LED vs LCD Monitors? What Difference Between Screens?

LED vs LCD Monitor

LCD vs LED Monitors

When comparing led vs lcd monitors, we will discuss from six aspects.This can help us better understand the difference between LCD monitors and LED monitors.

Display Technology

The LCD monitor is a monitor made of liquid crystals while the LED monitor is a monitor made of light-emitting diodes.

Display Effect

Because of the backlight layer of LCD, the light refracts and emits light, the chroma is not too high, the display effect is natural, and it is not easy to be tired after a long time, while the LED can emit light by itself and can project red, green and blue three primary colors on the points of each pixel. The display effect is more vivid.

The Thickness

In terms of thickness, due to the existence of the backlight layer and the liquid crystal layer, the LCD is thick, and the LED very easy to makes the mobile phone thinner, and it is also possible to have a foldable screen in the future.

Power Consumption

In terms of power consumption, when the LCD is turned on, the entire backlight layer is also turned on, it cannot be fully turned on or off, and the power consumption is high, while each pixel of the LED operates independently, and some pixels can be individually lit, so LED power consumption is lower.

Different Materials

LCD uses inorganic materials, while LED uses organic materials

The Life of Monitors

The aging speed of the LCD is slow and the life is long, while the life of the LED monitor is not as good as that of the LCD monitor.

Generally speaking, both LED and LCD have different advantages. Our 120Hz Gaming Monitor 1600P LCD monitor is a representative work of LCD advantages. It performs well in various aspects such as games, highlighting the characteristics of LCD monitors.

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