Exploring UPERFECT portable Monitor by Sam Pak | Big Screen as a perfect solution


Speaking of big screens, I want to show you guys this big portable screen brought to you by today's sponsor, UPERFECT provides an assortment of all different kinds of portable monitors, and a lot of people are on the go these days. Having a nice portable monitor is a perfect solution.

Who Needs It?

Whether you're an office professional that needs extra screen, a content creator that needs extra real estate, or a gamer who wants to continue their quest on the go, UPERFECT will have a perfect monitor for you. They have a wide selection of screen sizes, refresh rates and resolutions, so there's a bunch of options that you can choose from that will fit your needs.


About The Monitor

This monitor is the Inch model, and it can go up to 400 nits and brightness with an IPS panel up to 60. All you need is a USB C cable connected to the laptop for it to work. This monitor also has two USB C ports, HDMI mini display port, micro, USB input, as well as built in speakers.

Setting Up

It comes with a nice pleather case that can be used as a stand as well. It stays on the monitor using magnets on the back, and if you happen to misplace your case and you need to prop up the monitor on your desk, you can use this pen and put it inside the hole to stand it up. This monitor is Vesa mount compatible, so you can hook this up to a monitor arm for your home office.

Dex Users

And the coolest thing for me is that I can and connect my Zfold to this monitor and it feels like I'm using a laptop through Samsung Dex, the Zfold turns into my peripherals and I'm able to use it as a touchpad and keyboard at the same time.


Check this video blog: https://youtu.be/o0MUHhW2XMU

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