UPERFECT Model “O” 4K OLED Portable Touch Monitor reviewed by RA Visuals


Guys you may have noticed in my background, I finally did it. I changed around my whole desk set up and I've gone from being just a two-monitor user to now joining the three-monitor club. And it's all because of this guy right here. This portable led monitor from you. The UPERFECT portable monitor is called the model O and it's also so beautiful and it's now a new centerpiece of my desk set up. Thanks to its brightness and crazy good colors. It's also packed with a bunch of really cool features that are not only make it a good addition to your desk setup, but something that you can take with you on the go as well if you're like a traveling person or you like to game on the go. So, stick around and we'll dive right into this super unique monitor right after a quick word from our sponsor.

What’s inside the box

We're not wasting any time. Let's jump right into the unboxing of this OLED portable monitor and see what accessories you get inside the box. The first thing in the box is of course the manual then monitor itself. The UPERFECT O features a 4K OLED touch screen panel that displays 100% DCI P3 color offering a greater range of colors at a more saturated and vibrant level. And we'll discuss more about this later. The model has an ultra slim profile and only weighs 2.2 Pound. That's without the smart cover on to keep the package nice and light. Speaking of the smart cover also in the box is the smart cover and it's super thin and foldable and it doesn't add very much the total package once it's on the monitor and you can use it to stand the model O and landscape as well as portrait mode and also use it as a protective cover when you want to transport It. Also included in the box are a few important cables So let's go through them. You first get a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable, two USB C to USB C cables, one USB A to USB C cable and finally a 45-watt charging brick with a USB C port. Now that you know what you get in the box.

Build Quality

let's take a look around the model O and talk about its build quality and some features of it. The body of this panel is made of full aluminum, which feels very premium and has a really nice weight to it. So, it feels like something that will last you a very long time. The panel features three total buttons on the top right of the monitor, you have the power button which also serves as the on-screen display menu button. A short press of this button will give you the access to the OSD and allow you to change your color levels, your brightness, your color temperature or even use one of their seven preset color models. There's a bunch of stuff here and you can also set how long you want the OSD to remain on the screen and even change the transparency of the OSD as well. If you want to be a little more transparent, the OSD will also show your battery level as well as what resolution and refresh rate you're currently running your monitor at I thought that was a nice touch Oh. And right beside this button is a little led to let you know the status of the monitor depending on what mode it is in. It has a couple of different colors including blue and orange. No indicate either it's on, it's in standby mode or if there's no led, then it means that it's off just below the power button on the right side of the monitor. There are also two volume buttons. These simply allow you to turn the volume up or down. And you can also do this by doing it inside of the on-screen display if you don't feel like using these buttons. So, you kind of have a little bit of a choice there.


Speaking of audio, the model O does feature two speakers built into it. They're placed on either side of the panel and honestly, they're just OK. If you're in a page and you need some audio, they work fine.

Battery Power

The model O also has another check up its sleeve because it also contains 10000mAh battery inside of it that can actually keep the monitor powered for up to 2 to 3 hours. Additionally, you can also use the monitor as an extra power bank to charge your other devices as well. You simply just have to activate this feature on the on-screen display menu. Now to get the model O connected to your device


There are three total ports on the monitor, two USBC ports and one mini-HDMI port. So, the two USB-C ports can provide power and signal to the monitor. But the mini-HDMI can only provide signal to the monitor. And now all the parts are located on the right side of the monitor. So that makes it actually a little bit better for managing your cables since they're all on the same side and you won't have cables coming out both sides of the monitor. That would be a little bit weird with these two connection options. This monitor is basically able to connect at about just pretty much any device including your PC, your Mac A P S five Xbox, an iPad, an Android tablet, your smartphone, whatever you may have.


Now, let's talk about the screen really quick. This monitor is called the model O because of that bright and vibrant OLED panel that it features the screen measures 15.6 inches and allows you to run the monitor at a max resolution of four K at 60 Hertz refresh rate. Like I said in the beginning of the video, the model O features a 100% DC IP three rating which is really great for reproducing accurate colors and photo or video editing, which is something that I personally do every day.

About Gaming

This screen has some bright colors like I've never seen and it makes games that I've been playing on my IPS screens look way more vibrant actually. And because the model O features a 100,000 to 1 contrast ratio, it gives you those incredibly deep blacks and man, the colors just pop off the screen, it looks really cool.


The model O also features a 10 point touch screen to it. So now I only really own Windows system so I can't speak for how it works on a Mac, but on Windows, I think it works really great. One thing I will note is if you're using multiple displays with this screen, you do have to actually go into your display settings and make sure the model O is selected as your main display to make sure the touch screen function works on the model O itself. But there's actually a little hidden feature here. If you set one of your other screens as the main display, you can actually use the touch screen and control your other display with the touch screen features as well if you want to. It's a little weird because you actually can't really see what you're touching because it's on a different screen. But hey, if you're like duplicating displays and making them show the same thing, I can see why somebody might want to use that. Oh another little hidden feature of this screen is that you can use a two finger gesture and swipe down to the bottom right corner of the screen and it actually reveals the OSD menu. Pretty cool little feature there.

About Monitor

Now, let's talk about how I have integrated this monitor into my main set up and how I use it. So, I originally wanted to just connect the monitor to my streaming PC using the mini-HDMI cable. But I quickly remember that I did not have any more available HDMI on the back of my RT X 2080 in that system because I'm already using them for other monitors. So, I went with Plan B and guess what I remembered that the RT X 2080 that I have, it actually has a USB C port on it for monitors that can do USB C video transmission and guess what the U perfect monolog does. Yep, it allows a video signal via USB. So I actually hooked that up with the original USB C cable and the monitor just turned right on. It was pretty awesome. Got the video signal working and the screen now works perfectly with my desk set up with touch function and everything. But either way because of this discovery, I am now able to run the monitor with this USB C cable and the power cable to keep the monitor up to charge while it's at my desk. But if I ever need to take the monitor and use it with my laptop somewhere, I can always just use that single USB C cable again to make the monitor work since it does have that 10000mAh battery to back it up. So this actually makes the model O the perfect portable monitor for me personally as I can take it on the go and then just plug in two cables and have it back on my desk as part of my three monitor set up.


Now, the only con of this monitor that I can personally see is in terms of price. Unfortunately, OLEDS are not cheap and this monitor is no exception. I'm sure there are cheaper options out there, but I haven't seen any with the same features, an insanely beautiful screen as this one.  I'm just super stoked in this monitor because it is totally cheap. Change the way I use my personal setup and has become super useful to me when I'm doing something like streaming because it's perfect for monitoring OBS I can just kind of take it and throw it down on that window and I have my game up on one screen OBS right in front of me to make sure everything is going perfectly. And then I have my chat on my third window and it works really, really well. So like I said, I wasn't a believer in the three monitor set up until I got this model O right here. And now I can honestly say that it was the last piece of the puzzle that I needed to make this work for my personal work flow. But anyway, let me know down in the comments if this is something you guys could see grabbing for your own set up and speaking of that, you perfect, usually has some great sales going on website.


Check the video review here: https://youtu.be/_dcYx1Fz1gc

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