Reviewing the UPERFECT X Mini will help you to know what is a Lapdock?

Lapdocks explained

A Lapdock is similar to a laptop, but doesn't have his own processor memory storage or operating system. It's basically a display touchpad keyboard and USB hub designed to connect to a smartphone or other devices. Such as computers or consoles, this makes it multi versatile and a Nifty. Gavage hair on the go all around the house. The biggest question, I often get regarding these products is why just get a lapdock?


It's easier and often cheaper. Well, the biggest counter to that organ is that today's smartphones are extremely powerful. Sometimes better than a cheap laptop for those who don't want to run really Advanced technical applications. A phone can serve as their primary Computing device and if you do need Advanced technical applications, good Wi-Fi, and cloud computing. Now allows you to connect to a more powerful device for that very requirement. Point with regards to the price argument, please find me a laptop that gets better. Every time you upgrade your mobile, pay once, get a lifetime of product benefits and a time where cash is limited, this is a great option, I'm myself over the entire pandemic period using nothing but a monitor and my mobile phone to do my work and create content.

Samsung Dex

You can see more review of a particular desktop mode called, Samsung Dex linked In the video description. And here, the biggest Crocks of any smartphone, though, is its physical size limitation of its display, which makes working tough on a tiny phone screen whilst Mobile gaming is Taking off nothing compares to a bigger screen and today's popular tablets and foldables testifies that very need so to combat this and make your workplace gaming or even content watching truly on the go. Some companies have created desktop modes to allow this very futuristic lifestyle.

Desktop modes

Samsung Dex is the most recognizable with highways easy, projection. And motor owners ready. Coming in closer. Second Google has even hidden a desktop mode in Android 12 which can be turned on using the developer mode. And as a versatile work-life balance is becoming more common. This option allows you to be more versatile to accommodate that very balanced.

Actual Review

UPERFECT claim to be the world number one, in terms of lap docks. So, I shall be treating them as such as I review. View, the UPERFECT X Mini. Now let's be honest from the beginning. UPERFECT isn't creating new products are from scratch? In fact, through my research, I believe they are taking old laptop. Chassis, stripping them and make them more viable for mobile integration before then selling them on to Consumers and to be honest that is fine. In fact, it should be commended and part of their PR strategy as they are recycling. Laptops, and giving them a new lease of life. However, this method does come with caveats, in that, when they choose the chassis, they inherit the hardware restrictions of it as well. And you can see this in a different laptop. They are currently selling with the, UPERFECT X pro and mini being vastly different looking than their usual line.

What you get

So what do you get for your three hundred dollar price tag? Well, you get a 11.6” Lapdock a manual one DC adapter, 1 USB-C to USB-C Cable ONE, Mini HDMI to HDMI cable and one USB a to USBC cable this arrives in a standard box they use for all products. They sell in a bid to cut waste each cost, and for that alone, and they get some high price.


On the Lapdock we have the following ports, one fully featured USB-C for audio video input, power input and output, 1mh UI for audio and video. Input to USB a OTG for USB drive or wireless keyboard and mouse. 1 TF card slot 13.5 box for audio output and 1 DC 3.5 12 volt to a for power input. Now the laptop isn't as thin as its bigger brothers and dust sport that 2017 design, but that's because the laptop chassis they used is one of the most purchased laptops on sale and contains a lot of the port. Most people want the frame is plastic and has a slight flecks in it, but nothing that will cause you any issues unless you really like throwing things out Windows.


The laptop screen has 11.6 Inches has 1920 by 1080p Green with five-point multi-touch, yes, I know a five-point is not your typical 10 and does give off a very 2015 Vibe using it. Isn't that bad though but there can't be a little odd lag when trying to use said, touchscreen, expanding multiple programs or tabs, but overall, it's very serviceable. The brightness said screen, however, is a bit dimmer than its bigger old. Older brothers, and even when fully pushed his brightest limit, this would not do fantastically well in direct sunlight.


The screen does. However, have a much more robust you, I though unfortunately, not touchscreen, but instead it's activated using keys. Alongside the F11 , F12 insert and print screen like its bigger Brothers, the screen has a 360-degree super stiff. Change allowing for tent mode and tablets mode. However, unlike its bigger Brothers, when it comes to tent mode, the screen doesn't support a Gravity Sensor. So you will need to rotate mainly within the UI before setting it up.


Sounds on these lapdock are always a super week and more of a last thing. Alternative should you have nothing else? Connecting Bluetooth headphones, or the phone's own speakers are always a A much better option regardless do I appreciate them being there. As the headphone jack is just now removed from most new mobiles.


The keyboard has a good tactile experience and what it can feel a bit small to start off you soon. Adjust to size difference will be typing like a pro.



The biggest win for this project though, is its huge battery, a full fat, ten thousand and eight hundred, And that can last over six hours be charged fully in just over three like it's Brothers. It can also dripped charge, your phone, should you wish to choose to turn on the function and now other peripherals? Thanks for the extra USB a ports. This was the one thing I had an issue when I got and some celery, turned the UPERFECT X but kudos to you, perfect. They returned and I got my money back.


The Lapdock does come with a two-year guarantee which checking with the other competition is at best supports six months.


The downside to this huge battery is it's not charged using USB C only DC. Again, this is a limitation of using an existing chassis and it's Hardware. What this means is that you will have shall need to carry around the charging brick. All have an alternative us Adapter on hand at all times, not ideal and could be a deal breaker for some. But back to its good things about this Lapdock its capacity for extra storage.


Just like the headphone jack upgrade or storage for phones are almost a thing of the past. Not an issue here as its TF card. Port allows for a variety of SD card memory sizes to be added and those wanting to entertain. Really big files, the extra USB a port support an external hard drive for me, though.

Product Flexibility

The benefit of this product is that, it's an accessory with the ability, not to be tied to one brand or product with a large pool screen with its own battery, for the kids which or other console done, what a keyboard and screen to fully immerse yourself in this steamed. Eggs, desktop mode, it's got you covered. Want to play mobile games on the biggest. So it's not a problem. Got a camera, won't the screen it to set up those perfect shots but just plug this in. I love the fact that Lapdocks are continue to evolve and provide users with better flexibility to all who wish to unshackle themselves from a rigid way of thinking your phone. If it has a desktop mode can very well, be a good Lapdock alternative that could help students as well. As professionals unchain themselves from our rigid desk and expensive products. I use this Lapdocks with a Samsung Galaxy S8 and it works smoothly. So you can imagine what your experience could be with more than likely, a newer phone in your pocket. Every time I show someone this, they Marvel at it assume it's just an ordinary Lapdocks. This Marvel suit terms dismissive do when I do acknowledge some of the downside. Which way does show, how fixed people are in their thinking? The trouble is they are more than happy to purchase a $300 Lapdock, that will often soon be outdated out-powered and has less features than the very device in their pocket and unfortunately until they look Beyond and see the possibilities, awaiting them, this more cost-effective eco-friendly and mobile solution will simply be in the hands.


Ends of the view, overall, would I recommend you get one of these? Yes. Is it the most perfect? Black dock in existence knows, there are some caveats that you need to be aware of when looking at one of these for your needs, if the size of the screen or that is DC, charging is an issue. Then they do have a variety of other laptops that may suit more, what you are after. But if you are in the market for a self, what portable screen, touchpad keyboard and USB hub that has multiple uses for a variety of devices in a small Sleek form factor. UPERFECT may have hit the nail squarely on the head. Well, ladies and gentlemen that's it. I do hope you like this review. Thank you so much to read this review blog.

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