Cool UPERFECT 15.6" 4K Portable Monitor review by Maik Kleinert



Are you a photographer, filmmaker or conic creator who loves traveling? Let me show you the UPERFECT OLED 4K Portable Touchscreen Monitor to ensure good color coverage and accuracy for editing as I'm traveling ensure good color coverage and accuracy for editing as I'm traveling actually.

Screen Size and Resolution

It had to be light, color, accurate and high resolution in 4K UPERFECT just nailed it. The ultra slim design, lightweight and chargeable performance makes the portable monitor suitable for travelers. The groundbreaking crisp 15.6 inch 4K OLED IPS 10 big screen with a refresh rate of 60 color gamut from 100% DCIP 3 show flawlessly deliveries, vivid images and apparent motion.

High-color Graphics

OLED screens can reduce harmful blue lights by up to 70 % for more eye care, up to 1000:1 contrast makes the module stand out insanely. To show you the true black with no flicker as well as power saving effect it better.

Battery Power

The built in 10,000 mAh battery can meet long term outdoor use as well as using a second USB cable to power up the monitor. Adjusting the brightness, contrast or color settings with a few slides.


Setting up the monitor is super easy by using the foldable cover case or the slick looking stand. For a comfortable workstation wherever you want, you edit your content. The stands allows 360 and rotation to use it in horizontal or vertical, so it helps you editing vertical videos better.

Which device allow to use?

No matter which device or camera you want to use, simply connect the mini HDMI or the USB-C cable to your device. What's incredible is the UPERFECT touchscreen function is compatible for Mac’s with Intel or M1 chips.


For an incredible new workflow, here are some examples to use the touchscreen with photo editing navigate, scroll or use the slider to adjust the tones in the image. As a video editor, not only it allows you to have more screen size to work quicker and more efficient, you can use the touchscreen to scrub through your timeline, selecting your clips out, or even using the slider for color grading.


The portable monitor weights just 940 grams and uses an 18 watt power where you can charge it with a power plug or a power bank.


Now you can expand your office at home, in the coffee shop or on the go enjoying streaming videos, playing games or have more space with the 4K OLED Portable Monitor. The ultra-high-definition resolution monitor brings the ultimate experience to you and it is absolute game changer. As a YouTuber or a video production company, you can use the monitor with your camera together as a screen. So, it's a perfect choice for your professional mobile backpack studio.

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