The Coolest & Handiest UPERFECT 4K UHD Portable Monitor reviewed by PC Crazy


What's up guys today? We have something really cool and outstanding in terms of portable monitor and it's quite slim as you can see. It's barely a centimeter with thickness and you can carry it around if you're on the go and you need a side monitor for a laptop. But that's not all because you can use it for varieties of other devices, consoles, PC, mac and whatever you desire and think of. Of course, because it has also loads of ports for connection and it can be really handy.


Now, what's it all about with this one? And let's dive in. So right here we have the UPERFECT. This is 15.6 inch screen with IPS panel, 4K resolution 60 Hertz refresh rate and it has 3 to 5 milliseconds response time, which isn't bad for such a screen. You have a possibility to place your pen here if you desire to do so.


As you can see, you get this leather, I would say not a sleeve but almost a carrying case and a stand which as as I already shown you can be done as such.
So this is how we can stand on the table, but I'll show you that later on. First, let's go through some specifications. So you know, literally everything about it and then we're going to dive in and see the connections.

Ports and Plugs

First of all, and most importantly, 4K UHD PC monitor with IPS panel, dual USB C 3.1 with full functionality. It has additional HDMI full size port, it has USB OTG port and it has 3.5 millimeter jack for your headsets. Now, this is quite outstanding because it gives you an option to basically connect it to any device that you come up with. So it supports most of the lab, it supports standard PC connection because you can transfer your screen with USB C or you can transfer it with a full size HDMI which is really cool. Then we have a possibility to connect it to PS4 & PS5 Xbox. You have a possibility to connect it to your I think I said already PC, right then Mac and other devices that support these connections. So this is really outstanding because it gives you a possibility to have a screen on the go, even though you do have additional charger that needs to go into a wall socket to give you power to your screen, but that's not all.
Ports and Plugs


Of course, it has 100% SRGB color gamut 16.7M(8bit) color display has already stated 60 Hertz 3840*2160 in 16:9 aspect ratio, 178 viewing angle, horizontal and vertical contrast ratio is 1300 to 1. The brightness 300 per square meter, which is quite solid for this type of screen response time is 3 to 5 milliseconds. It supports HDR. You have two speakers with eight homes and one watt.
Vesa Compatible


The cool think about it, it has a vesa mount. So when you use it like, so when when you flip it at the back, as you can see, you have four screws, four threads right here at the back and it supports 75mm*75mm@M4*6mm and you can mount it on a side mount on your table. So, you don't use this red one and that's really cool because you can flip it horizontally vertically. It really doesn't matter you can do whatever you wish and desire with it. Now, in addition to everything, it's a simple plug and play. So, what happens here is basically what you do is you just simply connect it with the cable, either use B type C or HDMI to your PC Mac, I forgot switch. And it simply turns on like any regular monitor, so no driver installation or anything similar to that, which is quite cool, I would say.


Now the OSD menu is quite straight forward, the user friendly. So you can adjust the brightness, you can adjust the colors, you can adjust everything through that.
Handy to carry

Handy to carry

Now, the most fascinating thing and why I say it's quite portable and handy to carry it around, especially if you're having a, I don't know, going to events or anything if you're, for instance, content creator and you're going on an events and you have your laptop with you for video production that you need to put the video out immediately after that day of an event ends and you're used to at least I'm used to multiple screens, of course, because it does help with the work flow. So when you're on the go, when you're on an event or on a trip, a business trip or whatever, you might feel the need of an additional screen.


This is something that will give you guys let's say an advantage because here it is the whole weight of it is under one kg. So, so we have 930 g of weight on this thing with the foldable black cover. And that's really cool because I already started you can place it on a Vesa mount or anything similar to that. And this is how it's easy to remove the black cover. So this is the black foldable part that you get and it really does weight a bit. So when you remove that and you get only the screen, it actually gets it, it doesn't get lighter than what they stated with 0.93 kg, but it does lose some weight. And here at the back.
You have all the connections described and written. So type C, one type C two HD basically HDMI headphone, jack OTG, power on and power button, another button to enter the OSD menu adjustment for the speakers because you could adjust the speakers directly here and you have a possibility to adjust the brightness and of course, to go back in the past menu that you were doing. So basically what this screen means to me. First of all, let me show you the setup, it's a smaller set up than you're used to from my past videos. So let me show you what I did.
What created right here is I would say some sort of a travel kit. So let's put it this way. This is a Macbook Pro 14 and we have the UPERFECT monitor which is under one kg. The Macbook is under two kg. So basically three kg with two screens and we have a powerhouse right here for editing without a doubt. And that is combined all together lighter with such a combination of dual screens performance and everything that I need for editing on the go. So basically the u perfect monitor will be on the site, giving me a possibility to basically access all the additional, I don't know, screens that I need to use or windows or accessing folders to easily add additional media or grab some additional information for the videos or anything similar to that, which is quite handy. And as I said, and you already seen my main set up where I do most of the editing. But right here, we have something that is more convenient for the travel and everything that I already started.

Handy Foldable Cover

The foldable cover really does come in handy because it does create a stand for your screen and it is quite easy to use and to adjust it, plus it protects the screen while it's under travel.
Now, the connection is straightforward, there's already stated, you use your type C connection to power it up with the charger that you get, you get to use B type C cables and you get the HDMI, you don't get the OTG cable. But basically, the OTG cable that you're going to use most likely is going to be already for the device that you're going to connect it to. So that's a completely different story.


The colors on the screen aren't that precise in terms of comparing it to the Macbook screen. It's quite logical. But taking into consideration that for an outstanding price you get 2160 P resolution, you get 60 Hertz refresh rate, which could be nicely used for gaming PS4 PS5 or what, whatever you decide. And if that's not enough for you or you want to do it and use it for something else, you can always use it as an additional screen for your PC on the side, place it and have basically loads of desktop space. Since I presume if you're gaming on competitive stuff, and you're most likely running a 1080P or 1440P screen. So if you go with 4K, this would give you some additional desktop screen space for Discord or anything else that you need and for console part, you can game on the go. All in all straightforward connections which I really do enjoy in terms of, of just plug and play. This is outstanding because you don't have to do any driver installations or adjust anything. The screen is immediately recognized and turns on without a single problem. The OSD menu is really straightforward. You have loads of settings to adjust the screen and make it perfectly for watching movies, playing games or reading or whatever you decide to do with it. And after all, you could do some editing since it is an IP S panel and the accuracy of the color is much better than on any other panel. You could use it for photo editing. But if you're running a Macbook on the side, just like I am, you're of course going to use the Macbook for editing and to get that precise coloring for other stuff. This is a perfect sidekick monitor. I would call it a sidekick because it really does help with the work flow. But all in all I would say quite satisfied with what I got here in terms of side monitor that can be used in my main set up right here on the side if I decide to go with fourth screen, but that's something else.


For the price range, this UPERFECT monitor 4K 60 Hertz outstanding is really bang for the buck in terms of the screen size portability and of course the price, the price is really outstanding. So place the link below for this one, specifically this one and you have varieties of other screens. If you're not into 4K, you could go with 4040P, 1080P touchscreen wireless even or you could go with Lapdock which is also an outstanding thing to have. It's just you'll see, just go there.


Check out the screens, check out this one particularly because this one is, as I said, 4K and the most, I think this is the most affordable 4K monitor on their website. So check them out, check out what they have, maybe you'll find something interesting that will suit you quite nicely because also you have varieties of sizes. You can go with a 13-inch, 14 inch 15, 17. It just goes beyond anything that you want and can add to your main set up. Thank You.

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