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    UColor 17-4K


4K with 100% Adobe!

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17 inch 4K portable monitor with 100% Adobe, multiple colors can meet all your needs.


If you are looking for a high-definition monitor that can meet the graphic design, this one equipped with a 17.3-inch screen, 4K UHD ultra-clear image quality monitor will be an excellent choice.100% Adobe color gamut allows you to enjoy vivid pictures, 1000:1 contrast ratio makes the whole image clear and tangible.

Whether you need it for work or for entertaining games, or even graphic design, this monitor will undoubtedly be a good partner. This product is ultra-light and ultra-thin by CMC's high process technology and careful design. Whether it's a business trip, travel, work, or party, it won't let you down.

  • 4K UHD
  • 100% 

  • VESA

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High-color Graphics Design Monitor

With 100% Adobe RGB color space, the 17.3" screen delivers you brighter, crisper, and more natural colors. UPERFECT large portable monitor offers you a broad horizon and remarkable visual clearness with 400cd/m² brightness and 1000:1 Contrast Ratio. This is undoubtedly a great help to the work of graphics and images.

UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen

Large Portable Monitor with Great Colors 

16.7M (8bit) colors can perfectly present the colors of a variety of images, immerse yourself in the world of colors, especially in games, videos, and movies, and you can deeply appreciate the charm of colors. 17.3 inch 4K UHD large portable monitor has 178¬į full view angle, can see the details of the screen from multiple angles, breaking the limitation of wearing the same screen.

All Details Can Be Seen
Compared with the resolution of 1080P, the resolution of 3840*2160 is much superior in terms of definition and picture quality. 17.3“ 4K large portable monitor provides the most incredible detail and image clarity. Especially when you are playing a game, you can see every detail on the screen of the 4k IPS monitor.
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
View Actual Color
With 100% Adobe's high color gamut, it is currently the widest color range standard, has 16.7M(8bit) colors, 17 inch portable monitor perfectly restore various color pictures, which can display the largest color range, especially for designers, gamers, travers, students, teachers, etc., and it is a very good choice. 

 4K 17 Inch Portable Monitor

If you are tired of a small screen and low resolution, this UPERFECT portable monitor will be your gospel. When the laptop is equipped with 17 inch portable monitor, you will not miss every extraordinary moment. 4K UHD ultra-clear image quality allows every detail to be vividly displayed. Whether it's leisure or work at home, it will always help.

UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
Vivid Picture
With 1000:1 contrast ratio, can make the picture more vivid, can adjust the contrast between white and white freely, make the color level of the image more full and vivid.
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
Adjustable Brightness
17 inch portable monitor with 400nits, meets most needs of lots of people about brightness, you can adjust the brightness via OSD menu, Easily see screen content, even in the sun. 
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
Blue Light Filter
Adopt UPERFECT unique low blue light technology, protect your eyes from blue light, and reduce the blue light by more than 80%, it will not hurt your eyes even though use your eyes for a long time.

Double Your Hustle 

Except for the large screen, rich colors, and 4K resolution, 17 inch portable monitor has many unimaginable functions, as long as you want, it can achieve them, and it is the best product accessory. Such as playing gaming, working, movies, and other daily tasks, you can get a better experience via this 17-inch 4K UHD portable monitor.

UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
Plug & Display 17 Inch Portable Monitor
UPERFECT 17 4K portable USB C monitor is equipped with a Mini HD, an HDMI, and Two Full-feature USB-C ports ( Both support power & signal transmission). It only requires a single Type-C cable for both power and video transmission from your host device, which supports USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3 connection, and Via HD for full compatibility.
17 Inch 4K IPS Monitor Gaming
UPERFECT portable gaming monitor extends your screen and improves working efficiency with multiple ports connection support. Adobe RGB offers a more fantastic range of colors, accurately reproduced on display for the needs of games, perfectly matching PS3/PS4, Xbox, Switch, etc. At the same time, it can also meet professional photo editing and image viewing. Ideal Partner for a graphics designer. 
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
Big Dex Monitor for Samsung
The UPERFECT 17.3" IPS monitor is matched with a customized Samsung desktop operating system to make the phone more intelligent. Activate Samsung Dex to experience the most advanced desktop technology.  Through the desktop, you can browse the web without barriers and expand your horizons. Check if your smartphone is on the list from this Link.
Note: DisplayPort out put is required for your smartphone, check the list here or contact your service provider.

Portability Bring to Your Life

Light and thin, the same size of 17.3, only 1.13 kg (2.48 lbs), very portable, you can carry it with you when you go out to handle a lot of work, for example, 100% of Adobe's color gamut can be used to handle work, 17.3" 4K UHD portable display can be used for conference sharing to improve work efficiency.

High-tech Rigid and Large Screen
UPERFECT 17 4K monitor HDMI adopt CNC Metal Wire Drawing Process. CNC machining of drawing oxidation treatment process & metal cutting make the product exquisite and compact.
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
UColor 17-4K - 17.3 Inches Portable 4K Gaming Monitor IPS Screen
VESA Compatible Large Portable Monitor 
UPERFECT 17 4K portable VESA mount 17 inch monitor extends your display improves working efficiency with desk holder support. Easy install with 4 pcs of M4*6mm screws, hole distance 75mm. Set up your own workplace with multiple screen.
Note: The accessories in the picture are for demonstration only, not included in the package, please purchase separately.


View the monitor parameters below.









17.3 Inch Portable Monitor


Refresh Rate


Response Time


Screen Size

17.3 Inch


3840 √ó 2160 UHD

Display Ratio


Viewing Angle


Panel Type


Contrast Ratio



400 cd/m²

Color Gamut

100% Adobe

Color Depth



Touch Screen


Built-in Battery


Gravity Sensor









Built-in Speakers

Yes, 2*8ő© 1W


Yes, 75*75mm@M4*6mm

Driver Free


Stand Holder


Cover Case


Rated Power


Product Size

404 √ó 257 √ó 12 mm (15.91 √ó 10.12 √ó 0.47 inch)

Net Weight

1.13 kg (2.48 lbs)


1 √ó Full-Featured USB Type-C for Audio & Video Input

1 √ó HDMI for Audio & Video Input

1 √ó mini DP for Audio & Video Input

1 √ó USB Type-C for PD Power Input

1 √ó Micro USB-B OTG for USB Drive or Keyboard and Mouse

1 √ó 3.5mm AUX for audio output

What's in the box?


1 √ó 17.3 Inch Portable Monitor

2 √ó Type C to Type C Cable

1 √ó HDMI to HDMI Cable

1 √ó Power Adapter

1 √ó Smart Cover

1 √ó Manual

More Powerful
Beyond Your Imagination
1.13 kg (2.48 lbs)
12mm Slim 
Contrast Ratio
Dual Speaker
Type c & HDMI
& mini DP
OSD Menu
Easy to Adjust
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