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We're going to be checking out the newest and the latest addition to my desk setup it’s called the UPERFECT Portable Monitor model O and it's a portable all that monitor. So, it's got a super bright and beautiful screen. There's other features that it's got which we're gonna go into in today's video but the highlights for me are the old screen a built in 10,000 mAh power battery as well as a smart cover which pretty much allows you to prop it up vertically or horizontally as well as provide protection for the screen and you know the monitor itself. So, you'd like to work on the road a lot you know when you're traveling and you always need kind of a second screen that's high quality and this could really be what you've been looking for. And even if you're just looking to set up a dual minor set up you know that doesn't take too much space. you can definitely check out the portable monitor like this one as well. There's other options out there but honestly I've not seen anyone as unique as this one. Let's check it out and find out you know more about it.



Box Content

We're gonna start with what you get inside the box. So apart from the monitor you also get two USB C. To USB C. Cables there's a USB A. To USB C. Cable and mini H.D.M.I. To H.D.M.I. Cable. A smart cover case a USB C. Power delivery adapter and manual as for the build quality.



Build Quality

The minor has an ultra slim profile and only weighs about 2.2lbs. Keep in mind though that this is without the smart cover but that's also super thin and lightweight. The body also uses aluminum which is great for durability. One more cool thing too. They've done is they've managed to fit 10,000 million power battery inside the monitor which can power the minor for 2 to 3 hours. So, the minor can also serve as a power bank to power other devices or just to charge them. But you'll need to make sure that's activated in the OSD menu. All these different things combined to make the model all kind of the perfect companion to bring on a trip. The smart cover case feels very much like one you get for an iPad if you're familiar with that. It's super lightweight and thin and can be used to the minor in either vertical or horizontal orientation, honest. It feels a lot safer to use in the horizontal position than in the vertical one. It also acts as a cover case for the monitor protecting that precious old ed screen. There's a total of three buttons on the monitors on the top right corner. You have the power button which also doubles as a button for accessing the OSD menu. Short press the button and you get access to things like the battery level change of settings for the brightness color temperature and even more adjacent to the power button. There's the up and down buttons for volume control. Speaking of audio, there's two in bills, speakers on either side of the minor and I found that the audio is okay, it's decent, nothing crazy. It works well enough. When there's no better alternative, there's an LED indicator light next to power button as well that




Let’s you know the status of the minor at any given time. As for connectivity options, there's three ports in total, two USB C ports which can provide both power and signal to the monitor and then there's one many H D M I ports which can only be used to provide signal to the monitor so you can change or switch between both USB C ports but you only have the single HTM iPad EV report is located on the same side of the minor as well and this is great for keeping cables on that side for a cleaner. Look, the USBC - HDMI connectivity options. Make it possible to pretty much use the monitor with just about any device. I'm talking your PlayStation five, the Xbox, your iPad, whatever it is, your Windows Pc.



Screen & OSD

Now for the most impressive thing about the minor, the screen. The minor is called the model all because you know, it's got an old LED screen which is bright and beautiful the screen so 15.6 inches and you can get up to a maximum of four K at 60 hertz resolution and refresh rate. The minor has got a 100% D C I P three rating. Which is perfect for reproducing accurate colors. Especially in photo editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop. Even in gaming, the screen gets very bright in the contrast ratio is 100,000 to 1 which is great for contrast, you know, deeper blacks. So I didn't see any HDR support across every device I tried it with so you might want to keep that in mind. One unique feature the minor has is auto rotation which allows the monitor, you know, automatically switch between vertical and horizontal orientation when you flip it. So just like a phone would this feature wasn't perfect but I'm still messing around with it to see if you know, maybe I'm missing something. The feature can be turned on or off through the OSD menu as well. Finally, the screen has a 10-point multi touch support which is awesome. But I wouldn't say it's perfect yet you can only use a full feature when connected to Windows. OS with Mac OS, you're limited to one-point multi touch which you know works well enough. Also keep in mind that you know, to use touch features you have to be connected through USB C not many HDMI it also didn't work very well when connected to the Steam deck and you know that's not a problem at all because honestly that's not what it was made for. Another way that you can access the on-screen display menu without pressing any buttons is by swiping down with two fingers on the bottom right corner of the screen. Under the osd menu, you can manage all kinds of display settings, you know, things like your brightness contrast and volume. You can even choose from up to seven different color profiles depending on what you're doing. You know, you've got game mode, you've got adobe mode and all these different options for you to choose from. You can also change color temperature, you know, fine-tuned college settings like saturation and sharpness. Like you're giving a lot of tools to work with, you know, set up the mind of the way you want it to work.




The model all was designed to work with just about any system, including systems running Mac. OS it can be connected to a Mac through USB-C or HDMI two point oh, after connecting you get the usual Mac OS scaling options, you know, so default more space and the likes, you can also set up minor position and if you plan on using it in a dual setup like mine or even just as a second minor for your MacBook or your Windows pc. There's tons of options for, you know, color profiles but I prefer to just match my ultra-wide to this one using the model color profile. So it's got a weird name but you know I just kind of match them together. I use a docking station to send the video signal from my mac to the ultra-wide and the portable monitor. This system keeps my desk setup clean and makes the minor mobile. All I've got to do when I need to bring the minor with me is just this connected from power in HDMI. This also reverts my setup to a single display for whenever, you know, I prefer to use that the monitors inbuilt battery also makes it easy to use with my MacBook alone when I decide to bring that around personally. I love how high quality that screen is, especially since it helps me, you know, and keeping my work consistent across multiple displays.

So, let's talk about my PC setup. So just like with my MAC setup, the model oh connects in the same way with Pcs. I hooked it up to my desktop PC which is also connected to an old TV you get all the usual scaling options with Windows to an extreme color accuracy. I'm talking this is the closest that I've had to on the old screen that's already there. The monitor I had there before can only output 1920 by 20. So not four K. And it definitely didn't have an OLED panel Now I wish I had two of them because this works very well in that setup as well. I use this setup mostly for gaming but I like having a second monitor for when you know the main tv is occupied just as an extension. Like I think this monitor will be perfect for gamers or streamers. I liked you know play on large screen TVs but still need a second display.


I also decided to test the model for gaming and it worked great with a high-end console like the PS five, the cause and all that screen came out extremely nice and everything looked beautiful and vibrant. This doesn't support HDR my two point oh or HDR. So, you know those features were not noticed at all so don't expect to get beyond 4K. At 60 frames per second when gaming on this. But honestly most console games are still capped at 60 frames per second so no need to worry too much there. I also tried it out with the Steam Deck was a portable gameplay and found that it reproduced colors, contrast and brightness better than even on the deck itself. The NBl battery also means that it won't draw any power from the steam deck which is great for portable game. Especially since the Steam deck does not have the best battery life.


I know it's not a cheap monitor and I'm certain there is cheaper but definitely none that I've seen with features like this one. I'll link it below in the description for anyone that's interested in checking out the prices or you know, any more stats on this thing. Also just let you guys know UPERFECT. Probably have some nice what's going on right now, especially since black Friday is around the corner. So, if you're interested in this monitor, the model O or any of the other portable monitors for your own mobile death set up there now would be a good time for you to check them out overall. I think the model O, is a great addition to my portable workspace arsenal and I'm sure a lot of you guys out there will find it very useful as well, whether you're a gamer or even a working professional.


Check this video blog: https://youtu.be/Tf5EmSOpqUo

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