All you need to know about Dragon's Dogma 2

  "Dragon's Dogma" is one of the many beloved biological sons of the Japanese giant Capcom. I remember back then~ Although the grown-up sons were very promising and were busy making money to send home all day long, their desires were deeper than the Mariana Trench. The old card is still not satisfied with turning it on every night and fighting at night. It drained more than 300 people (the development team) and finally hatched "Dragon's Dogma" in 2012. It was launched on PS3 and X360 a year later, and an enhanced version of "Dragon's Dogma" was released. "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" has since been ported to PC, PS4, Xbox1, Switch, and other platforms. Diversified professional gameplay + super-class combat, free-spirited and realistic adventure, and not only sincerity but also exuding fun. Side missions have made this medieval fantasy-style open-world ARPG widely praised by players, with sales exceeding 8.4 million units. And now, after waiting for 12 years, the second generation is finally born!!How could it don’t spend a lot of time exploring?

  Can I play it if I haven’t played the first generation? No problem~ Although "Dragon's Dogma 2" inherits the worldview of the previous game, it is a brand new parallel world. In the underground prison, our protagonist's heart is taken away by a red dragon. As a result, we, who are heartless and heartless, have become unlucky guys who are admired and feared - "Awakened Ones". In this world, there are two great countries, namely the human kingdom that respects the Awakened Ones as their rulers - "Belmont" and "Bataar", a country that is not controlled by beasts (orcs) and is constantly frustrated (fearful) because it is convinced that "followers" will cause disasters. In this world, there are two great countries, namely the human kingdom that respects the Awakened Ones as their rulers - "Belmont" and "Bataar", a country that is not controlled by beasts (orcs) and is constantly frustrated (fearful) because it is convinced that "followers" will cause disasters. The cultures, customs, and beliefs of the two countries are completely different. And they also have different ideas about the "Awakened Ones" but they join hands and regard the "dragon" as a disaster. Wait, what is "entourage"? You haven't said it yet. Shhh~ I'll tell you later~ Anyway, we who are in trouble are about to visit Belmont and be involved in the power struggle between the real and fake "King of the Awakened Ones". After all, who is the "Awakened One"? Just to take revenge on the dragon? Or does it have an unknown mission? 3/22, PS5, Steam, Xbox Series "Dragon's Dogma 2" hunting is unlocked!

  I also want to ask~ Will the open world be empty and boring? Well, many people have this doubt. After all, the open world of the first generation is not only 120,000 points but 8 million points in size. And the map of the second generation is four times the size of the previous game! It's so big, wouldn't it be boring to run maps? Don’t worry, I guarantee that you won’t feel tired, bored, sleepy, or want to give up while running the map!  According to what the official said, we can use many different methods and routes to get to our destination. Whether we want to wander around leisurely, shake our legs until our hands cramp, or take a ride on a bullock cart. Speed ​​up and let your hands rest at the same time. You will also encounter various unexpected events on the way. These events are not preset scripts, but occur dynamically and randomly, so they can be hidden anytime and anywhere during the adventure. With unexpected and unknown surprises, even if you repeatedly take the same route and come to the same place, events and enemies will not appear in the same way, and you will have a very different experience every time you play~ The ride in this promotional video Could it be that the large monster clips imply that monsters can be conquered and used as mounts? Or is it just a plot animation? That would be cool if you could! I heard there are many professions.

  What are the characteristics of each profession? It's a profession, right~ Well, that's a good question. Can I don't want it? A lot... Well, there are a total of 10 professions. At the beginning of the game, we can choose from 4 basic professions: sword in the right hand and shield in the left hand, which can be used to attack or shield. Good at melee combat. Can hit hard to help tank teammates (followers). Can target enemies. Weakness, long-range archery, and high-position attack, you can also use "Stomp on the head and flip back" to widen the distance from the enemy. Want to see Tezanli shoot? Holding two daggers, he can move very fast and hit multiple combos at lightning speed. He can also easily steal away the fat on NPCs and enemies. I mean, good things are only high-speed. Movement and precision attack skills are also very demanding. You can use the wand to perform attacks, recovery, buffs, etc. Magic range magic is OP, but it takes a long time.

  When the adventure reaches a certain level, as long as you can do it in this luxuriant Find a MASTER of a certain profession in the big world, establish a good relationship with a MASTER, and gain their approval, and then you can transfer to a certain profession~ There are a total of 6 advanced professions: Fighter: Two-handed giant sword or sledgehammer, among all professions It has the highest attack power and can interrupt the moves of monsters, causing them to fall to the ground and yell loudly that this is not a chicken to chew. But the speed of the move is slow~slow~slow~slow~ super slow. If I were to do it, it would be easy to be stupid. Wizard: Wield... Holding a big staff, he is good at all kinds of fouls to explosive super-wide attack spells. Give me the time to chant a song, and I will be able to kill monsters in seconds. Demon Archer: The exclusive profession of the Awakener comes with an auto-aim function, which is so gorgeous. The magic arrows that blind the monsters can be fired in a wide range at the cost of HP, she can also act as a wet nurse to wake up the fallen followers, cool! Magic Swordsman: The exclusive profession for the Awakened. He holds a pair of magic swords... Eh~ It looks like a double-headed spear to me. Is he a magic gunner? The Demon Swordsman is good at teleporting between monsters in both swordsmanship and magic. He can perform quick melee attacks and can also use his freely stretchable love (magic power) to throw monster corpses or objects to attack. Illusionist: the awakened person's exclusive professional hand-twirled weapon "Cense Burner". releasing psychedelic and comfortable smoke, using various illusions to confuse the enemy into killing each other, or letting the followers breathe HIGH to explode the ultimate power. Resuscitator: the exclusive profession of the awakened person who can switch and use all weapons and corresponding skills at will. Because the basic ability is not high, it must be timely. Only by switching weapons can you take advantage of each weapon. But being able to use all weapons is the absolute best time for flaming eyes. It's so OP~ Each profession has its unique skills, actions, and moves. If you please the MASTER with three meals a day, you can get a "special book" to learn the most advanced master skills. I can't get enough of just one profession. 10 professions can be changed. 100% worth playing!

  Hey, you've been talking for a long time and haven't mentioned "entourage" yet. Oh, I understand~ "Entourage" is just a decoration, right? Whatever decoration, although it is controlled by AI, the follower is super useful~ He/she will always follow us to the end of the world. How loving and touching~ We can freely create a follower The character customizes his/her appearance, personality, and profession. Followers are not only a great help and cannon fodder in battle (X) but also provide us with suggestions during adventures. Followers with different personalities will have different behavior patterns, and/she also It will change the action mode based on their experience and memory during the journey and convey it to us. Look at that super-powerful follower who can even raise both hands. The princess hugs you and catches you jumping from the sky. The behavior is so vivid. The performance is so vivid. It is so much like a real player that we can also let him/her learn an inherent skill (expertise). For example, we are not sure whether he/she can help us find cheap "purchasing advice" or Blablabla can't read or understand and can't write the "elvish language" but remember! You can only learn 1 unique skill! Please choose carefully! Do you want to tease the elf girl and see her smile? How can you do that? What's missing is the mobile Elvish language translator~

  In addition to the customized main follower, you can also summon two other players' followers to form a 4-person team. However, the connection summon requires alien stone points and summoning. The level and ability of the followers are fixed, so when we become more and more mature, the originally summoned followers may become unusable, unbearable, and unpalatable. At this time, we have to summon two fresh ones to play~ At night, find a good place to set up camp, cook a pot of fragrant broth, and cultivate your relationship with your followers~ Stay up all night and communicate until dawn. Who said that followers can only be used as decorations and are useless? Cultivate and summon useful followers to take you through the teachings of the Dragon Clan.

  Is fighting fun? What monsters are there to fight? There are so many monsters~ the sphinx, which is hidden deep and hard to find, is very inquiring and big, the shiny white and handsome Headless Horseman and the petrified Medusa can only move forward, forward, forward, and the attacking bronze giant blablablablablabla... My hands are itchy and trembling~ When fighting, you can not only fight according to the professional characteristics of yourself and your followers, but also use There are various unexpected ways to attack monsters, such as using terrain or flying monsters to climb up huge monsters and blow up vital points, tripping monsters with a powerful blow, fighting without martial ethics, or blowing them up with explosive barrels. You can open rock walls, draw floods, treat monsters to a meal, and even apply oil on the soles of your feet to lure monsters into the city, forcing the villagers to help you and give monsters a last shot. The awakened person of the heart must use his imagination to play with everything around him, and play with infinite possibilities!

  Can he play with NPCs? There are more than 1,000 NPCs in this world. Is there anything novel about it? No novelty ~ What is novel is that every NPC is lifelike and lives their own life like a real person, and every action and choice we make will affect their love and hatred between each other, which affects the entire world.When I take this fake to hand in a mission. I will check if the little girl can say to me: "The scam! (Bad)". NPCs not only live like living people, but every NPC can be killed, and once dead, it is "permanent death." So when you are attacked by a powerful monster that cannot be defeated, be sure to hug the NPC girl, run away quickly ~ You must not die!!! The most important thing is that NPCs can also be conquered~ If you want to date, be proactive and send gifts! Clam? You ask, are you talking about bad NPCs? Don't ask me, just do it.

  I heard that pinching the face is very troublesome~ I'm not from the Appearance Association. Can I pinch the corners casually? At present, Capcom has released the "Dragon's Dogma 2 Create & Save Character" program. When the game is officially launched, you only need to inherit the "Knead Corner" program data and you can start playing immediately! Both "Awakened One" and "Follower" can be pinched in advance to make up to 5 pieces each. The key point of pinching the corners... of course is to pinch them to make them look good! 10 beast girls pinch together! Okay~ In addition to appearance, there is another very important point about pinching horns that novices must know: body size will affect the weight-bearing and (endurance) recovery speed, and the length of the hands and feet will affect the movement speed and attack range. Nah!? There is such a setting!? The "Pinch Corner" program is great! So~ first think about what class you want to play at the beginning and get a relatively suitable body shape so that you can take advantage of the characteristics and strengths of the class. If you want to make a thief who has long hands and long legs and can’t run fast, I don’t object.

  The above are the key points that you can understand before jumping into "Dragon's Dogma 2"! Which profession do you want to play? Let’s talk. For those of you who only play consoles like me... Will you switch to STEAM with a high-end graphics card to play this game? Pairing it with a 1440p 144hz monitor will greatly improve the gaming experience. This is undoubtedly also a very good choice for console players.

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