Why Choose UPERFECT Portable Monitor?

Are you ready to find the best 4K portable monitor for movies with high resolution?

The UPERFECT portable monitors offers a wide range of portable monitors that provide high resolution, a variety of sizes, and features that will accommodate the needs of anyone looking to add a monitor to their phone, laptop, or tablet.

UPERFECT portable monitors' compact touch screens accompany a sharp, clear showcase and sound framework alongside a high definition, complete color range, and a wide view angle for images and videos. These 4k portable screens, or portable monitors, come with built-in speakers, fit for providing a complete media experience in work, entertainment, gaming, and leisure environments.

When going to a movie theater is not possible, yet desired, UPERFECT portable monitors are readily available to satisfy a wide range of audiences. These portable monitors can be plugged into most devices, like a cell phone, or by using a full-featured Type C port from your laptop, given your phone or laptop has enough power output. Whether it is Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, or Sling TV, watching the latest movies and TV shows anywhere users desire with high resolution and 100% Adobe sRGB of Uperfect Portable Monitors. There is no doubt it will be an experience that will leave users delighted.

Home theater has never been better and more fun to enjoy than now. Users will not miss a thing with these great portable monitors. Movies that have been nominated for Best Photography at the Oscars for example, like "Nomadland, "Mank", or "News of the World", will be highly enjoyed and appreciated on these portable compact monitors. Watch movies with the many UPERFECT portable monitors devices from anywhere you are. Portable monitors by UPERFECT portable monitors begin at an outstanding resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, with a 12.5" screen size and a horizontal resolution of 4K and go all the way up to a 17.3" screen monitor, with 4K UHD ultra-clear image quality that will achieve or supersede the needs of a wide variety of users, a second monitor, work, gaming, graphic design, you name it.

The features of these compact portable monitors have been well-executed, for example, the colors can match in a print, allowing for improved soft proofing accuracy. Gaming on UPERFECT portable monitors offers an incredibly sharp display, which can perfectly fit the PS3/PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and other gaming devices. If you enjoy the latest games with realistic images, then UPERFECT portable monitors will exceed your expectations, offering crisp images that will help immerse you into the gaming world. Equipped with AMD FreeSync and with 3MS response time.

Viewing movies is definitely something users will enjoy with the high-quality UPERFECT portable monitors. These compact portable monitors come fitted with all the technology that is required for getting the most out of it: an HDMI cable, a USB-C to USB-C cable, a charger, a manual, a cover for protection on the go, as well as any other pertinent accessory specific to every UPERFECT portable device. Read the details of what is included with each portable monitor for all the information.

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  • Frank Graeber

    Hallo, Netflix funktioniert bei mir leider nicht korrekt auf dem tragbaren UPERFECT S 4K-Monitor – 15,6-Zoll-Touchscreen-Display, in Kombination mit Samsung Galaxy S10 und angeschlossen via USB-C. Netflix App und Menu laufen, Sound ist normal, aber Screen bleibt schwarz.
    UPERFECT replied:
    Es tut mir leid, das zu hören. Da die App funktioniert, bedeutet dies, dass das Display ordnungsgemäß funktioniert. Wir müssen prüfen, ob das Problem mit der Verbindung oder anderen Problemen zusammenhängt. Bitte nehmen Sie ein Video auf und senden Sie es an diese E-Mail service@uperfectmonitor.com. Unser After-Sales-Team wird sich innerhalb von 24 Stunden bei Ihnen melden.

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