All Display Setting Questions You Have When Connecting To A Monitor

Why Can't I Choose 120Hz / 144Hz / 1440P / 2K When Connecting The Monitor With Xbox / PlayStation / PS4 / PS5?

Normally, the game console will auto detect the game's best performance refresh rate. To avoid PS or Xbox lower down the game refresh rate, you can turn off the auto detect function manually in game console setting, and fix it at 120Hz or 144Hz. However, this only work for games support 120Hz or 144Hz. For 60Hz games, you will only get 60Hz no matter how you change the setting, because this is limit by the game itself.

To achieve 1440P resolution after connecting a 2K resolution monitor to Xbox or PS, please setup the game console through the following steps: Settings >> General >> TV and Display Options >> Video Fidelity And Overscan >> Uncheck Automatic Detection >> return to resolution and you will see 1440P.

Note: Xbox and PlayStation game console can only connect the monitor with HDMI to HDMI cable.

How To Use Copy / Mirror / Extended Mode?
  • For Windows, change display mode in display setting, or easily activate quick menu with WIN + P key. Here is the guiding video.
  • For Mac OS, change the display mode by check or uncheck Mirror Display option. Video Here.

Why My 4K Monitor Only Display 1080p Resolution / 3840*2160 30Hz?

The 4K resolution needs to meet ALL the following requirements. 

  • First, your device should support up to 4K, like game console PS5 or Xbox Series X, or computer graphic card support 4K. 
  • Second, the cables need to meet 4K requirements, such as HDMI cable (2.0) and Type-C cable (USB 3.1). When we ship you a 4K monitor, the above cables are surely included.
  • Finally, the content source output from yor device, like games or videos, should support 4K resolution. And make sure the monitor IS a 4K monitor.

For computers support 1080P 60Hz, lower down the refresh rate to 30Hz can display 3840*2160 in 30Hz.

Why Can't I Save The Brightness After Restarting The Monitor?

  1. Remember to save the setting after adjusting the brightness. Normally the button enter the menu is the save button.
  2. The monitor needs to be connected to the power supply when adjusting the brightness. If the monitor has a battery and the power is sufficient, you can adjust it directly then save it.
  3. Turn off the power saved mode in the menu if it's turning on, usaually it is name with ECO.

Why The Color Of The Monitor Is Different From My Computer?

All monitors have a menu for color adjusting, including RGB, brightness, contrast ratio etc. Please try to use these setting option to adjust the color first.

Screens from one production batch are similar in color gamut, color temperature, brightness and contrast. However, when it comes to different batch, or even different manufacturer, the above specification will vary from screen to screen. Most of the time you can get similar color result after adjusting.

Why I Only Get Color Gamut 80% While It Stated 100%?

There are several standard for color gamut, such as sRGB, NTSC, Adobe sRGB, DCI-P3 etc. Please confirm whether the color gamut standard stated is consistent with the one in the actual test.

If you are running color calibrate by software only, the result might be inaccurate. Instead, you need to use a monitor calibrate tool, like SpyderX from Datacolor, to get a higher accuracy. Normally, the test result value will have a 3% deviation with the stated value.

Before runing the calibrate, reset the monitor to default setting and keep the monitor working for more than 1 hour. When testing, remember to adjust the brightness to the highest level. We suggest to run the test indoor to avoid sunlight inteferes the result.

Why Does The Image Getting Gray After The Monitor HDR Is Turned On?

To use HDR function, you need to turn it on for both the monitor and the computer. If HDR function activate only on one device, the monitor or the computer, the color of the monitor will be distorted and become gray.

Why The Image Not Covering Full Screen Or Distorted?

When connecting a 16:10 monitor with a device only support 16:9, like Nentendo Switch, monitors with Auto Aspect Ratio Detect function will automatically recognize the input source and display the image in 16:9 without covering the full screen, leaving black space at the upper and bottom to avoid image distortion.

In case you don't want to leave black space, manually adjust the aspect ratio to 16:10 then you will get the it full screen but a bit vertically stretched (from 16:9 to 16:10). For monitors without auto detect function, the image will always cover the full screen.

When Connecting Earphone, There Is No Sound Or Only Work In One Ear, While The Speaker Is Working Fine?

  1. Try twisting or unplug and plug again the earphone plug several times. 
  2. Try with another earphone or external speaker to test it out.

Why The Monitor Keep Buzzing Or Humming?

  • If you are talking about the slight electrical sound when the speaker is working, that might be a normal case.
  • If this happens when playing a video or audio, try to play a lossless audio or a high quality one. The buzzing sound might comes from the audio.
  • Sometimes insufficient power supply can cause buzzing. Please connect the monitor with an external power supply and check again.
  • The cable connecting the device and the monitor might working well. Try to change another HDMI or USB-C cable for connection.
  • The speaker itself is damaged.

Why My 144Hz Monitor Only Shows 60Hz In The Menu?

Your computer might not auto adjust the refresh rate to 144Hz, kindly change it manually in the display setting. However, if you find no 144Hz option, this means neither your device nor the discrete graphics card of your computer does not support 144Hz.

Why My Macbook Wifi Is Not Working When Connected To The Monitor?

This might caused by the reverse charging function after both the computer and the monitor are powered. Try to disconnect the power input of the laptop.

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