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Today we have in our hands, a stunning 1440P portable monitor that combines portability functionality and exceptional visual performance at a very sweet price point with its impressive specs and sleek design. This monitor is made to elevate you’re on the go productivity and entertainment experience. We'll explore its features and performance as well as the pros and cons of this monitor. In case you decide to grab one for yourself.



Unboxing the UPERFECT USetup K3, we get all the necessary cables as well as a power adapter to power the monitor. We see that it has a sleek design crafted with an aluminum body, excellent durability. The slim form factor and lightweight construction make it highly portable fitting seamlessly into your backpack or laptop bag. The foldable back cover case which is included in the box apart from providing protection during transportation is also a stand to place the monitor on. You could also use a visa mounting bracket that this monitor is well supports.

UPERFECT Portable Monitor Feature


Featuring a 17.3 inch IPS panel. The USetup K3 delivers stunning visuals with its 1440P resolution, the high pixel density ensures sharp images, vibrant colors and excellent detail. The 16:9 aspect ratio provides a comfortable viewing experience suitable for both work and entertainment purposes. With a wide 178 degree viewing angle, you can enjoy consistent and accurate colors from various positions. It also impresses with its 100% SR GB color gamut ensuring accurate and vivid color reproduction when editing photos and videos, creating graphics or watching movies. Moreover, the monitor's color depth ensures a rich and immersive visual experience.

UPERFECT Connectivity


While the brightness level enhances visibility even in well little environments making it suitable for outdoor usage as well. Now, we have a range of connectivity options here for audio and video with the full featured USB type C ports. You can effortlessly connect your laptop smartphone or gaming console to the monitor, transmitting both audio and video signals connecting your device through us SB type C is plug and play and it can be used ad ex for your smartphone, which I find a really awesome feature. You can also use the additional mini-HDMI ports, which provides flexibility for other devices like a desktop PC and use it as a second monitor. Now, this monitor incorporates two built in speakers as well which are sufficient for basic audio playback. But you can also use external speakers or headphones via the 3.5-millimeter aux output with the 60 Hertz refresh rate and a quick 3 to 5 millisecond response time. The U Perfect U set up K three offers smooth and responsive performance, reducing motion blur and ghosting whether you're gaming, streaming videos or working on demanding tasks. The monitor keeps up with your actions providing a seamless experience.


Now, should you buy this monitor? Well, the UPERFECT USetup K3 is undeniably an impressive monitor for the money that delivers on its promises of stunning visuals and performance. The slim aluminum design and foldable back cover case will ensure durability and ease of transports making it a worthy companion, either you're gaming, working or editing. If you're looking for a portable monitor, then I think this 17.3-inch monitor is the right choice for you. What this monitor doesn't offer is an integrated battery. So, if you're traveling or camping, for example, then you must either have an external power source with you like a power bank for example, or choose a model like the you travel G 16, which features an integrated battery as well.


Now, if you're looking for something completely different, either it's for gaming, working or traveling. UPERFECT has definitely covered variety of monitors in different sizes and resolutions for all kinds of applications and budgets.



Check this product: https://www.uperfectmonitor.com/products/uperfect-17-3-inch-portable-monitor-for-laptop?_pos=1&_sid=a9e58988e&_ss=r


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