Why Do You Need To Buy A Portable External Monitor?

Laptops, tablets, and mobile phones have certainly made staying connected on-the-go easier. So, then why do you need to buy a portable external monitor as well? While the reason for wanting to extend a display screen may differ for everyone, one thing is for sure; it is easy to fall in love with a portable external monitor.


What Is A Portable External Monitor?

A  portable external monitor is a display screen that can connect to a phone, tablet, or computer via cable. They come in various sizes and make switching between tasks much more manageable. In addition, because they are a lot more portable than desktop monitors, it is easy to take them anywhere, whether for entertainment or work.

Benefits Of A Portable Second Monitor:

Why do you need to buy a portable external monitor?

Improve Productivity

Portable second monitors offer efficient solutions in the workplace. Whether you are a businessman, real estate agent, or graphic designer, there are so many ways a portable external monitor can make the workflow more productive.

For example, an extra monitor can save you time jumping from one task to another while working at a desk. An extended screen is also much easier on the eyes, and it can increase insights into data.

Even if you only use it as a communication space during remote work, it can lower your stress levels as it provides a better solution.

Use As A Preview Screen

These tech-savvy devices can even connect to cameras! This means that creators can take a portable second monitor on a photo or video shoot and leave their laptops at home.

So instead of viewing footage on a tiny LCD screen, a portable external monitor serves as a high-quality display screen where creators can check their footage right away.

Add A Professional Touch To A Meeting

If you are in a meeting and need to present something on-screen, a portable screen monitor will scream professionalism! At a meeting away from the office, all you need is your phone and an external monitor to showcase your work.

During a large meeting, a larger monitor might be the best solution to grab everyone's attention. In any case, a portable second monitor with a large or small screen is a complete power move as it shows that you are prepared and professional.

Scale Up Your Mobile Device

Seemingly mobile devices are something many struggles to live without during these modern times. However, in certain circumstances, they can feel insufficient due to their tiny touchscreens. Hence why you might want to consider a portable external monitor. Moreover, even the smallest mobile can be "upgraded" with an extra monitor to obtain that full-sized experience.

When it comes to portable monitors, there are various features and extra gadgets one can include. For instance, an additional Bluetooth keyboard together with Google Docs and Microsoft Word can make one's phone feel like a computer. 

Take Entertainment Everywhere

Another use for portable second monitors is entertainment. Watching the game or a movie on a tiny mobile device just doesn't cut it. However, you can expand your mobile screen and enhance the entertainment experience when connecting your phone to a portable monitor. It is the perfect option if you are going camping or on a road trip.

Expand And Improve The Display On Specialized Devices

Besides better entertainment and productivity in the workplace, these monitors can also improve specialized devices. Portable external monitors can be adapted for specific industries or professions such as retail and medicine.

For example, medical sensors can be upgraded to provide a more apparent viewing experience via a portable monitor, or cashier's counters can become more manageable with a touchscreen display.

Additionally, an external portable monitor is a great way to beautify a space and improve the look of a device that is out of date. With the proper adaptors, and placements a portable external monitor can save lives, time, and even money.   



What To Look For In A Portable External Monitor?

A portable external monitor is simply seen as a luxury by some. Others see it as an essential part of the workplace functionality. Nonetheless, because not all monitors are the same, it is crucial to know what features to look out for when buying a portable second monitor.

If, for instance, you use it for gaming or editing photos at home, an extensive and high-quality screen will be more efficient. On the other hand, a smaller and more portable one is a better choice if all it's only going to serve as is a second screen for the kids during traveling. Likewise, a lighter one will be a better choice if it is meant to be taken on the go.

Other features you need to keep in mind are screen quality, orientation control, and touchscreen input. Not everyone needs a portable second monitor with a 4K resolution, but crisp screen quality can mean a lot during media editing or coding. Likewise, a screen that can turn vertical and has a touchscreen input will come in handy during creative work or collaboration with a small team.

Your portable second monitor will not work without a sufficient connection point. Therefore connectivity is of utmost importance. Luckily nowadays, most of the newer versions come with a USB-C connection. However, if the connection port of the monitor is not the same as your device, it is essential to get a cable that will make the two compatible.



There is no doubt that portable external monitors are becoming a popular way to work on the go. From extending screen space from a desktop to scaling up a mobile device, they are widely applicable. Moreover, additional features can increase work productivity and decrease stress levels.

But, even if you do not need to buy a portable second monitor for work, these screens make movie watching and gaming a load more fun! And better yet, these high-tech monitors will fancy up any space!

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