dark parts, and at the same time provide peak brightness, local contrast and wider color gamut coverage that are closer to what the human eye can see, 120hz monitor 2K brings more realistic light and shadow effects and bringing users shocking visual impact. 120hz monitor is got to be a gamer's and filmmaker's favorite.

Hyper Realistic Worlds on Your Screen

With 2560*1600 high resolution, 120hz monitor 2K can make every detail of the picture clearer. With IPS screen, 120hz monitor has a 178° full viewing angle and can share the screen from multiple angles. 1200:1 contrast ratio makes the picture more vivid. 100% sRGB(16.8M/8Bit) has a wide color gamut and rich kinds of color, 120hz gaming monitor can perfectly restore various high-chroma images, such as games and movies.

Swing into Vivid Views

A 16” 2K IPS gaming monitor with 2560*1600 resolution gives you a crystal-clear and detailed gaming experience, can restore the real gaming scene, and give you a surreal world. Every detail of the 120hz monitor can be seen clearly, letting you immerse yourself in the game all day long.
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)

Designed to Light Up Your World

100%sRGB gives you a color world beyond imagination, let every corner of the screen be colorful, feel the shocking visual impact of color, 120hz monitor can make you to devote yourself to the game. 2K monitor can restore every colorful scene, whatever for games, movies, art of creation, 120hz monitor will be a better choice. 

Meticulous Gamer Design

UPERFECT 120hz gaming monitor designed more convenience from the gamer's point of view. The VESA hole design can save desktop space, and the three-sided narrow side design can make the display more compact. 16-inch IPS gaming monitor is lightweight, can be carried anywhere, add the application scenes, give users more space to use.

Two Stand Option

There is VESA hole(75*75mm@M3*4mm), you can choose mounting it for desktop or wall. If you are used to playing PS5 games on the desktop, you can choose to install 120hz monitor on the desktop, if you are used to use it for wall, you can install it on the wall. If you are used to going out with a portable monitor, you can directly stand the 120hz monitor through the matching cover case without installing it, which is more portable.
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)

Ultra Narrow Bezel

The narrow bezel is just 2.5mm, the same 16-inch screen compared with ordinary portable monitor, this 120hz gaming monitor has a smaller size, and the weight of 0.8 kg (1.77 lbs) makes it more portable, which making it the perfect mobile partner for gamers. Cheap 120hz monitor can be taken anytime, anywhere for mobile work, games, etc.

More Considerate Functions You Will Like

120hz gaming monitor equipped with abundant interfaces mini HDMI & Type C, not only for various PlayStations, but also for other daily devices, such as Switches, Smartphones and Laptops, all of which can be plug-and-play, which is very convenient. Affordable IPS gaming monitor not only maximize entertainment, but also enhance quality of life and productivity.

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Wide Compatibility
UPERFET 120Hz gaming monitor has full-featured type c and mini HDMI interface, it is suitable for most devices with type c or HDMI interface, such as phone, laptop, computer, switch, PS4, PS5, steam deck, camera, etc.
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Low Blue Light
Cheap 120hz monitor adopts UCare technology, can reduce more than 80% of blue light and reduce the damage of blue light to eyes. No flicker, reduce eye fatigue caused by flicker, even if you use your eyes for a long time, you don't have to worry about eye fatigue.
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Engulf Yourself in Sound
Lose yourself in a world that sounds as good as it looks. Two corner speakers, and output stereo audio sources, take your video effect to the next level. 3.5mm headphone jack surrounds you in a three-dimensional soundscape, Immerse yourself in a wonderful world of sound.


View the monitor parameters below.









16 Inch 120Hz Gaming Monitor


Refresh Rate


Response Time


Screen Size

16 Inch


2560 × 1600 (QHD)

Display Ratio


Viewing Angle


Panel Type


Contrast Ratio



400 cd/m²

Color Gamut

100% sRGB

Color Depth



Touch Screen


Built-in Battery


Gravity Sensor









Built-in Speakers

Yes, 2*8Ω 1W


Yes, 75*75mm@M4*4mm

Driver Free


Stand Holder


Cover Case


Rated Power


Product Size

360 × 237 × 10 mm (14.17 × 9.33 × 0.39 inch)

Net Weight

0.72 kg (1.59 lbs)


2 × Full-Featured USB Type-C for Audio & Video Input

1 × mini HDMI for Audio & Video Input

1 × 3.5mm AUX for Audio Output

What's in the box?


1 × 16 Inch 120Hz Gaming Monitor

2 × USB-C to USB-C Cable

1 × mini HDMI to HDMI Cable

1 × Power Adapter

1 × Smart Cover

1 × Manual

More Powerful 
Than You Can Imagine
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
0.72 kg (1.59 lbs) 
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
Type C & mini 
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
Color Gamut
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
uperfect-120hz-gaming-monitor-2k-100%srgb-160c02-1 (3)
OSD Menu
Easy to Adjust
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