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    UPERFECT X 14 Pro Wireless LapDock DeX Monitor TouchScreen

    UPERFECT X 14 Pro 


First Wireless Lapdock!

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UPERFECT X 14 Pro Wireless LapDock DeX Monitor TouchScreen
First Wireless Lapdock, suitable for Samsung Dex, Motor Ready For, LG Screen+ and all smartphone support desktop mode


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لقد فكرنا كثيرًا في معنى قابلية النقل. يعد تحويل الهاتف الذكي إلى جهاز كمبيوتر محمول أحدها ، لكن هذا لا يزال بحاجة إلى كابل. ماذا لو تمكنا من إزالة الكبل ؟ نبدأ في استكشاف المشكلة وبفضل فريقنا التقني ، تحقق الحلم النهائي . الآن يمكن لـ X 14 Pro الانتقال إلى لاسلكي ليس فقط لشاشة DeX ، ولكن أيضًا من أجل شاشة اللمس ولوحة المفاتيح !

  • Wireless
  • 10-Point
  • With Keyboard


Model: X 14 Pro

SKU: 140G02

Refresh Rate: 60Hz

Screen Size: 14 inch

Resolution: 1920 × 1080 (FHD)

Display Ratio: 16:9

Viewing Angle: 178°

Panel Type: IPS

Contrast Ratio: 800:1

Brightness: 250 cd/m2

Color Gamut: 100% sRGB

Rated Power: 13W

Material: Aluminum

Touch Screen: Yes, 10 points multiple touch control

Auto Rotation: Yes, 180° rotation

Built-in Speaker: Yes, 2 speakers 8Ω 1W

Built-in Battery: Yes, built-in 10800mAh battery

Charge time: 2-3 hours

Working time: 5-6 hours

Product Size: 323 × 218 × 15 mm (12.72 × 8.58 × 0.59 inch)

Net Weight:  1.25 kg (2.76 lbs)

What's in the box?

  • 1 × UPERFECT Wireless Monitor

  • 1 × Type C to Type A Cable
  • 1 × Power Adapter
  • 2 × Type C to Type C Cable
  • 1 × mini HDMI to HDMI Cable
  • 1 × Manual


  • 1 × Full-Featured USB Type-C for Audio & Video Input

  • 1 × USB Type-C for Power Input
  • 1 × mini HDMI for Audio & Video Input
  • 1 × 3.5mm AUX for audio output
  • 1 × TF Card Port

Hear What Experts Say

Know before buying, or simply place an order and test is by yourself, because we have 30-day RISK FREE Trial!

Show Your Favorites on Wireless

 Equipped with advanced wireless technology, surpassing the traditional wiring method, get rid of your cable, free wire connection, Wireless mirroring with laptops and mobile devices is enabled via WiFi, Miracast or AirPlay connection. Improve work efficiency, reduce work efficiency problems caused by cable limitations. As long as you can think, X 14 Pro lapdock can display it.

Expand Your Wireless Workspace

Smartphones today are extremely powerful, and for those who don't run advanced applications, a phone can serve as their primary computing device. Despite the raw power of a smartphone, there is still a physical limitation of the display size that makes some work tough to complete on a phone screen. Through cableless technology, you can work on a bigger screen.

Efficient Wireless Work Pal
When you are on a business trip or traveling, just connect your phone to X 14 Pro lapdock, no wire constraint, easily achieve PC online work anytime and anywhere, and maintain the same work efficiency as the office. 
Improve Work Efficiency
With keyboard, which brings great convenience to work, saves time to connect the keyboard, and also saves the cost of buying a keyboard. Through the keyboard, you can easily achieve various office work. tabletop games, design, web search, and other needs. 

Wireless Built to Be on-the-go

UPERFECT X 14 Pro touchscreen lapdock aims to provide the ultimate desktop experience, remove the cable, instantly launch the desktop for work. Lightweight(1.25 kg/2.76 lbs) and small in size, make wireless lapdock can be carried with you, which makes the Wireless LapDock a unique choice for business trips, outdoor teamwork, on-the-go, etc.

Control with a Few Clicks
Wireless lapdock has a 10-point touchscreen, you can experience touch screen work through having no wires technology. no need to connect a mouse, you can easily realize, typing, web browsing, work, etc.
Long Battery Life for Outdoors
Built-in 10800mAh large battery, 2-3 hours of charging time can bring 5-6 hours of entertainment experience. With Wireless lapdock, you can not only enjoy long hours of entertainment, but also for a distance without the hassle of wiring and frequent charging.

Rich Connection Methods

In addition to cableless connection, X 14 Pro provides to your phone all the basic connection you would find on a regular PC: full featured type c, mini HDMI output, audio jack 3.5 mm, USB C for charging, etc. Except for phones, you can also connect PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, etc., improve productivity and entertainment experience through the desktop mode.

Match in Big Screen
If you don't like wireless, just connect your phone via type c, you can get a better video experience on bigger touchscreen, which make you immerse in match.
Desktop for Work
Produce your work on X 14 Pro lapdock through type c, achieve you work earlier, improve work efficiency, save your time, and you can have more time to enjoy.

Colors Beyond Imagination

When you think X 14 Pro is just suitable for connecting the phone to work, then you must be wrong. With high resolution and rich colors, there will be a pity if you don't use it for any play. You can use it for games, movies, design, and other applications.
Delicate Picture Expression
The 1920*1080 resolution can magnify every detail on the screen, and have a completely different experience from the small screen.
Impeccable Color
100% sRGB ultra-wide color gamut, can display 16.7M (8bit) colors, present all kinds of colors you want, very friendly to games and movies.
Blue Light Filter
Ultra-low blue light technology protects you from potentially harmful blue light. It offers our eyes a comfortable view. No flicker, reduce eye fatigue and increase eye time. 
More Powerful
Beyond Your Imagination
2.76lb (1.25kg) FeatherLike
15mm Slim Design
Built-in 10800mAh battery
Gravity Sensor
Easy Calibration OSD Touch Menu
More Details
Gravity Sensor
With 180° gravity sensing, automatically sense its orientation and switch the display while connected to your mobile devices.
Dual Speaker
Built-in 2W speakers, bringing immersive 3D surround sound effects, especially suitable for music, games, movies, etc.
360° Hinge
360° foldable, fold up on any flat surface and offers easy tilt adjustments to ensure comfortable viewing angles and working positions. 
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If we do not use the wireless connection but the wired usb type c one, does the keyboard work also wired or is the connection between device and keyboard only supported over bluetooth / wireless?
Hello, yes, the keyboard and touchscreen works both wired or wireless, no worry.

Is there a 10,000mAh Lithium-ion Battery like on other LapDocks?

Hello yes, same 10800mAh battery!
Will the full featured Type C port work as a OTG usb when the phone is connected wirelessly?

hello, we suppose not.
Does this work with LG G7+ with Android 10? Does this work with BT or Wi-Fi?

hello, we found the model not only the list of displayport altmode, but you can still use it with wireless connection by bluetooth 4.0 or later
How well does gaming work? What is the latency like? Would it still need a wired connection?
Hello, we do not recommend wireless for gaming.