UStand - Monitor Side Mount Dual Clip for Laptop Phone Tablet 1 Pair

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Portable Dual Monitor Clip

The dual-screen clip allows for quick release of both hands without the need for assistance or support from a stand. Fix the phone/tablet/monitor on the side of the monitor/laptop, so that two devices are placed in parallel and on the same horizontal plane, making it convenient to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and improving work efficiency. For example, convenient to video chat with someone while your laptop is occupied with other tasks. Easy to install and use, and easy to access on your mobile phone. Working from home is easier.



Series UStand
SKU S218-D1
Product Size 78 Ă— 33 Ă— 25 mm (3.07 Ă— 1.3 Ă— 0.98 inch)
Net Weight 0.03 kg (0.07 lbs)
Compatibility Phones/Tablets/Monitors/Laptops less than 0.4 inch/10mm


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2 * UPERFECT Monitor Clip

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