Why The Touch Screen Is Not Working?

How To Connect The Touch Screen Monitor?

If your laptop has a full-featured Type-C port, simply use one USB-C to USB-C cable to connect from the laptop's USB-C port to the monitor's USB-C port. Remember not to use the power port with PD symbol.

If your laptop has only HDMI connection, there are 2 cables needed. First is the HDMI cable, connect from your laptop to the monitor. Then you need to use USB-A to USB-C cable to connect the computer's USB-A port to the monitor's USB port. If the monitor has no battery, external power supply will be needed. Please follow steps by steps when connecting.

Why Did The Touch Function Work On The Main Monitor, Instead Of The Second Monitor?

Some devices does not support touch control on extend mode second screen. In this case, we need change the display setting into mirror mode, or set up the touch monitor as the main screen.

Why My Macbook Not Response When Touch The Second Monitor?

Due to the agreement protection of the Apple Mac OS system, not all touch monitors support Macbook touch function. Check this catalog for monitors support Mac touch.

Why Can't My Monitor Draw With A Stylus Pen?

We only have one pressure sensitive touch screen support drawing but out of production. For other touch screen supports multi-points touch, such as drag-and-drop, multi-finger sliding, zoom in and out (MacBook only supports single-point touch), etc, no matter using fingers or stylus pen, it does not support writing and drawing. 

Why Touch Function Is Not Working When The Monitor Is Displayed Vertically? Or Touch Misalignment?

When comes to touchscreen, the display panel and touch panel are two different panels. Once you change the display vertically on your computer setting, the touch function still remain horizontal, which result in touch misalignment or no touching.

For monitos with auto-rotate function, the gravity sensor will keep the touch function same with the display. If you need touch function for vertical use, choose one of these auto-rotate monitor with auto-rotate function, so it can display vertical view automatically instead of setting in your computer.

Can Smartphones With No Full-featured Type-C Port Activate Touch Function Of The Monitor?

No. Smartphones without full-featured Type-C need to use a Type-C to HDMI adapter cable when connected to the monitor, which can only transmit audio and video signals, but no touch screen signals.

Can Game Consoles And TV Boxes Support Touch After Being Connected To A Touch Monitor?

Not supported when connecting the monitor through a HDMI port. For Nintendo Switch, it does not support touch function because it has no Full-Feature Type-C port. However, new Steam Deck console support both touch and keyboard. 

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