April Game Selections For Pc, Ps, Xbox And Switch

Welcome to the game review for April 2024. Time flies so fast these days. I feel like I have been in the game for several days and have not left. Although I am very tired, I don’t know why. I'm super satisfied with all the games in February and March. From Jedi 2 to Final Fantasy next week, there are still two games that everyone is trying to figure out how to choose: Rise of Ronin and Dragon's Dogma. No matter what you choose. Maybe you need a new way to game with a 120hz gaming monitor. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Now let’s take a look at what games we can pay attention to this April! The opening of "Kingsgrave" is not everyone's favorite, but I am quite concerned about it because its gameplay has a lot of RPG and development. You are the king of a country in the game, but when you wake up, the country is almost destroyed and there are a lot of people running around. Monsters, so at this time we have to choose the weapons we like and click on skills to destroy the enemies. However, because the people are already dying, as a king, we have to use the most primitive method to find supplies outside to feed them, and finally wait until winter comes. Help them build a house so that they can survive. But I am not sure whether these residents will have their personalities. It seems that they will focus more on fighting monsters and solving puzzles.

"No Rest for the Wicked" is today's game. Introducing the art of the game that attracts me the most. The main reason is that his story is very depressing. The king has passed away at the beginning and he is succeeded by an arrogant son. Even this land is hit by a once-in-a-thousand-year plague. So what are we doing in the game? Inside is a Holy Light warrior who not only wants to eliminate the plague but also helps the people escape from political struggles. Although the picture looks cool and comfortable, the most difficult thing for everyone to choose is the battle before buying! You have to think about it first because he seems to be a more soulful type. You have to time the block correctly and attack through it. You can also choose the weapon you like, whether it is a two-handed sword or a big sword... Then Use the level of quality to slowly replace it with a stronger one. One of its more attractive points is that it has a lot of Dark Souls elements. Once you open the map and compare it with your friends, the routes and treasures will be a little different. I really feel that it doesn’t matter if I have disabled hands. You can also play this game with friends. However, this time it is not the official version that will be released. I just wanted to announce to everyone in early March that they will be available for early access on STEAM, so I hope that it will be available. It would be a pity to play this game at least once before it is released. 

"Dead  Island 2" has received reviews on previous consoles. They are quite mixed. Some people think it is quite fun, while others think it is average. I think what’s fun about it is that you can use different weapons to hit the zombies’ heads, hands, and feet... Each part will have different levels of comfort, but unfortunately, it’s more like pure zombie fighting. The depth of the plot is okay, but I don’t like it very much. So this time the game is put on Steam. If you only have a PC or have bought the first generation of this game, you can also try it. 

Since the emergence of Metroidvania-like genres, more and more manufacturers have begun to make such games more sophisticated. " Tales of Kenzera:ZAU" is based on Bantu mythology and uses many fantasy elements. You can use magic and attack with attributes. Overall, I feel that it is a bit like the previous Prince of Persia, which uses a relatively brisk pace to do both parkour and combat. It’s pretty good, although it’s true to say that I’m a little bit cold about EA, but I’ve seen the trailer of this game so far. Apart from the stickers and the appearance of the ordinary male protagonist, which is very subjective, I think the smoothness of the combat is pretty good.

There’s a spiritual sequel to Suikoden coming out. This game has always been a game that I paid close attention to before I made "Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes". The gameplay of this game is just like the title. You can add more than 100 heroes to your companions and save the devastated world. The only savior on the Internet, but at first I thought his style of painting would be a bit similar to HD2D, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will have his way of moving the camera, from the initial village to the battle screen and even his mini-game with cards, it is very fantasy The shadow of Suikoden is a pity that whether the game sells well or not, the father of Suikoden, Mr. Yoshitaka Murayama, will not be able to see it because he passed away on February 6 this year. I hope you can see this big seller in the sky. 

"SaGa Emerald Beyond" When we were young, there were many classic JRPG games in SE Club. Resurrection of the Evil God is probably one of them that I am not sure whether I have played. This new game is more special. It can not only be played on the home console. And you can buy it on PC and even on mobile phones? You can play it. The biggest feature is that many worlds interact with each other. There are witches, ancient towns, or worlds enveloped in darkness. It can be played just like ordinary JRPGs. Friends from different worlds have joined your team, but the style of painting is different~~ It varies from person to person. I prefer the little pixel people twisting around XD. But after changing to 3D, I think it's okay. 

"Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba"! Demon Slayer is an anime that is being watched by both adults and children. In the past, we all watched Dragon Ball and played middle school. Nowadays, children can occasionally see them wearing Demon Slayer clothes on the street. It’s just that this game is launched on SWITCH and it’s a Monopoly game. You can play the characters in this animation and go to various places to have parties to let you know the plot of this comic. In terms of gameplay, children should be pretty good at it. Adults who like it... maybe it's okay. After all, he doesn't have fighting skills that are difficult to control like the God of Fire Xue Feng Tan. So if you have children at home, you can buy it for them to play with.

I don't know if anyone knows it. When I saw "Beholgar" the style is a bit like Ghosts 'n Goblins. You can explore the ruins of forest caves and see what kind of weapons you want to get. The throwing weapons in the trailer are inexplicably homogenous, but this is really what a game with this classic look is. You will eat it if you like it. If you are a friend who pays attention to picture quality, this should be a PASS.

"Manor Lords" is a strategy game created with a medieval background. Although it is said to be a strategy, I think more time will be spent on management. Develop it, because you are a manor lord in the game. You can build the ideal house according to the style you like. Later, it depends on whether you want to change it to a residential area, or a commercial area, or if the land is good, you can also build a farm. You can also build it into a farm. You have to pay taxes just like in real life. When you encounter a very cold winter, you also have to prepare supplies to get through it. If you really encounter a war, you may have to wait until later to bridge the territory with other villages. I think this one is more unique. One thing is that you can switch to the third person to see how well your own house is built to gain a sense of comfort and accomplishment. I'm not sure if there is any achievement in fighting, but if you build it beautifully, it should be pretty cool. 

" Ready, Steady, Ship!" Wow, this name... is inexplicably funny. In the beginning, the protagonist sees TV telling him that the world would have no resources, so the protagonist calls and says that he will make an effort for the world. After joining, you will be a transporter. You will be familiar with the most basic assembly line and then use the trays that make the goods fly. You don't have to worry about the goods. Good or not, it’s the end of the world. Supplies are almost in short supply. Who cares if this thing has been dropped and given away? However, I’m not sure when this game will be released. I just know that it will be in the second quarter of this year. If you want to play it, You can wait for a while.

 "Sand Land" should be the most memorable game in April, because after the death of Mr. Akira Toriyama a while ago, Sand Land and Yuuto 12 became his last legacy. The story is that the world's water source in the game was short of water for some reason and exploded. Some bully organizations wanted to give away all the remaining water. To conquer it, in the game, we have to control a demon prince and a partner with a strong sense of resistance to overthrow this regime. His gameplay will focus more on vehicles and combat vehicles. It is very cute when you drive a tank. It's very similar to the tanks in the Vietnam War. It's very funny. There are many places where you can see Akira Toriyama's sense of humor. So even if I don't have enough time next month, I will buy this one and keep it. 

The highlight of the last game is of course "Stellar Blade"~~ The news these days has been surrounding this character, so much so that I have to release the news about this one for everyone. This is an action-adventure game. We will play the heroine Eve in a post-apocalyptic world as a member of the 7th Sky Team. I think it will focus more on combat and Metroidvania-like exploration. Over time, we will get various mobile equipment that can then be advanced to the next area. There will be similar supply stations in the middle so that you can replenish resources. You have to find this short-haired girl to upgrade your equipment. That may be because the world is almost ruined and even clothes need to save fabric and turn into tights. Producer Kim Hyung-tae also knows that people will focus on body shape, so when you buy the regular version and the deluxe version of the clothes, you can also change them into different ones, but you can see from all aspects whether the game is different or not. There is a shadow of Nier in everything. As for why, I will leave it to the news and talk to you all!

Although this month’s April game inventory is not as good as February and March, almost all of them are games that I want to play and I want to play. Among them are Sand Land, No Rest for the Wicked, and Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. These four games should be must-plays. Yes, there were no games at the beginning of that month. I think it was because the two games on 3/22 were too powerful and might take a lot of time.

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