What is LG Screen+ and how to use it?

lg screen+

LG Screen+ is a new feature of LG devices with android 11. Users can choose to activate the Always On Display feature on their phones. Even when the screen is turned off, you can use this feature. This new feature is called LG Screen+. This feature is specific. It is not available on all LG devices. It is specifically made for LG V50 or LG G8x.

In other words, your phone must have the LG Screen+ feature activated before you can use the screen+ feature. The Always On Display is activated by default. To activate LG Screen+, you need to go to Settings > Display > and check the box next to LG Screen+ or related settings. After changing your default settings, now you can enjoy this feature.

It is the best feature LG has ever introduced. It combines the dual-screen display feature with a screen sharing feature. You can get to project your screen on a compatible display. There is no need to download anything special. Just get into settings and get a larger display with LG Screen+.

How to use LG Screen+ on LG devices

You can activate LG Screen+ on your device if you have android 11. Go to Settings > Display > and check the box next to LG Screen+. Simply tap on the icon to activate LG Screen+. This is the same way you can activate Always On Display on your LG phone. However, LG Screen+ is much more convenient than Always On Display. You can enjoy the screen sharing feature and see bigger displays.

To access this feature, make sure both your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Go to Settings on your desktop and switch on the screen sharing option. You cannot use Screen+ if your external device has switched off the screen sharing option.

LG Screen+ works similarly to the Samsung Dex. However, make sure you have turned on screen sharing on both devices.

Difference between Dual-screen and Screen+

LG has been working on providing the best features to its users. In order to understand the difference between them both, let’s see their work and features.

Working on a dual-screen

First, you will need to attach your device with a dual-screen, using a dual-screen case. Then turn on the dual-screen option from the on-screen option.  

After you switch to the dual-screen option, access the dual-screen menu. From the menu, you can control the dual-screen settings. You can swap screens and turn them on or off.

To further adjust the settings of a dual-screen feature, go to settings. Select the options of display and dual-screen. From here you can adjust the brightness and background on the dual-screen.

lg screen +

To swap the screens instantly, use a 3 finger swipe gesture. The picture below makes it clear how to use this feature.

lg screen +

While using a dual-screen feature, you can use an LG gamepad. By doing this you will get a console-style feeling.

Sharing screenshots using dual screens is easy. Press the button shown in the picture below to get an instant screenshot sharing shortcut. 

lg screen dual

Working on LG Screen+

Working on an LG Screen+ is simple. Screen+ only works if you have android 11. Just go to the settings. Turn on the screen sharing. Make sure your external device is also connected to the same network.  If your external device has a screen sharing, you can use your phone on the big display. LG Screen+ works better on an LG TV.

If you use any touchpad to use the keyboard, it will give an error of delay. To make sure you do not have this problem, use a wireless keyboard. Also, attach the Bluetooth keyboard or mouse to the mobile phone. Otherwise, it will be slow and give delay in commands.

How to use Screen Lock on LG

To lock your phone, you have to enter your PIN or pattern. However, if your phone is locked and the Always On Display is activated, you can also lock your phone by swiping down from the top of your LG. This will hide the content on your phone and activate the lock screen. You don’t have to enter any pattern or PIN to activate the lock screen.

How to activate Always On Display on LG Mobile

You need to find out if your phone has this feature by going to Settings > Display > and checking the box next to LG Screen+. If it is enabled, you should see the red icon on your left side lock screen. Simply tap on the icon to activate Always On Display.

How to use Screen Protection on LG Mobile

Screen Protection is a special feature that comes with phones. It is a plastic cover that protects the screen of your phone. The cover is made of glass that is reinforced with silicon. This makes the glass extremely strong, but shatter-resistant. The cover is designed to protect your screen so you don’t have to worry about the screen scratching or breaking. When you buy a phone with Screen Protection, it comes with a plastic cover for your phone’s screen. You can also buy replacement covers by visiting any authorized LG retail store. All you need to do is give them your phone’s model number and they can install the cover for you.


LG has always worked for the betterment of its users. They have introduced many features in all of their devices including phones and TV. V50 and G8x are phones that have two amazing features. The first is the new Infinity Display. The second is LG Screen+.

These two features work together to bring you an experience like no other. You can now use your phone with the display turned off. Also, you can use a dual-screen feature for a better gaming experience. You also have an option of LG Screen+ now. However, you can only activate this feature if your phone has an Android 11 update.

These two features also work hand in hand. When you activate the Always On Display, your screen is also protected by a screen cover. This makes it much safer to use your phone when the display is turned off. When you use a dual display feature, you can have a better gaming experience. If you use the LG Screen+ feature, you can easily use your phone on a bigger display. Also, with screen+, you can use your desktop on your phone.

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