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Monitor Stand for Desk

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UStand - Desk Stand for Monitor Foldable VESA Mount for 15~22" Displays

The monitor stand for desk makes the use of portable monitors more convenient and diverse.


This VESA monitor stand for desk is a versatile monitor stand solution. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy and ABS material, it has excellent stability and load-bearing capacity, and can easily support 15~22-inch monitors. This desk stand for monitor is compatible with two standard VESA holes of 100x100mm and 75x75mm, and can be widely used in most display devices on the market. In addition, it provides desk use and wall mounting.


SKU: S218-D11

Series: UStand

Material: Aluminum+ABS

Item: VESA Monitor Stand for Desk

VESA Compatible: 75*75mm/100*100mm

Net Weight: 1.2 kg (2.64 lbs)

Compatible sizes: 15”-22“ monitors

What's in the box?

  • 1 × UPERFECT VESA Monitor Mount

  • 4 × M4*5mm Phillips Screws for Monitor

  • 4 × M3*5mm Phillips Screws for Monitor

  • 4 × M4*10mm Phillips Screws

  • 4 × M3*7mm Phillips Screws for Black Back Panel

Foldable VESA Monitor Mount

The foldable monitor stand for desk provides you with a better screen viewing angle and greatly relieves neck pain caused by long hours of work. Whether it is work or entertainment, this VESA monitor stand for desk can meet your needs and create a more comfortable experience for you.


Better Viewing Angle Leads to More Productivity

The VESA monitor stand for desk provides users with a better visual angle, relieves visual fatigue and neck pain, allows users to work more focused, more efficiently and improves productivity.


Improve Desk Space Utilization

The monitor stand for desk not only improves visual perception, but also has good spatial adjustability. The higher base makes the desk more tidy, saves desk space, and can be used to place more electronic devices, thereby improving the utilization of desk space.

Enjoy Comfortable Vision

Adjustable monitor stands for desk can balance the line of sight. When using two or more monitors, you can use monitor stands for desk to make the monitors reach the same level of sight, making work more focused and improving efficiency.


Practical Exterior and Size Design

The practical appearance design of VESA monitor stands for desk cannot be ignored. The size and material are fully controlled. It is not only portable but also compatible with monitors up to 22 inches, perfectly combining portability and large size portable monitors.


Adjustable Angle Arbitrarily

The VESA mount stand has 90° and 180° foldable function, which allows you to adjust the angle at any time. All kinds of adjustments can help you with high work efficiency and offer a better viewing experience. The VESA mount stand has the ability to extend and adjust to the desired height and view angle.

Compatible with Multiple Sizes

Portable monitor stands for desk adopts the simplest flat design, which does not limit the screen size and expands compatibility. VESA display mount is suitable for portable monitors from 15.6 inches to 22 inches. It can be used for multiple screens with only one monitor stand, which is very convenient.


Hardness and Wear Resisitance

The adjustable desk stand for monitor is made of sturdy aluminum, wear-resistant, and has good load bearing. There are slide-proof silicone pads on the bottom, which keep the stand and monitor from sliding and be more stable. Holds up to 1.2 kg (2.64 lbs).

More Attention to Usage Details

Portable desk stand for monitor provides users with multiple choices in both usage and installation. It can be used not only on the desk but also on the wall. It is compatible with two VESA apertures(75*75mm/100*100mm) and is suitable for a variety of monitor specifications.

Flexible Wall Mounting

In addition to desk use, the desk stand for monitor can also be wall-mounted. There are four holes on the back of the base of the stand. You can choose the wall-mounting mode according to your needs, making the use of the stand more diverse.

UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"
UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"

How to Install It?

Before installation, please remove the plastic back cover, fix the monitor to the mounting plate with screws, and then install the plastic back cover. The whole process only takes a few minutes. It is simple and convenient.

Note: Due to size limitations, monitors larger than 18 inches do not support vertical screen installation. Monitors smaller than 18 inches support horizontal and vertical screen installation.

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