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    UColor Q1


Best Travel Monitor

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First QLED portable monitor, 15.6-inch QLED monitor is the best companion on the go.


شاشة Q1 المحمولة Q1 QLED الرائعة تُبنى بتقنية Quantum Dot. توفر لك شاشة السفر مقاس 100٪ DCI-P3 و 99٪ Adobe RGB بمساحة 15.6 بوصة ألوانًا أكثر إشراقًا ونقاءً وطبيعية.

بالمقارنة مع sRGB ، تغطي شاشة DCI-P3 QLED مزيدًا من اللون الأحمر والأخضر ، وهو أكثر قوة ووضوحًا ، مما يسمح للأشخاص برؤية ألوان أكثر واقعية ، خاصة في الأفلام. توفر الشاشة الخارجية Adobe RGB نطاقًا ممتازًا أكثر من اللونين الأزرق والأخضر ، ويتم إعادة إنتاجهما بدقة على الشاشة لتحرير الصور الاحترافي وعرض الصور. شاشة QLED مقاس 15.6 بوصة مثالية لمصممي الرسومات.

  • Quantum Dot Technology
  • 100% DCI-P3
  • Sunlight Readable


Series: UColor

Model: Q1

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Screen Size: 15.6 inch

Resolution: 1920 × 1080 (FHD)

Display Ratio: 16:9

Viewing Angle: 178°

Panel Type: QLED

Contrast Ratio: 500:1

Brightness: 500cd/m2

Color Gamut: 100% DCI-P3

Color Depth: 1.07B(10Bit)

Response Time: 3-5ms

Rated Power: 8W

Material: Aluminum

Touch Screen: No

Auto Rotation: No

Built-in Battery: No

HDR: Yes

FreeSync: Yes


Built-in Speaker: Yes, 2 speakers 8Ω 1W

Built-in Battery: No

Product Size: 353 × 212 × 10 mm (13.9 × 8.35 × 0.39 inch)

Net Weight:  0.53 kg (1.16 lbs)

What's in the box?

  • 1 × QLED Portable Monitor

  • 1 × USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 1 × Mini HDMI to HDMI Cable
  • 1 × Cover Case
  • 1 × Power adapter
  • 1 × USB-A to USB-C Cable


  • 1 × Full-Featured USB Type-C (for Audio&Video Input & PD Power Input&Output)

  • 1 × mini HDMI (for Audio & Video Input)
  • 1 × USB Type-C (for Power Input)
  • 1 × USB Micro B OTG for USB Drive or Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • 1 × 3.5mm AUX for audio output

Hear What Experts Say

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Best Partner For Travelling

Q1 is the first QLED portable monitor from UPERFECT. Thanks to the QLED Technology, Q1 acheives a brilliant color up to 100% DCI-P3, QLED monitor allows people to see more realistic colors, especially in photos and videos. What's more, with the 500 nits brightness and 1 pound weight, you can easily take laptop travel monitor around for travelling, camping, outdoor working, and more.

About Quantum Dots

A Quantum Dot is a human-made nanoparticle that has semiconductor properties. They’re tiny, ranging in size from two to 10 nanometers, with the size of the particle dictating the wavelength of light it emits, and therefore the color.

QLED Display

Travel computer monitor uses Quantum Dots means the range of colors and their accuracy is maintained even at peak brightness. The result with QLED is accurate, rich and detailed colors on displays, in any light.

Always On-The-Go

Bring It Everywhere

Ultra slim crafting makes Q1's 15.6 inches screen only weight like an iPad, with whole aluminum housing and CNC finishing, 1 pound light weight enable true portability. QLED monitor is lightweight, very suitable for putting in your bag, escorting your journey.

Watch It Outdoor

Put 15.6 inch travel computer monitor in the bag, grab a power bank, enjoy the outdoor entertainment even under sunlight. The 500 nits brightness makes travel external monitor can overcome all outdoor task, coffee shop, train, camping, and more.
Note: DisplayPort out put is required for your smartphone, check the list here or contact your service provider.

Work It Through

Compared to sRGB, the DCI-P3 travel monitors for laptop covers more red and green, which is more powerful and sharper. Travel monitors for laptop allows people to see more realistic colors, especially in movies. Adobe RGB external monitor offers a more excellent range of blue and green, accurately reproduced on the screen for professional photo editing and image viewing. Ideal for graphics designers.
More Powerful 
Than You Can Imagine
1.16lbs (0.53kg) Weightless 
10mm Ultra Thin Design
Foldable Cover Case 
100% sRGB Brilliant Colors
USB-C & mini HDMI Connections
Easy OSD
Look Into Details
Dual 2W Speakers
Portable travel monitors for laptop built-in dual speakers support stereo output, providing clearer sound quality. Long service life 3.5mm headphone jack output audio from concerts and games. Offers stunning stereo sound.
Speedy Response Time
The response time of portable travel monitors for laptop can reach to 3-5ms, so model Q1 can ensure that you get the clearest image and the fastest performance. No longer have to worry about the smearing and blurring of the picture.
No Splash + Low Blue
Extended exposure to blue light for a long time will damage eyes. Travel monitors for laptop adopts low blue light technology filters harmful blue light to protect eyes of all ages. Flicker-less will not get your eyes fatigue.
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