The Best Portable Monitors According to Experts

Whether you are a work enthusiast, a gamer, etc., including a portable monitor on your desk can be instrumental to your play or work.

Working remotely is arguably here to stay, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sequel to this realization, many individuals are adorning their workspaces with the latest technologies, recreating their work or play environment. One of such technologies is multiple (portable) screens.

best portable monitor

Portable monitors offer numerous advantages, especially to those working on their personal computers but looking to have some more screen space without negligence to portability.

Monitors are available in various sizes and dimensions, modeling popular laptop screens. Nonetheless, if you seek the best portable monitors while considering their windows compatibility and efficiency of delivery, our team of experts has carefully researched, tested, and reviewed several options available in the market.

The Best Portable Monitors

In this article, we have comprehensively analyzed the best portable monitors, helping you make the most informed decisions when shopping for a portable monitor to add to your work or play space.

In case you are in a hurry and can’t read our full review, below are our recommendations:

  • Best Overall Portable Monitor: The UPERFECT X Pro Portable Monitor.
  • The Most Affordable Portable Monitor: Lepow Z1 Pro
  • Best Portable 4K Monitor: The UPERFECT X Pro Portable Monitor.
  • The Best Portable Gaming Monitor: The UPERFECT X Pro Portable Monitor.
  • The Best Portable Touchscreen Monitor: VISSLES-M portable touchscreen monitor.

First, What Are the Top Qualities of Portable Monitors?

Buying a portable monitor might be an intimidating process, especially if you haven’t gotten one before. This is because of the various features you must consider, including styles, sizes, models, etc.

Nonetheless, we have compiled a few major features you shouldn’t overlook when looking for the most appropriate portable monitor that suits your extra screen needs.

Below are the top qualities of portable monitors:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Screen Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Orientation Control
  • Touchscreen

    Top 6 Portable Monitors Of 2021 According to Experts

    1. UPERFECT X Pro Portable Monitor

    The first on our list of the best portable monitors is the UPERFECT X Pro Portable Monitor, characterized by an incredibly portable size, high resolution, and intuitive features. This is arguably the perfect option for persons looking to add a monitor to their tablet, phones, or laptop.

    The UPERFECT X Pro monitor aids work efficiency, offering extra screen space to expand your phone screen without affecting the organization of your space. With this device, you are assured of watching movies, playing games, or working on the go!

    The top-quality Lithium-ion Polymer Battery included in its design significantly contributes to productivity, helping you work or play games for longer periods. This built-in battery also offers higher specific energy, consequently tackling overheating, short-circuiting, and other related faults as quickly as possible. Hence, we can safely say that the UPERFECT X Pro Portable Monitor is highly durable.

    The UPERFECT X Pro monitor

    Other features of this device worthy of mention are its G+FF technology that ensures better precision and sensitivity, touchscreen capabilities, split-screen, multi-gesture operations, etc. The UPERFECT X Pro portable monitor can also sense product direction for an automatic display switch, from vertical to horizontal, and vice versa.

    This portable monitor is the “just perfect” companion for seemingly always on-the-go persons who need to work remotely as efficiently as possible!


    • 4K UHD Portable Monitor
    • 178° IPS Full View Angle.
    • Touchscreen capabilities for better convenience and ease of use.
    • The product includes a detachable magnetic keyboard that makes you work as smartly as possible.
    • It comes with a 180-degree adjustable holder that aids both horizontal and vertical viewing.
    • Includes a 10000mAh built-in Lithium battery.
    • Multiple connections, including USB-C and mini-HDMI ports.


    • Relatively pricier. It is worth the price, anyway.
    1. Asus Zen Screen MB16AC Portable Monitor

    This is a portable, thin, and considerably good-looking monitor designed with a few features that make it have a place in our list of the best portable monitors to buy.

     The Best Portable Monitors

    Although relatively pricier than other options on this list, the Asus Zen Screen MB16AC portable monitor offers one of the best image qualities, which accounts for its costliness.

    If you are a fan of the Asus ZenBook series, this product should be one to consider. In addition, its design compliments Asus’ high-end laptops efficiently.


    • Thin, light, and impressive screen, which makes it usable on the go.
    • It offers an excellent image quality.
    • This product offers good color saturation plus great viewing angles.


    • Relatively expensive than others on this list and compared to the features it offers.
    • Low brightness.
    1. The GECHIC 1101P Portable Monitor

    The GECHIC 1101P portable monitor is particularly designed for photographers when taking on shoots. This is an incredibly portable option that can be easily used with an SLR camera or tripod stand while on the field.

     The GECHIC 1101P Portable Monitor

    With a display similar to the Asus Zen Screen MB16AC portable monitors, the GECHIC 1101P portable monitor lets you get closest to the display of your camera. This is also made possible with the color temperature settings that this monitor offers.

    This monitor also includes micro-HDMI ports, VGA ports, and mini-DisplayPort in its design. This makes it sufficient for various use cases, including previewing camera-shot videos and photos, etc.


    • It offers an excellent picture quality.
    • This portable monitor can be easily mounted to tripods or cameras.
    • There are several connection ports included in its design.


    • GECHIC features a somewhat bland design.
    1. VISSLES-M Portable Touchscreen Monitor

    VISSLES-M is a lightweight and bright portable full-HD monitor with an incredibly bright matte panel that efficiently supports reading and other productivity tasks.

     VISSLES-M Portable Touchscreen Monitor

    This device includes various ports, making it a highly connected portable monitor supporting various attachments, including phones, tablets, and laptops. The ports included in its design includes two USB-C ports for game consoles. Hence, we can safely regard the VISSLES-M portable monitor as a gaming device!

    Touted to be the tiniest monitor available in the market, VISSLES-M also features a grippy texture aiding its durability. The only seeming drawback of this monitor is its relatively bland design and poor resolution compared to others on this list.


    • It features a light and slim design.
    • It is an efficient gaming monitor.
    • Well-connected.
    • Relatively strong battery life.


    • Relatively poor resolution compared to others on our list.
    • Somewhat bland design.
    1. Lenovo Think Vision M14

    Lenovo Think Vision M14 offers an incredible color saturation, which doubles as its unique selling point. With a 14-inch display, this monitor, although also relatively pricier, can be powered directly using a laptop.

     Lenovo Think Vision M14

    This monitor also features a 90° tilt angle, making it suitable for both right and left-handed users.

    The Lenovo Think Vision M14 portable monitor is also eye-friendly, thanks to the low-blue-light technology included in its design. This device also comes with a small stand that makes it comfortable for use on the go.

    • Light, slim, and portable.
    • Relatively incredible resolution.
    • Auto-rotation feature.
    • Includes a 10-point touch pen.
    • Somewhat expensive compared to the features it offers.
    • The Lenovo Think Vision M14 isn’t well-connected. It includes only a USB-C port.
    1. Lepow Z1 Pro Portable Monitor

    Lepow is another portable monitor worthy of our list of the best portable monitors you should consider. Its unique selling point is its incredible affordability, being the cheapest on this list. However, comparatively, the features it offers are somewhat “just enough” for its price.

     Lepow Z1 Pro Portable Monitor

    The Lepow Z1 Pro portable monitor features a 1920x1080 resolution, plus a good color production. It is also a well-connected monitor, including the USB-C and Micro-HDMI ports in its design.

    It also comes with a case that can also suffice as its stand. However, this stand can only function in landscape mode. Thankfully, the monitor itself can be used for portrait mode.

    Other top features of this feature include its lightweight, 15.6 screen display, headphone jack, and sleek saturation. It also supports color saturation. One of its major drawbacks is its relatively weak speakers and insufficient color production.


    • Very affordable.
    • Well-connected.
    • Relatively lightweight.


    • Its stand can only be used in landscape mode.
    • Poor color production.

    So, Which Monitor Should You Buy?

    Whatever your budget or needs may be, there is definitely an appropriate model for you. What matters is considering the features it offers. Therefore, the big question is, what is the best portable monitor to buy from our list of the best portable monitors?

    Recommended by several experts, the UPERFECT X Pro Portable Monitor is very popular for its portability, gaming capabilities, lightweight, durability, intuitiveness, long battery life, alongside a few other incredible features it offers. Check out our store to learn more about the product.

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