Portable External Monitor Display Problem

It can be really frustrating to encounter many display issues while using a portable monitor. We have answered some common questions to ensure that when encountering some common monitor display problems, we can point out the problem and solve it reasonably.

How to use extended mode?

  • On WIN computers, you can select extended mode through the keyboard shortcut WIN+P" or select extended mode in Display Settings-Multiple Monitor Settings.
  • Macbook can be selected in the preferences. After selecting, pull the selected content all the way to the right until all the content is in the display.

Why does a 4K resolution monitor only display 1080P resolution? Or check in the menu that the resolution is 3840*2160 30Hz?

Conditions need to be met to achieve 4K resolution:

  1. First, the device supports 4K, and when connected to a computer, the graphics card needs to support 4K.
  2. Second, signal transmission lines such as HDMI cables (2.0) and TYPE-C cables are 3.1 and support 4K.
  3. Third, the display itself is 4K.

Why can’t the refresh rate reach 144HZ/120HZ/100HZ?

  • Check system compatibility: Make sure your device (laptop, gaming console, etc.) supports 2K resolution and has the required ports to connect a monitor. Computers with integrated graphics cards on the market can reach 2K 60HZ/100HZ. If you want to reach 2K 120HZ or above, you generally need a computer with a separate graphics card. The maximum HDMI interface connection supports 2560*1440 144HZ, 2560*1600 120HZ, TYPE-C The interface can support 2560*1600144HZ.
  • Use the right cables: Use high-quality cables, such as DisplayPort or HDMI 2.0, to connect your monitor to your device to ensure proper transmission of high-resolution and high-refresh-rate signals. The supporting cables of the monitor can all meet the requirements of the highest output, and customers cannot replace the cables at will.
  • Adjust display settings: Some devices will not be automatically recognized. For example 2K 144hz gaming monitor. You need to set the display resolution to 2K (2560x1600) and the refresh rate to 144Hz in the settings to obtain the smoothest experience.
  • Enable Adaptive Sync (if available): If your monitor and device support technologies like AMD FreeSync, enable them to reduce screen tearing and improve gaming performance. FreeSync generally supports 60HZ or above. If you select 30HZ after partially turning it on, abnormal display or no display will occur.
  • Keep drivers up to date: Install the latest graphics drivers for your device to ensure compatibility and optimal performance with 2K 144Hz monitors;
  • Provide adequate power: Some portable monitors may require external power for optimal performance, make sure the monitor is connected to an electrical outlet or has sufficient battery power.

After adjusting the brightness, why can’t the brightness be saved after the power is turned off and then connected again?

  • After adjusting the menu, you did not press the confirm button to confirm;
  • Regardless of whether HDMI is used to transmit signals or TYPE-C is used to transmit signals, the monitor PD interface needs to be connected to a power source when adjusting the menu.
  • If the monitor has a low-power submenu, you need to enter the menu to turn off the low-power mode.
  • Macbooks sometimes have low brightness due to automatically turning on HDR. Try turning off the notebook's HDR and then turning it on again.

Why do the colors of the monitor and the host computer monitor not match?

The color gamut, color temperature, brightness, and contrast of the display screen used by each monitor are different; there is no comparison. Generally, it has been adjusted to the best state when leaving the factory. Customers can adjust it according to their own usage environment and preferences. Adjust brightness and color temperature.

Why is the 100% color gamut only 80% measured?

  • First confirm whether the stated standards are consistent? For example, they are all expressed in accordance with the sRGB standard, or in accordance with the NTSC standard.
  • It is necessary to use professional instruments and equipment for testing, such as red spider and blue spider testers with slightly lower accuracy, and color analysis and synthesis equipment with higher accuracy. The test result deviation is about 3%, which is normal. If the customer directly uses the test color The test value of software testing may not be accurate.
  • During testing, the display generally needs to be warmed up for more than 1 hour, reset the display, and adjust the brightness to the highest level to avoid direct exposure of strong light to the display.

What does HDR\Freesync\DCR\OD do?

  • HDR, High-Dynamic Range (HDR), mainly adjusts brightness and contrast without affecting delay. Generally, there are three options in the display menu, Auto, OFF, and 2084:(1) Automatic means that as long as your device output supports HDR and the automatic mode is set at the same time, the automatic mode set by our monitor will automatically turn on when you play games; the audio and video output settings of the PS4/PS5 game console are set , select Auto for HDR. The effect will only be effective if the game supports HDR. Generally, the monitor can select Auto mode; (2) OFF means turning off the HDR function and will not turn it on automatically; (3) 2084 is always on, which means HDR is turned on no matter what the situation. The brightness in this mode is very bright and the color is a bit distorted.
  • Simply put, the Freesync function is to dynamically adjust the refresh rate of the monitor to solve the problem of screen tearing and freezing.
  • The simple understanding of the OD function is the same as CPU overclocking, which is to reduce the display delay by increasing the driving voltage. In this case, the display effect will be reduced.
  • DCR is dynamic contrast ratio: intelligent dynamic high contrast technology automatically detects the brightness and darkness of the input signal through intelligent processing IC and dynamically adjusts the backlight module. It not only greatly improves the display contrast value, but also makes the grayscale levels more delicate, and effectively improves the darkroom light leakage problem of the LCD panel. It also automatically adjusts the brightness contrast due to different video characteristics, achieving power saving, environmental protection, and viewing comfort requirements, and brings Users sharper and clearer visual images. To ensure that when consumers use image files, the image quality will be more delicate.
  • Eco mode is an intelligent energy-saving mode, which means entering power-saving mode. There are several reasons why a computer monitor enters power-saving mode: the host is shut down, the system is on standby, the system enters hibernation, or the graphics card has no video output. The monitor will automatically shut down when there is no signal input for a long time.
  • Scenario mode. The monitor menu will also preset some scene modes, such as movies, games, text/reading, FPS, RTS, etc., which mainly preset RGB color, brightness, contrast, and other parameters for different scenes to achieve quick switching effects. In scene mode, brightness is locked and cannot be used with HDR at the same time.

Why does the image turn gray after the monitor HDR is turned on?

To realize the HDR function, both the monitor and computer need to turn on the HDR function; if the monitor or computer only turns on HDR, the color of the monitor will be distorted, usually turning into gray.

Why does my monitor appear with black edges or the display stretched vertically after it is connected?

  • When this happens, it is normal for the customer to use monitors with different aspect ratios to connect to the device, such as a 16:10 monitor connected to a 16:9 laptop/game console.
  • There is an input source with a fixed 16:9 aspect ratio (such as a game console such as Switch), and the output is output to a 16:10 monitor [with automatic aspect ratio recognition function]. Regarding the optimization of the 16:10 width ratio monitor, the top and bottom will There are black borders (10-9=1), and most game consoles are 16:9; if you don’t want to leave black borders, you can manually adjust the aspect ratio to 16:10 to fill the screen, but the game screen (input source) will be portrait Stretching (9 to 10), unoptimized 16:10 monitor will directly force stretching

  • When connected to a notebook, in extended mode, if the input source is 16:9, black borders will appear, such as video playback (the video source has a fixed aspect ratio); when viewing the document directly, there will be no scaling. This is caused by The computer automatically recognizing the resolution because the resolutions of the secondary monitor and the primary monitor do not conflict in extended mode.

There is no problem playing external audio, but there is no sound or only one side has sound when plugging in the headphones?

The structure of the ear holes is a shrapnel design, and the earphones are more or less worn during use. A thin oxide layer is sometimes formed on the surface, which sometimes causes poor contact after being inserted into the ear holes. You can turn the shrapnel of the ear holes a few times to ensure full contact with the ear hole.

What causes monitor noise?

  • There is a problem with the audio source itself. Try playing a lossless audio source to test.
  • The HDMI cable has poor contact or is broken, replace the cable and test;
  • Insufficient power supply, test external power supply.
  • The slight magnetic field sound caused by the operation of the speaker itself cannot be avoided.
  • The speaker itself is damaged.

Why is the refresh rate of the monitor advertised as 144Hz, while the menu display is 60Hz

The maximum refresh rate of the monitor is 144Hz, which needs to be supported by your device (a computer with a supported independent graphics card). Generally, when connecting to a computer, you need to set the refresh rate of the screen to 144Hz before it will be displayed as 144Hz in the menu.

WIFI doesn't work after connecting monitor on Macbook Pro

This is a current shock caused by reverse charging after both the computer and monitor are powered. The laptop does not need to be connected to the power supply.

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