UPERFECT X Mini Lapdock 1080P Review by Juan Bagnell


The Lapdock we know and love but now a little smaller, the folks at UPERFECT sent over the new X mini laptop dock for me to play around with share some thoughts immediately. If you can't see the value in having a portable monitor with a big battery and a built-in USB hub with a memory card reader in an easy to carry form factor that can hook up to basically any other computer tablet phone or Console.



Now, I am a really big fan of this concept and I'm very happy to see that this idea is still evolving. The X Mini is an 11.6 inch screened Lapdock, which feels a little, like a nicer version of those old windows, netbooks, mostly plastic shell.


There is a little frame Flex to the keyboard and the bottom half, but the keys are nice and chunky. I really The tactile feedback when I'm typing on this keyboard. The hinges are really stiff. Full wraparound support for laptop, 10th, and tablet modes. They feel very sturdy.


Full 1080p resolution, though, I wish the screen could get just a little bit brighter. It's perfect for indoors, it's okay. If you're at a cafe, like, if you're under an umbrella but it's a little washed out. If you're trying to hit this with any kind of daylight.


The win for this little Lapdock is having a nicely sized battery, 10800 mAh power battery which is just here larger than the UPERFECT  X, and that dock had a bigger and brighter screen. So that gives us a little bit of a battery win over the bigger brother. Dock and the IO is also improved over the older X.


There's still many HDMI MicroSD and a headphone jack, but now, we also get a pair of USB a ports and that helps a lot for adding accessories. We're not going for quite the same super thin shell. This is a little thicker at the hinge, but We're going for a smaller overall footprint after carrying the surface laptop, go to this was appreciated as even something. This small is still a tough fit on economy class airline trays. Of course, I have a couple nitpicks the audio on these Solutions rarely great, the X Mini is in a similar situation, the speakers and headphone jack are appreciated, they are better if you have nothing else but you might be able to beat these speakers with good phone speakers and the headphone jack. Again, it's nice to have a practical Port, but I definitely prefer the headphone quality on my steam deck over this. But again, it's like having a laptop Hub in a pinch, it's better to have the Not headphone jack, then not the one more important concern.


The X mini uses a barrel plug to charge and that means you have to keep a proprietary cable or charger around it. Can't charge over a standard USB like the X will when packing a bag and keeping accessories around. This is the one disappointment for me. Where that alone, I wouldn't argue could be a deal breaker for some folks. Now, you can get another USB two barrel adapter cable, if you don't want to carry the whole charger brick, but you'll always have one extra cable type which will likely only be used for. This one product that concern aside the mini is a champ using it with my Motorola charging it, while I'm in ready for.

How it works

The Motorola desktop mode that I've got up right now. I can't quite match the total laptop runtime of something like my Surface laptop, go to. It's definitely going to fall. Short of a nicer Chromebook but I can get a solid day of intermittent use and arrive at the end of my laptop, use with a fully charged phone and that's what's so fun. That's what so handy. This is an accessory shell which gives us better access to the compute power of the gadgets. We already own, it's designed to be universally used by anything that can put in image out, it can charge multiple All devices. It's not locked to one manufacturer to be only used with one phone or one console. This is an accessory that should have broad support, and it should easily Outlast a phone, generation or two.

There's less stuff inside to potentially fail. The back is easy to pop open if you want to swap out the battery cells, this should have a lot of Life built-in and while I get super into this as the accessory, I also have to throw a shout out. kudos to UPERFECT because they've been doing a better job of maximizing the accessories for this accessory. They sent this along with a new clamp style phone. Doc, makes it way easier to have your phone and your phone's selfie camera up and ready without using magnets or stickers or some kind of proprietary solution that can only work on One phone case. This can kind of go with me on any product that I might want to prop my phone up at a higher level and it's good for two orientations.

So if you're hitting the, UPERFECT website, definitely, also check out some of our supporting accessories for this as a display accessory, but these Solutions have also come in clutch for things like my cameras. I wouldn't rank this panel as a proper photography monitor, if I had a really important shoot but a larger screen which is better protected. While traveling has its own power for remote work, that's a handy add-on. I'm obviously the big Ol nerd. I think what's been frustrating. I've been reviewing these kinds of accessories for a couple years now. And there's there's a small base of techies that get why does capability might be fun? And even if it's not the right fit for them they can at least appreciate the flexibility of a good portable display. But there's still a significant amount of push back to this idea and it seems to come from folks who can only see one potential use case, like owning a laptop but then they ignore all.


All the other things that an accessory like this can do, one of the best upgrades someone can make is just getting a nice portable monitor. It opens up so much potential across a number of the gadgets you already own laptop. Docks are a specific example of that capability that further add better support for power management, better control and better iOS support for other accessories to keep expanding on that idea. But back to the mini, I think the trickiest part of this recommendation is balancing the mini against the older, UPERFECT X, you save some space on the mini, you get more ports, for accessories on the mini and you get slightly better battery life on the mini. The x is a little sleeker, it's thinner at the hinge, it's built a little nicer, the screen gets brighter, but the major difference for me, the thing that does make a purchasing decision, the X mini can charge over USB, see if you have a decent phone charger. You won't have to carry different cables to top off the X mini, like it will. The many, like I said before, that alone might be worth the small price premium for the X mini. Even though it means you might have to sacrifice the additional USB ports, different parts and pieces, fun to compare. But as a category, I really like these docks. Do UPERFECT Team is putting out some great Hardware in general. We're in a Renaissance of portable displays and there are some incredible options for packing a second screen to easily. The carry. I think the LapDock is the best execution of that idea. We can expand the use of other gadgets.


We don't have to buy more computers than we might need. Your phone is likely as powerful probably, more powerful than a cheap Chromebook. And if your kids have a Nintendo, you get to upgrade their mobile gaming. These are consistently the top accessory options. I wish more techies would take seriously. And the X mini is a fun petite take on that concept. So like, well, of course, drop some links down below this video where you can find more information on the UPERFECT  mini X maybe shop, All the support lately has been incredible.

Reviewed by Juan Bagnell

To see this review video, Check this link –  https://youtu.be/N1ox9GKz7qc

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