UPERFECT UPlays C2 Portable Gaming Monitor reviewed by Charles Duante

Hi, my name is Charles. And in today's video we'll be unboxing the UPlays C2 120 Hertz portable gaming monitor from UPERFECT.


First of all, it is the manual. Here are its specifications. It comes with a 30-watt power brick. Here we have some cables, we have two USB C cables and a mini HDMI to HDMI cable.


Let's check out the monitor. This monitor comes with a leather sleeve, it has magnets that attach to the monitor. Here's the monitor. This is a 16 inch, 16 by 10 2 K monitor. The bezels are slim with a slightly thicker chin.


On the side. We have a headphone jack, a power in back button, a scroll dial for navigating the settings. A micro USB OTG port and one of the two speakers. On the other side, we have the second speaker, two USB C ports that can be used for power and signal transmission and a mini HDMI port.

Vesa Compatibility

It is also a Vesa mount compatible. The monitor is mostly made of aluminum except for the bezels and it feels sturdy and durable. to prep up the monitor fold this part inside, then adjust the monitor like. So let's check out the monitor.

Menu Settings

Here's the Settings to navigate the menu, push a dial inward, push it again to select an item and push it up or down to navigate, and press the button beside it to go back here. You can control the brightness and contrast set. Different screen modes enable or disable a dynamic contrast ratio. And you can also adjust the sharpness here. You can select an aspect great show here. You can adjust the color temperature of the monitor. But out of the box, the colors are really good. Here's where you can adjust the onscreen display settings. Here's where you can reset the settings to enable HDR and low power mode. Here's where you can select a signal source. There's also a low blue light setting. You can also adjust the volume here. And for gamers, you can toggle the free sync and overdrive settings here. That's about it in the settings.

Screen Resolution

I'm not a gamer, so I'll mostly use this for productivity work. I hook this up to my Macbook and it gets its power from my laptop. I was really impressed with the colors and details of the monitor. It looks clear and vibrant. It defaults it 1280 by 800 high DPI. But you can also use its max resolution of 2550 by 1600 here. You can see that it's indeed at 120 Hertz. If you're using a Macbook Pro with Pro motion, you'll notice the difference once you connect it to a 60 Hertz external monitor. But since this monitor is capable of 120 Hertz, it feels fluid when I use it with my laptop. As I've said, I'm not a gamer so I can't say much when it comes to response time, but this has 3 to 5 millisecond response time and has free sync.

Using iPhone 15 Plus with Monitor

I also tried it with my iphone 15 plus and it works with a single USB C cable. But if you turn up the monitor's brightness or play a video, it will disconnect because the power coming to the monitor is insufficient. In this case, you'll need to use the provided power brick or a USBC charger or power bank that has at least 30 watt output. When the monitor is connected to external power, it charges the connected device.

Using Galaxy s22 with Monitor

I also tried this with my galaxy S22 and I can use the X mode with it. Android has more options for the screener solutions, which is great.


Since this monitor has an aspect ratio of 16 by 10, the speaker is a bit on the quieter side but it's there. If you need it, you can always plug in a speaker or a headphone via the audio jack.


I really like how it looks, it is slim and looks sleek. It being portable, you can game or be productive wherever you want or you can just add this as a second monitor to your desk setup. Since this is Vesa mount compatible.

Also, the color on this monitor is really great. It's way better than most laptop monitors. Overall, this is really a NASA monitor, especially for its price considering that this is a two K panel that has a 120 Hertz refresh rate and has a decent port selection. Go ahead and check out the UPERFECT UPLAYS C2.

Check UPERFECT UPlays C2 Portable Monitor: https://www.uperfectmonitor.com/products/120hz-gaming-monitor

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