Phone Model List


1. Your Android smartphone must be running Android 10.
2. Your Android smartphone needs to support DisplayPort Alt Mode or simply video output over USB-C.

If you have a smartphone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and a USB 3.1 Type-C port, then your smartphone should support DisplayPort Alt Mode unless the phone vendor deliberately disabled it. Google disabled it on the Pixel 4, for example. Also some of the vendors did not implement USB-C correctly on their phones such as some models of OnePlus and LG phones does not recognize OTG keyboard/mouse when connected via DisplayPort.
UPERFECT Computer does not provide technical support for these phones.


As of February 2021, the complete list of smartphones that support video output over USB-C are as follows:

Device name Desktop Mode Operating system Release date
 Asus ZenFone 3 Ultra   Android  2016
 Asus ZenFone AR
 Asus ZenFone   Ares (rebranded Taiwan variant of  ZenFone AR)
 Android  2017
 Asus ROG Phone  Mobile Desktop Dock, TwinView Dock, WiGig® Dock  Android  2018
 Asus ROG Phone II  Mobile Desktop Dock, TwinView Dock, WiGig® Dock  Android  2019
 Asus ROG Phone II  Mobile Desktop Dock, TwinView Dock, WiGig® Dock  Android  2019
 Asus ROG Phone 3  Mobile Desktop Dock, TwinView Dock, WiGig® Dock  Android  2020
 BlackBerry Key2  Android  2018
 BQ Aquaris X2  Android  2018
 Essential Phone  Android  2017
 HTC 10   Android  2016
 HTC U Ultra  Android  2017
 HTC U11
 HTC U11+ 
 Android  2017
 HTC U12+  Android  2018
 HTC U19e  Android  2019
 HTC Exodus 1  Android  2018
 Huawei Mate 10
 Huawei Mate 10 Pro
 Easy Projection  Android  2017
 Huawei Mate 20
 Huawei Mate 20 X
 Huawei Mate 20 Pro
 Easy Projection  Android  2018
 Huawei Mate X  Easy Projection  Android  2019
 Huawei Mate Xs  Easy Projection  Android  2020
 Huawei P20
 Huawei P20 Pro
 Easy Projection  Android  2018
 Huawei P30
 Huawei P30 Pro
 Easy Projection  Android  2019
 Huawei P40
 Huawei P40 Pro
 Easy Projection  Android  2020
 Huawei Honor Note 10   Easy Projection  Android  2018
 Huawei Honor View 20   Easy Projection  Android  2018
 LG G5  Android  2016
 LG G6
 LG G6+ (with Dec 2018 update)
 Android  2017
 LG G7
 LG G7+ (with Dec 2018 update)
 Android  2018
 LG G8  Android  2019
 LG Q8  Android  2017
 LG V20  Android  2016
 LG V30
 LG V30+
 Android  2017
 LG V35
 LG V35+ (with Dec 2018 update)
 Android  2018
 LG V40 (with Dec 2018 update)  Android  2018
 LG V50  Android  2019
 LG V60  Android  2020
 OnePlus 7  Android  2019
 OnePlus 7 Pro  Android  2019
 OnePlus 8  Android  2020
 OnePlus 8 Pro  Android  2020
 OPPO R17 Pro (OPPO RX17 Pro in Europe)  Android  2018
 Oppo Reno 10x Zoom
 Oppo Reno 5G
 Android  2019
 PINE64 PinePhone  Linux  2020
 Purism Librem 5  Linux  2020
 Razer Phone   Android  2017
 Razer Phone 2  Android  2018
 Samsung Galaxy S8
 Samsung Galaxy S8+
 Samsung DeX  Android  2017
 Samsung Galaxy S9
 Samsung Galaxy S9+ 
 Samsung DeX  Android  2018
 Samsung Galaxy S10e
 Samsung Galaxy S10
 Samsung Galaxy S10+
 Samsung DeX  Android  2019
 Samsung Galaxy S20
 Samsung Galaxy S20+
 Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
 Samsung DeX  Android  2020
 Samsung Galaxy Note 8  Samsung DeX  Android  2017
 Samsung Galaxy Note 9  Samsung DeX  Android  2018
 Samsung Galaxy Note 10
 Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 
 Samsung DeX  Android  2019
 Samsung Galaxy Note 20
 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 
 Samsung DeX  Android  2020
 Samsung Galaxy A90 5G  Samsung DeX  Android  2019
 Samsung Galaxy Fold
 Samsung Galaxy Fold 2
 Samsung DeX  Android  2019
 Samsung Galaxy S21
 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
 Samsung DeX  Android  2021
 Sharp Aquos R5G  Android  2020
 Smartisan R1  Android  2018
 Sony Xperia 1  Android  2019
 Sony Xperia 1 II   Android  2020
 Sony Xperia 5  Android  2019
 Xiaomi Black Shark 2  Android  2019
 ZTE Axon 9 Pro  Android  2018
 ZTE Axon 10 Pro  Android  2019
 Microsoft Lumia 950
 Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
 Continuum with Microsoft Display Dock  Windows 10 Mobile  2015
 HP Elite x3  Continuum with HP Desk Dock, HP Lap Dock  Windows 10 Mobile  2016
 Acer Liquid Jade Primo  Continuum with Acer Display Dock  Windows 10 Mobile  2016