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UGame Series

UGame series is a gaming monitor classification for different games, different gaming devices, and different gaming platforms. In this series, game players can choose the corresponding portable monitor based on gaming console devices, gaming platforms, etc., which can maximize the gaming experience.

Choose the Right Monitor for Your Device

UGame K118 For PC Games Fans

18-inch & 2K & 144Hz

UXbox E2 For Xbox Gamers

16.1-inch & 2K & 144Hz

USteam G16 For Steam Deck Lovers

15.6-inch & Battery & Touchscreen

UPlays C2 For PS4/PS5 Players

16-inch & 2K & 120Hz

UAlly K7 For Rog Ally Whizzes

17.3-inch & 2K & 144Hz

USetup E7 For Switch Techies

15.6-inch & 1080P & Touchscreen

How to Improve The Gaming Experience?

For games, what if you choose the most suitable game? What parameters need to be paid attention to? Since games are more difficult to load than ordinary pages, screen refresh rate, response time, and FreeSync are key factors. Whether the game experience is good or not depends mainly on these indicators.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of the screen will directly affect the smoothness and display effect of the game. When the refresh rate is low, users may experience lags, delays, etc. when performing fast operations. However, when the refresh rate is increased, the operating experience will be smoother and more natural.

Respond Time

Response time is the reaction speed to the input signal, that is, the reaction time for the display to change from dark to bright or from bright to dark. The shorter the response time, the smoother the screen content can be, preventing the monitor from trailing and shadowing.

HDR and FreeSyc

FreeSync is a dynamic refresh rate technology that adjusts the refresh rate based on communication between the monitor and display to ensure smoothness and consistency of the picture and solve tearing and stuttering problems in games.

Other Gaming Monitors

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