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UPERFECT Z · 13.3" · Tri Screen

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Into A Laptop

X Pro · 15.6" LapDock · UHD

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17.3" 4K · 100% Adobe · VESA
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UPERFECT X · 13.3" LapDock · Touch
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Why Choose UPERFECT?


Above 1,000,000 Units Of Portable Monitors & Lapdocks Sold

100+ Countries

Sold To More Than 100 Countries Via Various Marketplaces

10+ Years

Pioneer In LCD Display Developing & Manufacturing For Over 10 Years

울트라 HD(3840 x 2160)

4K 모니터 외부

완벽한 4K 디스플레이

4K UHD 휴대용 모니터

더 알아보기

4K Portable Monitors

10포인트 용량

터치 스크린 디스플레이


안드로이드 10용

노트북 도킹 스테이션

휴대성의 정의

Samsung DeX용 랩독

지금 구매

What Did Experts Say?

somegadgetguy Juan Bagnell comment on UPERFECT X
"This(UPERFECT X) is a full laptop dock with a keyboard, trackpad, internal battery, (connection) ports, and a touchscreen on a full 360-degree hinge. It's tough to find anything nicer than this when trying to turn your phone into a full-fledged PC." - Juan Bagnell
"UPERFECT does make a really nice monitor, the picture quality in this thing (model y) is absolutely amazing. Even though it is a 1080P screen, it looks beautiful. The picture is nice and crisp, and the colors are very vibrant." - Tony
mrp quote on uperfect lapdock
"With the Uperfect X, you will have a perfect Work/Play setup on the go" - MRP

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