UPERFECT Tri-Screen Laptop Workstation review by Tecnopasion


Today bring a super interesting product. It's a UPERFECT Z and many of you will tell me what is that? Well, it's a gadget that allows us to work with three screens at the same time. Let's see it.

I've tried several external screens but I have never been able to get this kind of productivity booster before. And yes, you heard it right. It's a potential productivity booster. You waste less time tabulating changing screens is extremely useful and cool. Really cool. In this video we're going to do a very quick unboxing so that you can see everything that box contains and then we will start it up and test everything it can offer us.

Unboxing UPERFECT Z Tri Screen

So, once we opened the box, the first thing we find when removing the protector are the devil screens later, we will see them in much more detail for now tell you that they come very well protected so there are no scratches. If we remove the second protective layer. What we find are the cables that come with the box. There are quite a few I warned you they come with two USB A two type C cables. Too many H.D.M.I. Two H.D.M.I cables to connect the screens to any time computer laptop. In fact, there are 21 per screen. Also come to flat USB C. To USB C cables for our modern laptops like MacBook Pro which is where I am going to test it and this purple cable that is to give power to the screen and give maximum power if you do not connect via USB C. In addition, it also is accompanied by an instruction book in English. Well, these are the screens that are nothing more and nothing less than full, high definition. They come in several languages and to use them, you simply have to turn them one on each side. So we opened the first one and the second to the other when doing the unboxing, it comes very well protected, which is appreciated, that nothing breaks and it is very easy to use and it's very beautiful and aesthetic. The only thing to keep in mind is to place it the correct position. For example, I was doing it the other way around and therefore now, well now it works, we unfold to the right, the one behind it to the left and that's right. As you may have noticed, we can have a single extra screen or both as you wish. And how is this connected? Well look, we're going to hook it to the laptop by these hooks and with the gear we're going to be able to adjust it to any type of screen between 13 and 16".

Dual Screen Review

The truth is that although these screens are covered in plastic, it looks robust, I like that. It doesn't weigh much. I thought it would weigh a lot more here. We can see the U.S.B.C. Inputs, the mini H.D.M.I. And buttons for the osd menu before showing you how to place it. You simply need to know that this piece is used to recline the laptop and to support the weight of the double screen although depending on the laptop you might not need it. Okay. Time has arrived to connect it to the laptop first. I tried doing it with the laptop closed and mounting the dual screen on top.

Setup Tri Screen

I realized that I didn't have enough space between screen and keyboard to do it. So, this method didn't work for me. How do I recommend doing it first open the laptop screen and then place it. But if you look here in the video, I've made a mistake and that's why I'm showing it to you so it doesn't happen to you underneath. It has some hooks that are super important. It is not useful to place only the upper hooks but you also need the two below. Otherwise, you will have the screen hanging like me. Don't worry they are protected and don't scratch the screen. We can also put the rear support in order to support the weight if you want. In my case with the MacBook Pro. It's not necessary. Once you have done it, you only have to connect each screen once you connect it. The computer already detect it when we connect the next one. The computer will also detect it automatically. What can we possibly do order the screens which I will show you later and that would be almost everything right now. You can already enjoy the best of these screens and your laptop. You can pick any tap or app and move it wherever you want. This for me is super useful in terms of productivity. For example, when I'm doing accounts on one side I can have the spreadsheet on the other. I can have the data of the company with which I have to operate or when I am programming there is so useful for me. I can have a tutorial on the left program on the center screen and then see the results on the right screen.

Functionality of UPERFECT Z

As you can see that the transmission is instantaneous. It is good that it's adapted to 3.1 or thunderbolt. You can use it only with the battery of your laptop if you wish. But attention. It's not the same effort for your laptop to show the content on one screen than on three, it will last much less. You have to bear that in mind. Another great utility that it has is that if you only want one screen you can do it just unplugging it and folding the left one. Or if you are with a client, you can rotate the screen to the left so that your client sees what you want to show him the presentation, the video, whatever. Well, you have ordered that on your screen, you will only have to worry about keeping the cables tidy.

Sort Screen

If you're wondering if it's difficult to order the screens? Well not at all. You just have to do it as I show you on the screen and order them so that the mouse follows the neighboring screen. Very easy to use. If you were wondering where I walked it. It was a new perfect monitor dot com. I have searched for the perfect set. Three screen. It says it's for 13.3-inch laptops but it can fit 15 inch laptops like mine or up to 16 inches. You can see that there are discount coupons so you can get cheaper. And if you look at the technical specifications well the screen is as I told you 13.3 inch pipes. It's also full HD connection. I have done it with USB C but you could also do it with mini H.D.M.I. It can be adapted to any screen between 13 to 16 inches and it increases productivity by 200%.


That's true. It really does increase it. At the end of the day you're not tabulating, you're staring at the screens directly looking for the information you need without navigating between tabs or Windows. I'm used to work with very large screens and it is much easier to work with these two extra screens on the laptop. It is a very curious gadget that I had wanted to have for a long time. It's so cool. I have used it traveling in my motor home and it's very useful. What do you think you have one? Do you find it useful? I would like to read you in the comments?


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