How To Connect A Second Monitor

Currently, external second monitors are often used in mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other devices. Portable display second monitors seem to provide us with new possibilities in various fields. Whether you need to increase productivity, handle work on the go, or watch movies for entertainment, portable monitors will play a unique role.

We will undoubtedly encounter many problems when connecting monitors. We have summarized some of the problems we will encounter and through these answers we can solve some similar problems as soon as possible.

What Are The Connection Methods For Monitors?

There are generally two ways to connect monitors, and some models have three ways.

  • The first is to connect the signal through the HDMI interface. In this case, connect the power supply first, then connect the HDMI. If the monitor has a touch function, then connect the USB-A to USB-C cable;
  • The second type is type c to type c connection: when a computer or mobile phone has a full-featured TYPE-C interface, it can be connected to a monitor in type c to type c. Because the output power of some devices is limited, especially HP computers, when using type c to type c connection, the monitor must be connected to an external power supply, otherwise there will be no display, poor display, or restart;
  • The third method is to connect through the MINI DP interface. In addition to the above two connection methods, some monitors can also use MINI DP connection;

Can it be connected through VGA and DVI interfaces?

Yes, you need to use a VGA or DVI to HDMI connection. The VGA or DVI to HDMI interface needs to be one with audio, otherwise there will be only images but no sound. For some monitors, you can directly use a VGA or DVI cable to connect to the VGA or DVI of the monitor. port connection;

When my computer's TYPE-C interface is not full-featured, can it be connected via a one-line connection?

No; when you need to connect an external monitor, you can only use other signal transmission interfaces such as HDMI interface, DVI interface, VGA interface, etc. to connect;

Can an Apple phone be directly connected to a monitor?

No, when using an Apple phone to connect, you need to use a co-screen adapter or co-screen cable;

How to activate DEX mode after connecting to Samsung mobile phone?

Samsung DEX mode requires reverse charging of the mobile phone; if the monitor has a reverse charging switch, the reverse charging mode needs to be turned on;

Problems with connecting SWITCH to the monitor

  • Use an HDMI cable to connect to the monitor through the HDMI interface of the SWITCH base;
  • When using a TYPE-C cable to directly connect the SWITCH host and the monitor, you need to use the original SWITCH power supply to power the monitor; it is recommended to use an HDMI cable to connect to avoid poor contact when the host shakes during movement;

Why can't I select 120Hz or 2K/1440P when connecting XBOX/PS4/PS5 to a monitor?

  • XBOX/PS4/PS5 only have HDMI interface to connect to the monitor;
  • If a high-refresh monitor of 120HZ or above is connected to PS5 or Xbox series, games must be loaded with a frame rate of 120HZ or higher. This is how you make 120 Hz work and is a setup reason for the console itself;
    Manually set the refresh rate of 120HZ through the game console. If the game content is not above 120HZ, it will also become 60HZ when playing the game (Xbox series X/S refresh rate setting steps: Game console homepage ---Settings---General--TV and display options---Video fidelity and overscan--Display selection automatic detection---return to display and select refresh rate 120HZ);Then verify whether you can use the ps5 monitor.
  • After connecting a 2K resolution monitor to Xbox series X/S to achieve 1440P resolution, you need to operate the game console as follows: Game console homepage---Settings---General--TV and display options--Video fidelity and overscan--Display and select automatic detection---return to display and select resolution 1440P.

Can I use one computer to connect two external monitors at the same time?

  • Yes, when the computer has two signal transmission interfaces (TYPE-C and HMDI), it can be connected to two external monitors at the same time. A total of 3 monitors including the host monitor can be displayed; three can display the same content or two can display the same. One displays different content or all three display different content;
  • Although some Apple Macbooks have two USB-C ports, they do not support connecting two monitors at the same time. Due to limitations of the Apple system itself, you need to purchase a USB-A to HDMI adapter, one to connect to the HDMI port and the other to the USB- Type C interface.
  • A Macbook with only one USB-C port can connect two monitors through the docking station + software download. However, the software has compatibility issues and cannot be guaranteed to be possible. You can refer to this blog.

Can I use two devices to control the same monitor?

Yes, when using TYPE-C and HDMI for signal transmission and connection at the same time, you usually switch the signal source by short pressing the power button;

Can I use a power bank to power the monitor?

  • To connect a 1080P monitor to a computer, just use an ordinary power bank with 5V2A output;
  • When using a 1080P monitor connected to a mobile phone, a power bank with PD protocol is required;
  • 4K monitors, whether connected to mobile phones or computers, need to use a power bank with PD protocol; the larger the capacity of the power bank, the longer it will last;

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