Samsung Dex Vs. Huawei Easy Projection: Which One is Better?

Mobile Computing is becoming a big market day by day, and the tech giants are also working relentlessly to stand out with their products. As such, Samsung Dex and Huawei Easy Projection are two of the next-generation mobile computing technologies which can turn your phone into a standard computer.

Samsung Dex was first introduced by Samsung in 2018, and the first mobiles to support this functionality were Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Currently, all the flagship Galaxy smartphones and tabs from the brand include this feature. The base of Samsung Dex is the Android N's Multi-window mode, but Samsung further customizes it for the additional functionalities. Especially, the UI of Dex will give you the same feel as it's identical to the PC interfaces. 

On the other hand, the Huawei Easy Project was developed by Huawei, as the name suggests. It's based on their EMUI or Emotion UI. It was first introduced in 2017 on the Huawei Mate 10 smartphone. Currently, many flagship devices from the brand, including the Mate, Honor, and Ps series come with Easy Projection functionality. Typically, you need an HDMI dongle to connect and use the Easy Projection mode in an external display. However, with the Huawei EMUI 9.0 in action, you can now utilize it wirelessly.  

Below, we will try to give you a detailed comparison between Samsung Dex and Easy Projection.


Samsung Dex

What you will love about Dex is its nicely optimized UI to assure productivity. There are interactive scroll bars, mouse pointer, keyboard shortcuts, horizontal navigation, and other features that make it a no-nonsense companion to get your job done. Furthermore, there are features like drag and drop selection, new Window, text selection, etc. features to make your job done quickly.

samsung dex ui

Samsung Dex UI

With the Mouse and Keyboard support and optimized functionalities, you can easily browse the interface like the PC. You can run five apps in a row in different windows. And, the Windows are also resizable to make your work easier. There is a taskbar at the bottom that shows you the running applications. Dex also shows you the notification as a pop-up in the bottom-right corner of the screen, just like Windows 10.

Huawei Easy Projection

The most impressive thing about Easy Projection is its interface. It is so good that one can hardly guess it’s based on the Android OS. We must say Huawei tried its best to give you the same feel and productivity as a standard computer. By default, it shows you the files, browser, chrome, email, etc., on the home page. There is a Menu button that lets you browse the App Menu. In the bottom taskbar, it shows you the running applications. 

Huawei Easy Projection UI

Huawei Easy Projection UI

In the bottom right corner of the interface, you will find navigation buttons along with a notification center identical to Windows 10. You can control sound, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connections from there. Like Samsung Dex, you can employ multiple Windows, resize Windows, Drag and Drop, and other works. 

Hardware Requirement

Samsung Dex

  • The first requirement is a Samsung phone. Samsung Dex supports most of the Samsung Galaxy flagship smartphones from Samsung, starting from S8. It also includes the Note series and the galaxy tabs. 
  • You will need an external display. It can be a portable monitor, TV, or Projector with HDMI support and full HD ratio.
  • Peripherals required for Samsung Dex include the DeX Station, Dex Pad, or Samsung Multiport Adapter. Note that you can also use any compatible third-party video adapter. You will also need a wired/wireless keyboard and mouse-based on your setup.

Easy Projection

  • A smartphone from Huawei Mate, Honor, or Ps series that was released after 2017 and comes with Easy Projection PC mode. 
  • External displays like TVs or PC monitors. If you are going for wireless projection, the Monitor must be wireless capable. 
  • A video adapter (USB C to VGA/HDMI). You can also use docking stations or multiport adapters for connecting wired/wireless I/O peripherals. Also, make sure you have a wireless mouse/keyboard for the video adapter connectivity.

App Compatibility

Samsung Dex

You can use most of the android applications on Samsung Dex. However, not all of them will work efficiently. For Now, Dex is mainly optimized for productivity apps. These include the Microsoft Office Programs, Skype, Zoom, Adobe Acrobat, TeamViewer, etc. You can perform all varieties of tasks on these applications, just like a PC. 

Apart from these, Apps that come with a resizable Window and comply with Android N multi-window standards will work efficiently on Dex. Apps with fixed-size windows will also work, but you can't use them on full screen. Apps that are widget-based or require finger touch may not work efficiently on Dex. 

Easy Projection

The app compatibility of Easy Projection is also the same as Samsung Dex. However, not a lot of applications are optimized for this platform. One thing that is good about Easy Projection is most apps load in the rotated Windows here. As a result, they can adapt to full-screen better than Samsung Dex. Easy Projection mode also enables you to watch the apps on the standard model from the Monitor if there are any issues in the other manner. 


Samsung Dex

When it comes to performance, Dex can easily stay above Easy Projection. In Particular, you can utilize Dex as a fully-equipped PC for dealing with documents, sheets, and other things. Dex is also very well optimized for video conference, web browsing, etc., purposes. 

Easy Projection

On the other hand, Easy Projection offers you a smoother browsing experience. However, none of the apps except the default ones are optimized to enhance your work experience or productivity. On the other hand, both Dex and Easy Projection are not that useful for other works like Programming, Graphic Design, etc. 

So, Which One is Better?

Both Samsung Dex and Huawei Easy projections have their pros and cons. However, in terms of optimizations, ease of use, and smoothness, Dex resembles a standard PC more than Huawei Easy Projection. The home interface and the navigation system of both Dex and Easy Projection are good. But when it comes to using the apps and working on them, Dex will be a better companion for you.

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