UPERFECT X Mini 11.6" Lapdock Review by Shane Craig Turn Your Phone Into A Laptop


All the way back on August the 28th, I pre-ordered something that I've been really, really excited to get to try out. This is not necessarily a new idea for product, but it is a new version of a particular product. This is called the UPERFECT X Mini. And what this is something called a LapDock. 

About X Mini -

This looks like a laptop, but inside is basically just a giant battery, It's a touch screen, it's a keyboard. It's got some IO there, it's got some. But you're meant to plug something else into it to drive it. Now, this could be a Samsung phone to then run decks. This could be an Nintendo switch, should you want to do that.

This could be a steam deck, which is off screen to my right. This one in particular is $299, has an 11.6-inch screen, 10adp. You can see some of the specs there.

Unboxing -

So, it looks like we have a little user guide, which shows you some adjustments for the screen. We have a USB-A to C cable, a looks like this is HDMI of some sort. And then this is a C-to-C cable. So, you're pretty well set in terms of your cables for how you're gonna actually plug this thing into another device to drive it.

Let's tear this plastic off here. And this is the device itself. I like this Kind of understated logo. It's got a glossy look, but it's not gonna pick up fingerprints. It's not a material that's gonna pick up fingerprints at all. Some rubberized feet on the bottom. That's pretty much it as far as that goes.

On this side. Looks like we have our DCN for power, which again wish that was USB charging is what it is. USB A to C ports there on the side and then over. Looks like we have that, I don't know what that is. A little recessed area, but I don't think that does anything. Power a micro-SD cart, another USB, and then a headphone jack.

So quite a lot in terms of IO opening it up. That hinge is pretty stiff, not too bad. And of course, it does, I believe. Yep. Folds all the way around so you can operate as a tablet. Let's bring that back around.

We have a pretty feeling keyboard rather, large track pad, pretty good size screen, microphone there. And then some indicators there for, what is going on with the device. So, all in all, this is a pretty solid piece of hardware.

Weight and Power -

What does this thing weight?  Let's find out real quick. So, in terms of grams, we’re looking at about 1058 as far as grams. So not super light, honestly, it's kind of on the heavier side, if I'm being honest with you, and that's partially because it has a 10,000mAh power battery.

So let's keep this kind of in perspective. Something like my Z fold four is a 40400mAh power batteries. So theoretically this thing I believe it charges your device while it's plugged in, so you should be able to have this thing plugged in, running and charging your. For a really, really long time.

Inside the X mini -

So let's open this thing back up. Let's find the power button and let's press and hold this and see what happens. Since there's nothing like, there's no operating system here, I guess there's just like a basic firmware, but no actual operating system. You see that waiting for connection. So we have a USB C to C cable here.

I've not actually ran decks on my Z fold four yet at all, and I probably should have done that by now, but I just haven't done it. So, let's plug this in there and let's plug this in to, there's no seaports on the right side, so you're gonna have to come around to the left side. And let's plug this in there.

My fold is now charging. It says connected to external display. I am starting decks there. You actually saw the screen. on an external display there for a second. And there we go. We are now running decks. I hope you can see that my fold is still operate able over here, but this is decks running.

If you don't know what decks is, basically it is a desktop environment that runs from your Samsung phone on a potential air device like this. And you can use it exactly like you would be like a normal laptop from here. Of course, you can launch applications, which should maybe a double click.

It should launch in a Windows. This track pad is very, very sensitive. Is there a way to actually adjust this? Okay, that's a lot better. It does have multi-touch scrolling, so that is pretty good what about the experience of using it with. Looks like everything is working just fine there natively out of the box.

I will say that the screen itself, I wish I could really illustrate this a bit better. Maybe in tablet mode I can hold it up to the camera. Maybe you can kind of see this a little bit. The screen itself does look a little bit washed out right now. It's a little bit washed out and a little bit on the grainy side, like it doesn't look like the greatest screen that I have ever seen, however, I believe there may be adjustments to this.

Let's see what we have here. Okay, so I can actually pump up the saturation just a little bit and that may, that may have helped. So basically, you've got your controls here using function print screen opens up this menu. These two moves around the options. This selects once you're in and then this will, this F11 will go back.

So a little bit strange, but not too bad. I managed to pump up the color. Just a little bit. There's a lot of cool stuff about decks. I mean, you get a notification on your phone, you're of course going to see it on this screen down here. All of your applications are going to launch exactly the same. So, I can see a lot of potential uses for something like this.

I mean, if you were, let's say you're gonna play some games or something like that, PUBG Mobile would work fine. And all of this stuff, like I said is fully resizable. I mean, Dex really the perfect use case for this. I know Motorola has something as well. I don't remember what it's called. Something like that. But you know what I'm talking about, and this is like I said, this is kind of like the prime use case for it.

Sound System -

Well, here's a question. Does this thing actually have its own speakers? Let's launch YouTube. Let's go full screen here and find one of video and that is prevalence.

Not the best speakers I've ever heard. They're definitely a little bit on the weak sounding side. But you know, if you don't wanna use the speakers of your phone, that is a sudden you can change and you can get that done.

So, you know, that's kind of the general idea for a device like this is this ultimate sort of, One, technically now two device sort of productivity, but also kind of that continuation of your workflow, right?

X mini with Other Devices -

So let's say you've got a Z fold four, a Motorola device. I think there's some other brands that do have a desktop mode now as well.

I think Xiomi maybe does as well. And you're using your phone when you're out and you're getting work done on this big screen, but then you get home and you think to yourself, I want to use an even bigger screen and have a really big keyboard that's pretty decent. Well plug it and off you go with the same exact setup. I could also imagine, you know, maybe doing some gaming on it. This is something that I'm definitely going to test as well.

And then of course, I also kind of had in my mind as well a full computer setup via the steam deck. So let's really quickly plug it into the steam deck and let's just see what's gonna happen here.

So there has immediately just grabbed it and is used and look at that. The touch screen is even working. Now this is interesting. But then you also have the ability to take this one step further and switch to desktop mode. Still tweaking some settings here to just make everything look correct.

A scaling was off and it still appears to be like somewhat off in some different areas, but I think maybe if I went out and came back in, I think that might kind of the writing of the ship here. You're basically just running a Linux laptop now that's being powered by your steam deck.

Everything is, is running pretty well from this perspective. Did you think I was gonna get to the whole video and not plug in Surface Duo two? Of course, I am. And of course, since Surface Duo does not have any sort of desktop mode, what you get instead is just a blown-up version of the duo screen.

About Screen -

But you know, it is a touch screen so you can scroll around and do whatever you want to do. And then a cool thing about this is that you can sort of launch the screen or launch the app you wanna launch. And then let's say it's something like YouTube that you know, a big complaint about Duo, what was it?

Whenever you span a video across both screen. You have a hinge down the middle. Well now I can bring it right into the middle, span it and go full screen. That's a pretty decent experience. Now, a problem that you are gonna have though is that if you close your surface duo, you're done. So this thing is gonna have to remain open, and if you open it up into phone mode, I think.

You're gonna get, a single screen. So that is one disadvantage Duo would have to sit here, while you are doing this. So, you know, maybe you want a bigger screen. I mean, it is quite a bit larger and the video viewing experience would definitely be better here as well.


All in one, it is pretty much easier to use and you can use it whatever you want. You can use it to Gaming, Official Use, Studies and anywhere. Thank you to read this blog.


To see this review video, Check this link – https://youtu.be/LH3ZtmF3q3U

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