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4K Portable Camera Monitor!

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17.3 display screen brings clearer vision to your camera, experience more in-depth details of the screen content.


Per coloro a cui piace girare video, lo schermo della videocamera è sempre stato un punto dolente per gli utenti. Poiché lo schermo è troppo piccolo, è impossibile vedere i dettagli di ripresa del video. Il monitor della fotocamera portatile 4K da 17 pollici ha risolto perfettamente questo problema. Non solo può essere utilizzato come secondo schermo della fotocamera, per il monitoraggio in tempo reale della schermata di ripresa, ma può anche essere utilizzato come schermo secondario del computer per migliorare l'efficienza dell'editing video e gestire più attività di lavoro contemporaneamente tempo.

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    Color Gamut
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    17.3 Inch

17.3 Inch 4K Portable Camera Monitor

Enjoy every detail of artwork on the UHD (3840×2160) screen of the 17.3" (4K). Turn the video camera screen into a big screen. See more in-depth details on the big screen, refine the details of the picture to every corner of the picture, and there will be no visual blind spots.

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Creation in High Efficiency

4K UHD portable camera monitor not only enhances productivity but also has more convenient design for use. VESA design can make the display more stable. In addition, 17.3-inch 4k camera monitor is only 0.99 kg (2.18 lbs), which can be put in a bag and taken with it for video shooting, 17.3-inch external camera monitor will not add a lot of burden to the bag.
Most Productive Camera Helper
Adding an additional 4k portable camera monitor to a camera, user can monitor the shooting screen in real time on the 17.3-inch 4k camera monitor, In this way, the shooting efficiency can be improved, more shooting details can be noticed, and the shooting quality can be improved.
uperfect-external-camera-screen-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06-banner (17)
uperfect-external-camera-screen-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06-banner (14)
More Desktop for Work
Dual-screen collaboration can increase productivity and workflow efficiency, video editors can have multiple windows and applications open simultaneously, allowing them to easily switch between tasks and tools. UPERFECT 4k video monitor for photo editing and video editing experience can lead to the better-quality output.

Unleashing Creativity Anywhere

4K UHD portable camera monitor not only enhance productivity, but also has more convenient design for use. VESA design can make the display more stable. In addition, 17.3-inch photography monitor is only 0.99 kg (2.18 lbs), can be put it in bag and take with 4k camera monitor for video shooting, it will not add a lot of burden to bag.

Stand More Stable

There are four VESA holes on the back of the 4K portable camera monitor, which can be installed on the wall or desktop to save more desktop space.

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uperfect-external-camera-screen-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06-banner (19)

Ultra Lightweight

17.3-inch external camera screen weighs only 0.99 kg (2.18 lbs). 4k external camera monitor can be put in bags and worked outdoors anytime. This is undoubtedly a great temptation for creators.

Enjoy Contents in Vivid Detail

4K is no longer just for TVs, laptop, phone, and so on. Now users can enjoy a great 4K video experience on  video camera by portable camera monitor. Impress every frame with sharp and colorful presentations that deliver incredible pirture detail and make video shooting even easier. 

Immerse in Various Colors

UPERFECT 17.3" 4K portable camera monitor provides a stunning 100% sRGB color gamut and 1500:1 contrast ratio. Combining 16.7M colors, the 4K screen will bring users to a world saturated with color and sharpened to refreshing clarity. 
uperfect-external-camera-screen-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06-banner (8)
uperfect-external-camera-screen-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06-banner (2)

Stunning Detail Expression

Captivating colors and crystal-clear 4K streaming capacity create an immersive viewing experience. It can perfectly restore the picture content on the camera to the monitor screen, magnifying the visual range, while still maintaining an excellent display effect.

More Use Than You Think

4k portable camera monitor can not only be used as a secondary screen of the camera to bring creative production, but also can be used for conference screen sharing to improve work efficiency, and can also be connected to other devices for entertainment.
Double Productivity
As a secondary screen of a laptop, 17.3" UPERFECT portable camera monitor can be used for screen sharing in meetings, improving the communication efficiency of meetings and promoting better communication and cooperation.
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uperfect-external-camera-screen-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06-banner (6)
Made to Play
It's not just about productivity when external camera screen can be fun too. This may double the value of your investment and enjoy this 17.3-inch portable monitor for camera at the end of the workday. For example, access to Switch for entertainment, access to phone for movie, etc.

User Friendly Design

For users who need more monitors, UPERFECT 17.3-inch external camera screen has also made a lot of friendly designs to ensure that users can use the screen for a long time. Such as reducing blue light and improving eye comfort, built-in speakers for an enhanced immersive experience, etc.
uperfect-external-camera-screen-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06-banner (11)
Wide Compatibility
Including full-featured type-c and mini HDMI interface, 17.3" portable camera monitor can be connected to Computer, Smartphone, Laptop, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, Steam Deck, cameras, and more.
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Low Blue Light
With the unique UCare technology, 17.3-inch portable monitor for camera can greatly reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes and comprehensively protect the health of the eyes. No eye strain, even in front of screens all day.
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Dual Speakers
Built-in dual 8Ω 1W speakers, fully output stereo sound source, enhance the immersive experience. 3.5mm headphone jack outputs 3D stereo surround sound source, suitable for audio, video, games, etc. 


View the monitor parameters below.









17.3 Inch Portable Camera Monitor


Refresh Rate


Response Time


Screen Size

17.3 Inch


3840 × 2160 UHD

Display Ratio


Viewing Angle


Panel Type


Contrast Ratio



500 cd/m²

Color Gamut

100% sRGB

Color Depth



Touch Screen


Built-in Battery


Gravity Sensor









Built-in Speakers

Yes, 2*8Ω 1W


Yes, 75*75mm@M4*4mm

Driver Free


Stand Holder


Cover Case


Rated Power


Product Size

394 × 243 × 12 mm (15.51 × 9.57 × 0.47 inch)

Net Weight

0.99 kg (2.18 lbs)


2 × Full-Featured USB Type-C for Audio & Video Input

1 × mini HDMI for Audio & Video Input

1 × 3.5mm AUX for audio output

What's in the box?


1 × 17.3 Inch Portable Camera Monitor

2 × Type C to Type C Cable

1 × mini HDMI to HDMI Cable

1 × Smart Cover

1 × Power Adapter

1 × Manual

More Powerful
Beyond Your Imagination
uperfect-portbale-camera-monitor-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06 (3)
990g (2.18lbs) Weightless 
uperfect-portbale-camera-monitor-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06 (3)
uperfect-portbale-camera-monitor-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06 (3)
uperfect-portbale-camera-monitor-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06 (3)
Contrast Ratio
uperfect-portbale-camera-monitor-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06 (3)
Type c & mini HDMI 
uperfect-portbale-camera-monitor-17.3-inch-4k-100%srgb-vesa-173k06 (3)
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