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    UStand - Monitor VESA Mount Desk Stand Swivel M3M475MM

    VESA Stand


Adjustable VESA Monitor Mount!

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UStand - Monitor VESA Mount Desk Stand Swivel M3M475MM

UStand - 모니터 VESA 마운트 데스크 스탠드 스위블 M3/M4*75MM

Manually adjustable VESA monitor mount, free your hands.


모니터의 스탠딩 문제로 늘 고민하시는 분들이 많습니다. UPERFECT 모니터를 더 잘 경험할 수 있도록 이 스탠드를 디자인했습니다. 모니터가 서 있는 문제가 해결되었습니다. M3 및 M4 VESA 구멍이 있는 휴대용 모니터를 지원하며 구멍 거리는 75*75mm이며 손으로 나사로 조일 수 있는 디자인으로 모든 것이 쉽습니다. 60° 회전으로 콘텐츠에 맞게 이동할 수 있어 작업과 놀이가 더욱 편리하고 생산적인 경험이 됩니다. 이 VESA 마운트 스탠드는 작업 공간에 휴대용 모니터를 원활하게 추가할 수 있는 완벽한 방법입니다.


SKU: S118-D1

Series: UStand

Material: Aluminum

Item: Monitor VESA Stand

Product Size: 190×95×50mm(7.48×3.74×1.97 inch)

Net Weight: 0.19 kg (0.41 lbs)

VESA Hole Distance: 75mm (2.95 inch)

VESA Hole Size: M3×7mm, M4×7mm

What's in the box?

  • 1 × UPERFECT VESA Stand

  • 2 × M4*7mm Screw

  • 2 ×  M3*7mm Screw

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Your Monitor's Best Partner

UPERFECT Adjustable VESA monitor mount is a beneficial support for portable monitors and can be compatible with a variety of monitors. As long as it conforms to the design of the VESA holes specs, VESA monitor mount can be used by users anytime and anywhere, bringing convenience to work and improving work efficiency.

Monitor Desk Mount Vesa Portable Monitor Stand M3/M4*75MM | UPERFECT

Balance Your Vision and Free Your Hands

VESA monitor mount can free your hands and eliminate the need to support the monitor with your hands or other objects, allowing the portable monitor to work better on a smooth horizontal surface, improving work efficiency and increasing productivity.

UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"
Stand Tightly on A Flat Surface

The bottom of the VESA portable monitor stand is designed with a non-slip pad to increase friction, allowing the monitor to stand stably on any smooth surface. VESA monitor stand will allow the portable monitor to stand at a fixed angle and will not slide casually.

Can Be Easily Put into A Backpack

UPERFECT VESA monitor stand is very convenient to carry, allowing the portable monitor to be used anywhere and anytime, such as in coffee shops, streets, conference rooms, trains, high-speed rails, camping, etc.

UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"

Flexible Adjustment for Comfortable Work

Although the VESA monitor stand is adjustable, gives users enough space to adjust the angle of the monitor. Whether it is the standing angle or the display direction of the portbale monitor, VESA monitor stand can unconditionally meet the needs and bring substantial convenience to the user.

UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"
Various Standing Angles

VESA desk mount can be adjusted at will. You can adjust the tilt angle of the VESA desk mount according to your sitting height to match the viewing angle, so that the screen is in the best visual range, releasing neck pressure and allowing you to work longer.

Freely Switch Screen Orientation

UPERFECT VESA desk mount is very easy to disassemble. You can freely adjust the direction of the VESA installation according to the direction of the screen content of the portable monitor, Can be installed horizontally or vertically. It only takes one minute to disassemble and re-install, which is fast and convenient.

UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"

Absolutely Lightweight And Easy to Install

Compared with most VESA mount stands on the market, the UPERFECT VESA monitor mount stands out thanks to its compact and lightweight design, and its installation method is also simplified. Based on this, it has captured the love of many users and has become the favorite of most portable monitor enthusiasts. It is a must-have item for outdoor work with portable monitors.

UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"
Compact and Wide Compatibility

UPERFECT VESA mount stand is compact in size, only 190*95*50mm (7.48*3.741.97 inch) and weighs about 0.19 kg (0.41 lbs). It is very easy to carry and does not take up space in your backpack. Two VESA screw sizes (M3×7mm, M4×7mm) are compatible with most portable monitors.

Hand-tightened Portable Installation

The VESA mount stand is easy to install without any tools. Hand-tight installation not only reduces the cost of purchasing installation tools, but also reduces installation time and improves work efficiency.

UStand - Monitor Stand Adjustable Multi-Angle Holder for 12"-19"
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