OLED vs LCD Monitors

OLED vs LCD Monitors

OLED vs LCD Monitors

Both OLED and LCD are the mainstream panel screen types in the market at present, each has different characteristics, and it is necessary to understand their basic concepts.

OLED vs LCD Basic Concepts

LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor can only have color information after it is irradiated on the relevant color filter plate through the luminous backplane.

OLED Monitor

OLED diode organic light-emitting diode (organic light-emitting diode, OLED) This technology uses an organic polymer as a semiconductor (semiconductor) material in a light-emitting diode. The display technology is self-illuminating and uses very thin coatings of organic materials and glass substrates. These organic materials glow when an electric current passes through them.

Difference Between OLED and LCD

The light-emitting principle of an OLED monitor is to emit white light from the backlight layer, then add a layer of color film on the white backlight layer, and control the pass light rate of each pixel through current, thereby controlling the color of the pixel. The LCD monitor is composed of a backlight layer and a liquid crystal measurement, which cannot completely cover black and white light, and there will be some light leakage more or less, and the screen thickness is relatively thick. However, the LCD monitor has low power consumption, natural and accurate screen color, eye protection function, mature technology, and low cost.

OLED vs LCD Monitors

The OLED monitor is very light and has the characteristics of folding and bending. It is called a "flexible screen". When displaying a black interface, it does not emit light at all, and the color display has high chroma, wide color gamut, and high contrast.Just like our OLED Portable Touch Monitor provides good picture quality and color.

It is worth noting that the OLED strobe appears on the screen, the lower the brightness, the more serious the strobe, and it is harmful to the eyes when used in dim light. Another point is that if the OLED screen burns out, the service life of the screen will be shortened.

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