The most anticipated JRPGs in 2024

After a series of press conferences during the Tokyo Game Show, various Japanese game manufacturers such as SEGA, SQUARE ENIX, ATLUS, KOEI TECMO, Nintendo, and Cygames have unveiled long-awaited sequels and unexpected new games. Have you noticed that many Japanese RPGs are about to be launched in 2024? This time we have compiled several Japanese role-playing games that will be launched in 2024. Whether you are an old player who has been in the gaming industry for many years or a new friend who just bought a new console recently, come and see if there is anything you want to play. 

The first Japanese RPG masterpiece in 2024 is SEGA’s signature “Like a Dragon 8”,The 8th generation adopts a dual-protagonist model co-starring Kazuma Kiryu and Ichiban Kasuga. The plot connects after the 7th generation. Kasuga came to Hawaii to find her biological mother and met Kiryu who also came to Hawaii to investigate. Of course, it is no surprise that the Japanese yakuza intervened, and the local Hawaiian gangster "Sea Wolf" also came in to intervene. As the first time the series has entered overseas, the 8th generation pattern is getting bigger and bigger. The combat system is based on the 7th generation, and then "New Dynamic Command RPG Combat" adds many new elements. After awakening, Kiryu can turn the original turn-based combat into real-time action and crush his opponents in just a few seconds. The new professions include samurai, western gunners Dancers, and more. There are also many types of off-field helpers, as well as a more substantial "Baby Battle", regular "Karaoke", "Online Dating Software", and the newly included super classic action game SpikeOut, which is completely worthy of the title of Dragon of the Game will make people forget about the main plot."Like a Dragon 8" is scheduled to be released on January 26, 2024.Is this the last chapter for Kiryu?

Originally developed by Platinum Studios but later terminated the cooperation, it was independently developed by Cygames. It allows four players to fight together and a magnificent adventure stage. The action RPG "Granblue Fantasy Relink" that gamers have longed for has finally been postponed and postponed. Finally, it is confirmed to be launched on February 1, 2024.We can control familiar characters such as Grant, Catalina, Charlotte, Lancelot, etc. to form a team of four to embark on an adventure targeting the legendary island "Istarusia" at the end of the sky. Simple operations can create gorgeous and powerful joint attacks such as combos, secrets, or combos. The cutscenes are very smooth, and the battles look super hot-blooded and gorgeous. There are even ship battles and summoning with Lylia, the "Original Bahamut" performance.

When it comes to major Japanese role-playing game companies, ATLUS is definitely one of the top choices among players. Their iconic remake of "Persona 3 Reload" with a strong popular style will be launched on February 2, 2024.This completely remastered version completely overhauls events, animations, cities, and skill sets. And add a new system that meets modern standards. Of course, the classic elements such as the weakness system, 1MORE skills, and total attack strategy will remain unchanged. The light and dark attributes that originally had fewer skill choices will usher in more changes, and new additions will be added. The "alternation" technique similar to the fifth-generation "Baton Succession" gives us more room to freely display tactics. The new illustrations of the total attack, the new performance techniques, and the battle scenes are all much more gorgeous than before. It feels very smooth to play and can be said to be quite sincere.

February 2024 is a series of RPG releases from major Japanese companies, and SQUARE ENIX has chosen one. On such a special day as February 29, which only happens once in four years, it will launch the much-anticipated "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" that fans around the world are looking forward to. "FF VII Rebirth" is the second work in the remake project trilogy. It is based on the plot between leaving "Midgar" and arriving in "Forgotten City" in the original work and adds many new elements as well as the original work. There are new contents that are not included in the game, such as the fantasy chapter where we have to fight Sephiroth together. The stories of the two split world lines will continue to develop separately, and will eventually become a cross-border war that combines the original work, Zack's survival route, and the remake world line.The combat system has added "joint action" and "joint ability". The "joint action" that does not consume resources allows two characters to attack together. If the enemy is successfully hit, the enemy will be exhausted and accumulated damage will be caused. "Joint ability" means giving commands and consuming energy to cast combined skills that are far more powerful than ordinary commands and actions. In addition to causing damage, they also have different effects such as increasing the level of extreme skills. "Final Fantasy VII Rebirth" has been released for four years. The development of the remake can be said to have exceeded everyone's imagination. Let us look forward to the arrival of February 29th.

After a long absence, Vanillaware announced that it will cooperate with ATLUS to launch a new strategic RPG "Unicorn Overlord" on March 8. This is a fantasy battle written with love and bonds that fight against fate. The protagonist "Alian", the surviving prince of the subjugated kingdom, steps forward with the People's Liberation Army in order to lead the people with the legendary "Unicorn Ring". In the game, There are more than 60 people who can become our partners, including humans, elves, orcs, angels, and other races. After entering the level, the goal of the enemy and our troops is to capture the opponent's stronghold. When contact with the enemy troops, the battle will begin. The battle will be based on the pre-set settings. The "combat" command is automatically executed.We must pay attention to the types and skills of our partners to create the strongest troops for combat. The exquisite characters and world maintain Vanillaware's consistent standards. The ultra-exquisite "vanilla rice" is also mouth-watering. "The King of Holy Beasts" is worthy of being a masterpiece that Vanillaware has been honing for ten years. Its high level makes people look forward to it. Players who like a strong Japanese strategy RPG style should definitely not miss it.

The new work "Hundred Heroes", led by the former "Suikoden" producer Yoshitaka Murayama, was originally designed to reproduce the classic JRPG in a modern style. We have to lead more than 100 heroes through a war-torn world to become The only savior is created using dot-matrix drawing characters that have been popular in recent years combined with 2.5D game graphics. The gameplay is like encountering enemies in a dark mine. During the battle, you give orders to the characters sequentially to see whether you want to use normal attacks or consume SP to use handsome. skills to eliminate opponents, and there is also the option of Hero Combo, which allows two characters to join forces to perform cool combos.There is also a fortress-building system in the game. We need to build tough walls to resist foreign enemies, develop agriculture, develop special products, and build towns according to our own preferences. " Hundred Heroes", which is full of the Japanese RPG style of the 2000s, will be launched on April 23, 2024.

"Team Ninja", a team famous for developing exhilarating action games such as "Nioh" and "Ninja Gaiden", will launch a new PS5 action role-playing game in 2024, "Rise of the Ronin", set in the 19th century Shogunate By the end of the decade, Japan was facing repressive rulers, deadly disease contagions, and ongoing civil war, while Western influence gradually penetrated. In this chaotic era, we have to become a ronin and personally participate in the history of Japan that is about to enter a new era. The characters we meet all have their own so-called "justice" and motivations. Whether we decide to support or oppose them, the choices we make All quite important.In addition to affecting the development of the plot, it will also affect whether you will confront the characters with swords. Since it is developed by Team Ninja, the action combat part is naturally very smooth and refreshing, with handsome samurai sword duels, as well as unique firearms and flying weapons. With Ninja tools and other cool actions, "Rise of Ronin" will be an open-world action RPG. I am very much looking forward to what kind of Japanese Ronin experience Team Ninja will bring us.

After the continuous release of the "Persona" series, Atlus's Studio Zero team will launch a new fantasy RPG "Metaphor: ReFantazio" in 2024. The production team has a very strong lineup, including game director Katsura Hashino and character designer Soejima Nariki, composer Shoji Meguro, and others who are all from the core team of the "Persona" series.The plot tells the story of His Majesty the King being assassinated. When the world is in chaos, only those who can gather the trust of the people across the country can become the next successor. We will become the sons of destiny, gather teams while traveling around the world, and expand our various abilities can become a qualified king. The producer said that this game will not just follow the orthodox route, but use a unique entry point to describe a fantasy world. It must have the opportunity to become another masterpiece RPG from Atlus after the Goddess series.

Nintendo, which dominates all gameplay with its products alone, of course also has an RPG to be launched in 2024. After the remake of "Mario RPG", the role-playing masterpiece "Paper Mario" was born on the Gamecube twenty years ago. RPG". The feature of "Paper Mario RPG", as the name suggests, is to use Mario who has become a "paper" to use creativity to solve problems. For example, you can't squeeze through a narrow alley! Anyway, they are just pieces of paper. You can get through it with a little twist. What should you do if you encounter a river that you can't cross? Fold yourself into a paper airplane and fly over it. If the direction of the stairs is wrong, why not just turn it over?A variety of unique and creative levels and clearance methods with "paper" as the core are what makes "Paper Mario" interesting. The RPG part is to start a turn-based battle in the paper theater. If you press the designated QTE at the right time, you can use gorgeous moves to defeat the enemy, and it can also heat the atmosphere of the scene. Various characters and unique styles of paper In this world, there is a giant Bowser and a 2.5D dragon made of paper. Follow Mario's footsteps to collect Star Stones and open the Thousand-Year Door to retrieve the missing Princess Peach.

After reading the above 9 works that are confirmed to be launched in 2024, let’s take a look at the JRPG that has been published for a long time but has no confirmed release date, but is very likely to be launched in 2024. The first one is that you can see CAPCOM's highly completed fantasy action role-playing game "Dragon's Dogma 2", which is produced using RE Engine and has an impressive climbing system for climbing up giant monsters to fight. The professions and spells in the orthodox fantasy world and the AI "follower" system that are like real companions are unique offline single-player games where you can connect with other friends. The second-generation followers will be smarter, for example, if you fall from the sky will come to catch you and guide you in the direction of the task or the solution in a clearer way. In the early stage of some professions, we can choose from the four major professions of warrior, mage, thief, and archer to develop the character. Of course, there are also advanced professions, such as the "Magic Swordsman" who can use magic and physical attacks at the same time. His movements are a bit like monsters. As for the hunter's insect stick, the "Magic Archer", which was very useful in the first generation, is good at shooting magic arrows and has extremely high long-range output power.Interesting interactions with monsters are also one of the features of this game, such as pouring oil and fire, using explosives to blow up waterways and flush away monsters, or attacking a giant's knees to make it fall. We can use our creativity to find new ways to fight. Currently, CAPCOM has not announced the release date of "Dragon's Dogma 2" yet, but judging from the recent frequent demos and information, it is likely to be launched in 2024.

After the launch of "FF VII Rebirth", it's time to switch to "Dragon Quest". During the live broadcast commemorating the 35th anniversary of DQ, SQUARE ENIX announced that the producer AMATA Co., Ltd. and the SQUARE ENIX Asano team will jointly develop "Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remastered Edition", with "Masaki Hayasaka" of "Wanderer" as the producer. The unique 2D art and HD-2D technology with 3D miniature screen effects give this classic role-playing masterpiece a new life.However, three years have passed since it was released in 2021. It should be launched in 2024. It is also the DQ series. Another one was selected for "Dragon Quest XII" which was announced at the 35th-anniversary live broadcast conference. "The Flames of Fate" is also very likely to have new news or even be released in 2024. After all, when it was first announced, it was said that the game had been developed to the mid-game. Yuji Horii, the father of "Dragon Quest", said that the 12th generation will be It has a darker style, is more adult-oriented, and will revamp the command battle system. It feels like it will be a brand new "Dragon Quest". I hope we can see it in 2024.

The last Japanese RPG that may be launched in 2024 is the work of SQUARE ENIX. Why have they dug so many holes? They promised that the third generation would be completed, but then suddenly a new game plan "Kingdom Hearts 4" was born. It turns out that From the first "Kingdom Hearts" in 2002 to the 2019 "Kingdom Hearts 3", the intricate plots including spin-off side stories are all "Dark Seeker Chapters". The third generation has predicted the direction of the next work. , "Kingdom Hearts 4" will take the story to a new chapter "The Lost Master". The art style is very different from the cartoon-oriented performance in the past and has become quite realistic.Old friend "Keyblade" can extend its tail and grab distant items for long-distance movement. You can also use the Romantic Drill to deflect enemy attacks and then pursue them. Over the past 20 years, one after another, "Kingdom Hearts", which makes you confused about what plot is being laid out, may start a new chapter. It will take another 20 years to finish. Anyway, let’s look forward to the release of new information on “Kingdom Hearts 4” in 2024.

In addition to the masterpieces "FF VII Rebirth" and "Dragon's Dogma 2", there are also "Star Ocean 2: The Second Story R" which is more exciting than expected, "Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name", Level-5's "Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road".

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