The coolest UPERFECT X LAPDOCK review by Mekel Kasanova


As you guys know, I'm always looking for the best themed accessories to use from dongles to darks the app. I've reviewed so many talks to the point sick of it, you know, reviewing Lapdock because it's like a lot of them, they're not really different. There's so many different accessories I've reviewed, including controllers, that I just think are absolutely essential when you're looking to get something for your steam deck. Now there's another device that has come in. I've been thoroughly testing it and I absolutely think this is one of the best accessories may not be for everyone, but for those of us who really get the full usage out of our steam dex this is going to be something I think is really, really crucial. It is none other than the UPERFECT. It's really cool because this is not only a laptop like device.

Included in Lapdock

So basically, you got a keyboard track pad and a full touchscreen that's 1080P and has HDR in it. Like Trace TR? And what's cool about this, you can connect your steam back to it and you get full functionality out of it. So, if you’re in game mode or if you're in desktop mode, you can use it. Fully with the track pad, you can use Keys, use a touchscreen if you want to just go through it.

Where you can use it?

you can flip it over and just make it a full-on portable monitor and it's so cool what you can do with this, because it not only works with your steam deck, you can use this with your other other devices as well, this works with a Nintendo switch. This also works with your tablet's, your Android phones your iPhone, and just, you know, even your console.

So, if you're traveling like me, I do utilize my steam deck and a lot in desktop mode. So, a lot of times, if I don't have my laptop with me, I can pull this out, connect my scene, back to it, go into desktop mode.


This thing is really like, I want to say this weight about maybe three to four pounds super lightweight, super portable great battery life on this.  And that's literally all you have on here pretty much in my opinion. All you need with this device. Very lightweight. Like I said, it's about three to four pounds, maybe, five pounds. I don't have a scale to be able to weight this but it is really nice.

How it works

You can charge this and have up to like our battery life. Because literally all this is a keyboard with a trackpad and a monitor connected. There's no internal CPU or guts or anything like that beyond that. It is literally a touchscreen monitor with a keyboard track that. Like I said, no hoping you can connect your steam deck, you can connect until switch your phone, like, Android phones are like, a lot of land or iPhones actually have desktop functionality such as like Samsung deck. So, if you got like a Samsung phone connected to a boom, you got a whole workstation. There with you, and then you can also connect, you know, iPads, other tablets and other devices. And what I've actually been using this for sort of using this for productivity because I connect my scene back to it, go to desktop mode, I usually leave here office online. Search the web, you know, OBS and a lot of other stuff. When I want to do some content creating, I also use this as a portable monitor because what I can do like if I'm traveling, I usually will take this, steam deck by switch as well as Power brakes. So usually, I use Mic even my 65 from 100 watt. Power brakes. Take those with me so I can only keep this charge. I can also deliver charge straight to my devices such as when I switch my tablet or my steam deck and just keep going. So this is cool because I can do my productivity on this as well. And I can also enjoy, you know, entertainment apps and such it really is an amazing device.


The viewing Angeles, I will say the viewing angeles on this are Not the greatest. So like if you're not sitting directly on it or if you're looking at from angles or if you're really in like a sunny environment for get it, you're really not going to be able to see very well on it. But I will say that if you're sitting directly upon it, which is typically how you're going to be using this type of device. Anyway, then it's absolutely fine. It looks like this screen is so brilliant. I just got to show it to you guys. It looks absolutely cool. You know it compared to a lot of the other Just like portable wires. I've reviewed with the exception of the one from Predator that played 4K 3D gaming monitor. This is like, the one of the best ones out there. Now, what's cool about this too is when you power it on and literally you just press the power button and when it comes on, you'll see a little Dock here in the UPERFECT will come on. you can pull up the menu so you can No, change the brightness settings, change the volume settings, you can change both 7 things, if you want a more brighter darker. If you want to utilize like the HDMI, like uses a Mini HDMI in several regular standard HDMI, but our Auto pick up on, which one you can do. Charging back lighting for the keys, you can mute it, you can lock the rotation, you can go and look at more stuff on it, such as like your HTR settings. What you want, like the nits to be. You can also check out information for like what this will put us far as I default information such it. Other than that, like it's a lot of really great things and I want to say like the touchscreen is incredibly responsive.


When I'm utilizing my steam deck and I'm swiping through on game mode and then you know how like the keyboard pulls up and you type on it, you can type on it with here, you know. Like will you touch that you can either type, we use the keyboard. You know, this physically on our you can type using the on-screen keyboard and it's incredibly accurate. It's almost like 121 using the steam back screen. You don't get that functionality of the switch, unfortunately because they don't set that up to fully utilize any type of externals touchscreen, but it does work. Nonetheless, now, what's also cool about this too, is like when it comes to the keys, the keys feel really good. They remind me personally of the keys that I Would you use on like a MacBook Pro like the whole overall build quality of this. Reminds me of a quote from general or a MacBook Air. So it's really responsive, I don't really have any issues with it, you have your fortune key, your home key. So like if you want to turn off or disable the trackpad or if you want to you know check your battery status, the volume control keyboard, lighting backlighting play/pause reverse fast forward and the like all that is here built into it. It's absolutely perfect. Like you got like one the Samsung devices and you want to use Dex. That's absolutely going to work perfectly fine with this or the desktop mode on your steam deck and you can really get a lot of productivity done on the trackpad. I will say this attract pass out the grease have ever used like it it's serviceable but it's you know I've used better track pads like the trackpad I have on my Asus Rog and 16 personally I think is a better overall track pad here but you know it is what it is. It gets the job done. Will you could do is like have like a wireless Bluetooth mouth that you can use with it.


I think you will be perfectly climb over all those far as inputs go, you've got your USB C, which allows for video input as well as direct you know connectivity. So, if you're using like your Android device tablet or if you're using your steam deck and desktop motor game mode and allow you to basically full-on be able to, you know, he's your touchscreen interface, you have also got mini HDMI Which you can use that if you wanted to ceases monitor, I mean, either one you can use them for mind your input, but you know, this one the mini HDMI doesn't allow you to use Touch on the other side. You've got another USB C which is for power delivery and you've also got a headphone input as well as a Micro SD input' and you've got your power input as well.


So, if you want to travel light and just do a lot of easy, quick content, creating productivity gaming, or just need something as like a portable monitor and this is going to be your go to. No additional charge to you, but it does help out the channel a little bit. And all that being said, I also want to thank you perfect for sitting over the lapdog. This thing is absolutely amazing. And, you know, I've been eyeing out something like this for a while and when they approached me the opportunity to cover it I was like Hell, yeah, I want to cover this. This is absolutely awesome. So, all that being said, I catch you guys. An excellent stay safe. Be blessed.


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