LCD vs IPS Monitors: Which Is Better Monitor Panel Type?

LCD vs IPS Monitors

LCD vs IPS Monitors

Users are very picky about the monitor, but in addition to the requirements for parameters such as high refresh rate and color display, the monitor panel material is also the top priority for users.We need to have a preliminary understanding of the type of monitor panel, which is more convenient for us to choose related products.

LCD IPS Monitor Basic Concept

LCD Monitor

LCD is a type of display, short for liquid crystal display.

IPS Monitor

IPS is a classification of LCD panel driver types, which belongs to the upgraded version of TFT driver. It is the LCD panel technology launched by Hitachi in 2001. It is commonly known as 'Super TFT' and is now the mainstream product type.

Lcd display structure

Difference Between IPS Monitor And LCD Monitor

1.Technology Difference

The advantage of IPS technology is that it changes the arrangement of liquid crystal molecular particles and adopts horizontal conversion technology. The technology of LED and LCD liquid crystal screen is the same, it needs the support of backlight when displaying, and the light needs to pass through two layers of glass and substrate and various optical films, alignment films, and color filters to generate polarized light.

2.Viewing Angle

Because the liquid crystal molecules rotate and move in the plane, the IPS monitor has a very good viewing angle performance. The four axial directions of up, down, left, and right can achieve a viewing angle close to 180 degrees, and the viewing angle is better than that of the LED monitor.

3.Color Authenticity

A comprehensive display of the characteristics of the IPS monitor color pillow. Due to the excellent color flip and brightness conversion performance of the IPS monitor, no matter from which angle you appreciate it, you can see high-quality pictures with vivid colors, saturated and natural

4.Dynamic Picture Quality Performance

The IPS monitor adopts horizontal conversion technology, which speeds up the deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules, ensures that the picture clarity can also have super expressive force when shaking, and eliminates the blurring and water that is easy to appear when the traditional LCD monitor receives external pressure and shakes streak diffusion.

5.Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Because the IPS screen arranges the liquid crystal molecules more reasonably, the thickness of the liquid crystal layer is reduced, thereby changing the light transmittance of the liquid crystal screen, enhancing the display effect, and making the display panel thinner and more power-saving.

Comprehensive comparison IPS monitor panels have certain high-quality and high-color performance, just like our product 17.3 4K Gaming Monitor, which has corresponding advantages compared with LCD screens.

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