UPERFECT UGame K5 Portable Gaming Monitor unboxing by Maverick Ledesma

Hey, what's up everyone? Welcome back to my channel. We have an exciting review and unboxing video sponsored by UPERFECT. UPERFECT offers portable monitor quality with a sleek design. I've been lucky enough to partner with them and they've sent me their latest product to check out to begin. It is important to read the user manual first before trying to use the monitor. The monitors for double stand cover is simple to install the bottom part of the case must be folded otherwise it may easily slip down the UPERFECT UGAME K5.

On the right side, we have the headphone jack, two type C ports, mini HDMI port and a pully button for the on screen display menu. On this portable monitor. We also have speakers on both right and left sides of the display at the back. This monitor can be put on a visa stand. The first thing that caught my attention is how slick and slim the monitor is.
It also comes with cables such as the type C cable. This cable can be used to various devices that can deliver both power and signal transmission. We also have a mini H near M to HDMI cable. This cable is only for signal transmission and an extra type C cable allowing you to utilize the monitor with phone devices. Here's the PD adapter, I call this a power brick. It only supports type C connection.

Portable Setup
Now, I'd like to show you my portable setup with the UPERFECT UGAME K5. One of the best things about this monitor is its versatility. It's compatible with verious devices and I'll show it later on this video.

Color Accuracy
But first burros because of its slim bezel and color accuracy, this 17.3 inch monitor is truly attractive to the eyes. The screen resolution is the standard 1920 by 1080 yet. I enjoy watching my favorite movies and TV shows on this display.

Work Editing
I enjoy using this monitor for work, editing videos and photos. This monitor is designed to provide professional level smooth display. It also adopts unique blue light filtering technology that can reduce damage to your eyes. This portable monitor promises an incredible 240 Hertz refresh rate which means super smooth visuals for all your gaming needs. Perfect for any gamer who wishes to have a seamless gaming experience and always on the go. It also has free sync processor that offers incredibly smooth tier free game play at high refresh rates up to 240 Hertz for ultra low motion blur.
Display Menu
It's also easy to navigate on the onscreen display menu, scroll up and down to adjust the volume and single press for the main menu.
Now let's look at its compatibility with other devices. If you have watched my previous videos, you know that I enjoy portable setups. I recently used the popular Rog portable monitor. However, because of the UPERFECT monitor, there's a competition now I switch to the UPERFECT monitor for good.
Thanks to UPERFECT for sponsoring this video. You can check out their website for other amazing products. They offer a variety of monitors and accessories that satisfy your techniques. Here's the exact monitor that I featured in this video, which is the UPERFECT UGAME K5. Personally, I've enjoyed using this monitor and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a portable display that doesn't compromise on performance. It's perfect for gaming, but it's also great for content creators or professionals who need an additional screen for their work.


Check this product: https://www.uperfectmonitor.com/collections/portable-monitors/products/240hz-gaming-monitor?sca_ref=3879409.3QVX3QCOn4

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