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144 Hz Monitor Portable USB C 

UPERFECT portable 144hz display equipped with USB-C port and Mini HDMI port. Compatible with computers, laptops, and phones (MUST support USB3.1 or thunderbolt3, Or use IOS/Android to HDMI Adapter), Raspberry Pi, GAMING DEVICES, etc video & audio device. [NOTE: please connect to external power supply for fully load display, otherwise it may be entered energy-saving mode(20% Brightness/Flicker) or standby mode(NO Signal) automatically.]

UPerfect 144hz Portable USB C Gaming Monitor

Play without cracking or stutter

Portable 1080p 144hz monitor

Portable 1080p 144hz gaming monitor
144hz 1ms 1080p Gaming Monitor

Mini HDMI interface perfect for your gaming device

144hz 1ms 1080p Gaming Monitor

Dual Type C for Signal and Power Supply

Best 144hz Portable Type C Monitor

Best 144hz Portable Type C Monitor
Lightweight 144hz External Monitor

Most powerful bracket integrated second screen

Lightweight 144hz External Monitor

Package Included: 

FHD 144hz Portable Monitor * 1
Quick Start Guide * 1
Type-C to Type-C Cable * 2
USD-C to Type-C Cable *1
Mini HD Cable * 1
PD18W Power * 1

1. Please check if the Type C of your phone is a full-featured Type C port. If it is just a Type C for charging, it will not be available. You need an type C to mini HDMI adapter cable and connect to the monitor.
2.Please check if your laptop has Thundbolt 3.0 port, or you may need to connect your laptop to the monitor via mini HDMI port.
3. As this model is FHD touchscreen with specialBracket Integrated design, it needs larger power input to keep working. So it must connect to power supply with our PD power adapter and compatible device at the same time, otherwise, it will enter standby mode(black screen) automatically.

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