Intel Compute Stick,the Pocket PC

Do you have an old laptop or a TV screen that you want to get rid of but you don’t have the heart to or you have a tight budget? Thanks to evolution in the technology industry your burden can be lessened and you can achieve your desires within a lower budget. Get yourself a compute stick and go the smart way!

Intel Compute Stick,the Pocket PC

A compute stick is a small USB device that is connected to a HDMI port and can either turn a computer monitor or TV screen into a smart device while maintaining the same OS, graphics quality and wireless connectivity. Compute sticks do not use batteries as they draw power from the devices they are connected to. There are fanless sticks that are smaller and quieter with fewer mobile parts thus making them durable hence preferred over those with fans which tend to make a lot of noise. 

Compute sticks have been gaining admiration in the market over the years and Intel compute sticks are the market’s favorite model. Imagine walking around with a whole PC in your pocket, how amazing is that?

What to look for in a Compute Stick:

When you are in the market for a compute stick it is important to consider the following aspects: the OS, connectivity, storage, processor, and RAM. When determining the storage it is vital to look for a compute stick that has an expandable storage. It is crucial to look into the network connectivity, Bluetooth and USB ports. Most compute sticks have the Windows OS therefore allowing one to run apps that are readily available on computers. 

What is an Intel Compute Stick?

An Intel Compute Stick is a stick PC developed by Intel with the intention of being used in media center applications. It is smaller than the orthodox desktop or PCs yet they offer similar performances.

Intel Compute Stick performance:

When purchasing any device it is important to evaluate if its performance will match your required needs, this also applies to compute sticks. The Intel compute stick was intended for basic users and media consumption, and not for heavy applications. The OS in Intel Compute Stick is Windows 8.1 and is upgradable to Windows 10. The Intel compute stick runs Windows thus making it much more usable and user friendly, and many people are more conversant with its setup and installation process.

Intel compute stick has Intel HD graphics and is powered by a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F quad-core processor. If it runs heavy applications it will slow down its performance and the display may be distorted. 

The Intel compute stick supports Wi-Fi 802 b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0. The Wi-Fi range may not be strong and therefore you’ll have to be close to your internet source for a strong connection.

When it comes to storage, there are different versions of the Intel compute stick, there is one with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space while the other one has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space. 

Why you need to have an Intel Compute Stick:

An Intel compute stick can be used to stream sports, news, movies, documentaries and your favorite shows on HDTVs and monitors with HDMI. Intel compute sticks are Windows PCs and therefore one can be able to access and work on their documents while on the go. You can even have a PowerPoint presentation while you are on the move. One can carry the stick anywhere and be used as a workstation where an employee can access their work cloud and the shared file system.

Intel compute sticks are the definitive portable PCs in the market currently and can perfectly fit in a pocket, purse or wallet. One will only need the following peripherals: a device with a white monitor, mouse, keyboard and power source. Since Intel compute sticks have complete versions of the Windows OS, they are better media players on Smart TVs, they support streaming services, and they give one full access to their favorite movies, shows and games. Intel compute sticks have made conference calls easier by enabling smooth operations and viewing by the participants of virtual meetings. Compute sticks can conveniently be used as media servers where the users store all their media by running a program like Plex.

Once connected to an internet source, you can access the web using the Intel compute stick and download files, check emails and different social media platforms as well as streaming videos and music while still retaining an operational speed.

Setting up an Intel Compute Stick:

A compute stick is a USB device with a HDMI connector which goes into the HDMI port of your device either a desktop, TV or even phone with a power source. It is important to note that Intel compute sticks are modeled to use up to 10W of power. It will be prudent to use a HDMI extension to ensure the stick stays plugged in. To enable you to navigate the screen, connect a wireless mouse and keyboard using the USB port on the Intel compute stick.

The next step is the Windows OS setup which Intel Compute Stick will take you through. You’ll be required to connect your device to an internet source then set the date and time. Once the setup is complete, you can use your screen as a smart device.


The Intel compute stick device is basically a device that was developed with the intention of turning any HD multimedia display into a functional computer without altering the quality of the graphics, connectivity and OS.

One of the main benefits of the Intel compute stick is that it is inconspicuous and space-saving and Bluetooth works well if you keep your device within a few feet of your internet accessories.

Intel compute sticks are perfect for individuals in various fields with different needs. Marketers, communicators, gamers, designers, project managers and even families have bought into the idea of using Intel compute sticks to simplify their lives since they are more convenient than laptops. 

Intel compute stick being a portable pocket PC grants you absolute autonomy and flexibility.Become a computer with a 1080p monitor

All these advantages of an Intel compute stick are just amazing and worth every penny! With a budget of $100 to $180 you are guaranteed a device that will change your life and bring you into the smart future. They are therefore definitely worth buying.

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